Raubichi Sports Complex

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Raubichi Sports Complex

There is a place in Belarus where you can meet world-class sports stars. This is the Raubichi Republican Sports Complex. And  it is not just about competitions - for example, here Ule Einar Bjørndalen, a legendary biathlete, eight-time Olympic champion and the most titled athlete in the history of the world biathlon championships, trains during his visits to Belarus. He is also the husband of our great biathlete Darya Domracheva.

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History of the Raubichi complex

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The idea to build a sports complex in this unique area for Belarus with a great drop in altitude belongs to the head of the BSSR, Pyotr Masherov. He had put forward a bold idea to host the 1974 World Biathlon Championship in Raubichi. Later on, there were many high level sporting events held here. 

Raubichi today

In 2019, freestyle competitions took place here. But unfortunately winters are not so snowy now, so the three spectacular ski jumps that have already become the symbol of the Raubichi complex are mostly empty. If the desire exists, anyone can climb them to see the surroundings from a bird's eye view.

On the other hand, ski and roller-ski tracks of up to 20 kilometres in length, an indoor rink, a roller track, a shooting range and gyms are actively used all year round. All this is supported at a very good international level. It should be mentioned that the Raubichi World and European Championships in biathlon and cross-country skiing are held here. However, amateurs have something to do here too - and even if you do not have sports equipment with you, you can rent it in Raubichi.

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In Raubichi, there are not only sports competitions, but also, for example, Zaviruha dogsled races. It is an unusual and very spectacular event! Nordic dog breeds are considered to be the best friends of man, so children love Zaviruha for being able to hug fluffy and very friendly animals. 

The Raubichi sports complex is now actively developing: they are building a special snow pipeline about a kilometre long for ski sprinters, inside which snow will not melt all year round. A similar ski stadium is also being planned in Minsk itself - near the Dreamland amusement park.


If you are not very keen on sports, in Raubichi you may be interested in the former 19th century Neo-Gothic Krestogorsky Church, which now is a branch of the National Museum of Art. Inside, there are permanent and changing exhibitions dedicated mainly to folk life. The church is located on a mountain, next to ski jumps, so you have to take a very picturesque curly snake road to get there. 

In short, if you want to spend a day outdoors, with the opportunity to admire the scenic views, and the infrastructure for a comfortable holiday nearby, you should definitely visit Raubichi. It is not for nothing that they are called Belarusian Switzerland - not only for their unusual landscape, but also for the beauty of nature.

New Year in Raubichi 

The Raubichi sports сomplex is one of the most popular places not only for winter holidays in Belarus, but also for celebrating the New Year! Well-developed infrastructure, a hotel, a restaurant, the opportunity to go skiing and have a rest - all this awaits the guests of the complex.

New Year's dinner is held with a light! In "Raubichi" professional approach to the organization of the banquet, so the holiday is really fun!