To-do list of the yellow earthen dog: summing up 2018!

To-do list of the yellow earthen dog: summing up 2018!

On the snow-covered expanses of our country, raking in powerful snow paws, a yellow earthen dog runs. According to legends, it doesn’t offend all the good and merciful, punishes the offenders of weak and unprotected and remind the idlers that only labor ennobles a person.

No, we don’t philosophize and read ancient Chinese myths: on the verge of completing the era of the yellow earthen dog, the symbol of 2018, and in honor of this, VETLIVA wishes to heartily congratulate everyone who is with us this year, to greet new members of our cozy tourist club and tell you about what we have achieved this year with your support and common efforts!

New Year 2019

1. To congratulate all the beloved!

Very soon the day comes when all telephone conversations sound like this:

— Happy New Year!
— Same to you!
— And to you as well!
— Yes of course!
— Thank you very much!
— And hello to you from everyone!

Nevermind, it is our tradition: as tangerines and Olivier salad, as champagne and concerts interspersed with sweet holiday comedies through the main channels, as salutes and deserted streets in the morning of January 1. But we want to give it a kind of tribute, and at the same time add a little fr om ourself.

This year is said not to be easy, and this is undoubtedly so, but what it gave us and what an important milestone in life has become is more important.

VETLIVA wishes you Happy New Year!

We sincerely want to wish you, regardless of the situation, always see the positive sides everywhere and not be discouraged when everything falls out of your hands: remember that no matter how long the black line is, you can always go to white and just start walking along ! We hope that many pleasant moments have happened in your life this year: the birth of children and grandchildren, travel, promotion at work, success in undertakings and material and spiritual enrichment. And, of course, we wish you only to multiply all the good things in life. May next year and all your life not be visited by illness and hardship, the world will be filled only with bright and warm moments, and all the bad things will pass like a bad dream or will remain as an experience, which also needs to be appreciated.

We love our readers and followers!

We are not afraid to say that we sincerely thank you for all the support and love, so don’t be afraid and tell your family and friends at this wonderful time warm words: we all need it! Do not be afraid of the halo of inaccessibility around those whom you cherish: the whole life is woven fr om the circumstances that make us some kind of hedgehogs covered with prickles, but inside are still soft and kind.

Be bold in your decisions and do not back down when it comes to new ideas and desires: everything can be done if you find the right path and build the right path of multi-colored and multi-faceted bricks.

We wish you not to forget that the world should not be limited to home and work, because outside of them there are adventures, unexplored places, lots of new impressions and discoveries, which, of course, we will gladly give you in honor of the New Year!

Well, we are ready to tell you about the successes we have achieved during this time thanks to you and what we are going to strive for right now!

What has VETLIVA achieved this year?

2. To be glad that strengthened immunity during the rest in the sanatorium!

Of course, VETLIVA has always been, remains and will always be your favorite guide in Belarus, and we are happy to share with you small, but juicy collections of the coolest tours, the best sanatoriums and the most interesting excursions! And remember that these are not exactly tops, but rather lists of the best, where there are no second places or losers!

  • "Yunost". Our top sanatoriums of "Yunost" fr om Minsk region will open our top: a charming health resort on the shore of the Minsk Sea with its own guest buns and features for lovers of rewarding holidays! All this combination of unusual procedures (such as flotation, galvanization and terrenkura), the atmosphere of a real European resort and pleasant prices presented this year to Yunost a place in our top.

Sanatorium Yunost in Belarus

  • "Praleska". We continue the list with another health resort, which certainly attracted many guests by its nature in the area (the entire health resort is surrounded by coniferous forest, and the reservoirs are located near it), stunning forms of leisure activities among guests and the opportunity to improve health.

  • "Borovoe". What do you expect fr om this sanatorium? Own mineral water and healing water based treatments? Stunning beauty of nature around? Many profiles of their work, as a result of which you can apply with almost any ailment? Or maybe a variety of rooms and a buffet? All this can be found here, which is why the place in the Borovoe top definitely deserved!

Sanatorium Borovoe in Belarus

  • "Sputnik". The yellow earthen dog certainly knows a lot about good rest, because the sanatorium located on the picturesque Naroch lakes was included in this list. The health resort will meet its guests with a huge variety of procedures, the opportunity to enjoy the SPA complex and swimming pool, as well as many options for evening entertainment.

  • "Shinnik". Our pre-New Year top the sanatorium of the Mogilyov region closes, which became famous not only for its mineral springs, but also for the variety of procedures: fr om classic massage and inhalation to extremely unusual stone and hirudotherapy. A good point will be the opportunities for an active pastime and undoubtedly professional staff.

3. To get into the city and see how everything is decorated!

By the New Year, everything around is changing: cities are becoming like fabulous places fr om good children's books, merry songs and home-baked fragrances stroll through the streets in villages and villages, whole countries unite to celebrate the upcoming holiday. This is a great time, but, no doubt, a holiday can be created on any given day, and this will be a celebration for you personally. And beautiful places can be seen not only on New Year's Eve, which is why VETLIVA is always ready to please you with new unusual and interesting excursions!

This year, residents and guests of Belarus are especially fond of:

  • Travels to Mir and Nesvizh, world famous castles with their incredible architecture, rich history and fog of legends flowing through the corridors and dungeons of palaces,

Visit Nesvizh Castle in Belarus

  • Tours around Khatyn and to the Mound of Glory, which remind with their essence that at the head of the coming year and the whole future life, humanity must keep the peaceful sky, presented to us by previous generations,

  • Walks in Dudutki, illustrating all the wealth and beauty of the spiritual and material heritage of Belarus through the prism of traditions in everyday life and architecture,

Dudutki Museum in Belarus

  • The opportunity to personally see the giants of the Belarusian technology as part of the excursion to the BelAZ, wh ere it is easy to see the technical breakthrough of the country in terms of engineering, and at the same time feel like a child looking at real adults,

  • A new look at the capital of Belarus, Minsk, during sightseeing tours of the city, which showed everyone not only the main sights, but also opened many interesting places to visit, even to the indigenous people of the city.

Minsk expects tourists for tours and excursions

4. To create a collage of photos fr om memorable travel!

Many people say that you do not need to spend money on clothes: what difference does it make to your sneakers for how many years if you walk around Paris? We agree with this expression for 100%, because any things tend to wear out and deteriorate, and the impressions and memories will remain incorruptible to the end of life. That is why we made sure that you had as many reasons as possible to remember only the good and the interesting while looking through the photo album.

This year, along with us, hundreds of Belarusians visited:

  • Brest and Belovezhskaya Pushcha, having become acquainted with the charming architecture of the city, the famous Brest Fortress and Sovetskaya Street, as well as the wonderful world of bison and the residence of Belarusian Grandfather Frost;

The residence of Belarusian Santa

  • the world of the famous castles of our country, Mir and Nesvizh, meeting on the journey with the mysticism and beauty of local sights;

  • Grodno and its suburbs, imbued with the history of the city and the whole country through the ancient buildings and traditions of the Belarusian culture, preserved to our days, represented in the agritourism complex Korobchitsy;

Excursions to Grodno and its suburbs

  • And, of course, we cannot fail to note the contribution to the development of VETLIVA and our own positive emotions from our dear friends from Russia, because tours with departure from Moscow and St. Petersburg were in great demand this year, which means that more and more people are eager to learn Belarus closer. With which we will gladly help them!

5. To decorate the house for the New Year!

Wow, and not only our charming symbol of the outgoing year is concerned with this issue: it is not always easy to create a festive comfort, but it is much more pleasant to do it when the place wh ere you decided to celebrate the New Year looks charming and has excellent living conditions. Throughout the year, VETLIVA diligently selected for you the best hotels, the coziest estates and the most comfortable hotels. Among them there are:

  • Ecohotel "Kvetki Yablyni", which gave its guests a trip to the world of outdoor recreation, evenings in the wood bath and entertainment programs for the little ones;

Book Ecohotel "Kvetki Yablyni"

  • The Kamenyuki hotel complex, which won the hearts of many with its location right in the center of Belovezhskaya Pushcha and the opportunity to see firsthand the diversity of the country's flora and fauna;

  • The hotel complex “Yubileiny”, which for many people has become not only an excellent place to stay due to its features, but also a starting point for excursions in Minsk due to its location on the city map;

Where to stay in Minsk

  • Recreation center "Milograd", which forced its guests to plunge into childhood and enjoy the stunning beach on the banks of the Dnieper River and the opportunity to stroll through beautiful forests

  • EcoDom Mini-Hotel, which attracted attention not with pompous signs and luxury apartments, but with comfort, simplicity and very affordable prices.

Minsk New Year 2019

6. To praise yourself for a decent completion of the year!

You probably have something to be proud of this year: someone got a promotion, someone started their start-up, someone dropped a few kilograms, and someone just lived this period without shaking and unrest.

VETLIVA also has something for which to congratulate ourselves and thank the faithful readers: this year our Blog appeared, which has become a real source of information for many people! This is an important achievement for us, because throughout the year we selected the most interesting topics, read huge texts to gather information, selected the most beautiful images and collected for you in one place everything you wanted to know about travels in Belarus.

We are glad that we were able to show you the 50 best places in Minsk and talked about how nature saves the health of your skin; shared information about gastrotourism in Belarus and revealed the secrets of the mystical places of the country; opened your eyes to the real essence of Belarusian Santa Claus and sports achievements of Belarus.

More articles about Belarus

7. To shout "Happy New Year!" at midnight!

Before the chiming clock, it is still necessary to cut salads, and not once to run to the store for the missing products, and answer the sea of ​​phone calls, and catch the Christmas tree that has fallen because of a cat that has run past, the New Year's fuss is in full swing! But this is what we truly love this holiday for: no worries about the preparation of the celebration can overshadow the atmosphere of a real fairy tale, a family miracle in all parts of the country.

VETLIVA congratulates everyone on the occasion and wishes peace and comfort to every home in Belarus and the entire planet. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, family!

To-do list of the yellow earthen dog: summing up 2018!