Abode of the second breath: Belorussia health resort in Yalta

Abode of the second breath: Belorussia health resort in Yalta

Mountains, sea, and the southern sun ... What else is needed for a great vacation, you wonder? Only its combination with recovery, and this is the kind of vacation you will spend if you decide to go to the Belarussia health resort in Miskhor near Yalta.

The history of the Belorussia health resort near Yalta

санаторый Беларусия пад Ялтай

The history of the Belorussia resort in the Crimea peninsular began more than 100 years ago. The first plans for its construction appeared in 1904, but the foundation of the building took place only 10 years later. The health resort opened its doors in 1916. Then it was a luxurious and spacious building with an entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, 9 living rooms, and office premises on the ground floor. On the second and third, there were medical offices, as well as rooms for patients. Each of the rooms had a balcony.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: our classical author Maxim Bogdanovich underwent rehabilitation in Yalta for pulmonary tuberculosis. It is believed that the life-giving Crimean air helps with a variety of diseases of the respiratory system, including recovering from COVID-19.

Before the Great Patriotic War, the health resort with lung rehabilitation had two medical buildings with physiotherapy, dental and X-ray rooms, as well as a laboratory and inhaler.

Nowadays the Belorussia resort in Yalta (Miskhor, Crimea) is one of the best health resorts on the coast. For example, in 2014 it was awarded the title of "The Best Resort in Crimea". It means that they have been effectively helping patients who need rehabilitation for lung cancer or any other respiratory tract disease for many years now.

Territory and rooms

rooms of health resort Belarus

The resort is located in an incredibly picturesque place, right at the foot of the majestic Mount Ai-Petri. This neighborhood not only adds beauty to the photographs you bring from vacation but also helps you breathe even easier. It is not in vain that one of the most unusual procedures — normobaric hypoxic therapy, has been created on the basis of the action of rarefied air on the human body. The patient alternately inhales ordinary air and a gas mixture with a reduced oxygen content, due to which the body's natural defenses are triggered, immunity and general tone increase.

Residential and medical buildings are immersed in the greenery of a unique park, which was laid out on the territory of the health resort at the same time when it was built. Thanks to the greenery, proximity to the sea and mountains, the air here is saturated with phytoncides of evergreen trees, as well as ions of salts of seawater. An ideal place to recuperate without the slightest effort, just by walking through the picturesque area.

accommodation in health resort Belarus

You can stay right on the coast: this accommodation option is poetically called "A Dream by the Sea". Indeed, those who have already been here noting that they slept just perfect! Moreover, the rooms of the "Standard" category have everything you need for the most comfortable stay and truly heavenly rest:

  • two single beds;
  • a set of furniture (bedside table, wardrobe, table);
  • bathroom, shower, heated towel rail;
  • television;
  • fridge;
  • air conditioner.

But in the rest of the buildings, you will be accommodated just as well. The health resort offers to book rooms of various categories and prices: choose, explore and go to rest on the Black Sea coast! In the meantime, we will tell you what else awaits you here.


canteen of health resort Belarus

The health resort will take care not only of the well-being of vacationers who have come to undergo lung rehabilitation. There is always something to eat here, even for the fussy ones, because the guests are regaled tasty and 4 times per day.

Vacationers are accommodated in two halls:

  1. main, designed for 280 seats,
  2. VIP-hall for 150 people.

Take a note: the VIP hall of the Belorussia health resort is decorated in the luxurious style of Italian classicism. This place is ideal for organizing banquets, seminars, conferences, and other events.

You can make a choice of dietary, vegetarian, confessional, national dishes. So you can safely go to this resort with your child: you will always find something to treat your kids with.

Medical profile

health-improving procedures in health resort

It is high time to talk about the most important thing — the medical profile of the health resort. Here they specialize in the treatment of:

  • respiratory organs of nonspecific etiology diseases, including lung rehabilitation after COVID-19,
  • circulatory system diseases,
  • skin, subcutaneous tissue, metabolism diseases(only in the warm season)

Additionally, the resort welcomes guests with children from 4 years old all year round. This is a great way to improve your health for the whole family and become even closer to each other.

Moreover, you can choose one of the comprehensive health and wellness programs designed to target specific ailments:

  1. "Easy breathing" (a set of procedures to combat bronchial asthma);
  2. "Clean breathing" (for patients with a wide variety of respiratory diseases);
  3. "Free-breathing" (for those who suffer from diseases of the upper respiratory tract);
  4. "Clean skin" (this program is offered to patients with diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the warm season);
  5. "Antistress" (best for vacationers who are constantly under stress);
  6. Rehabilitation after COVID-19 (for patients who have undergone coronavirus).


cinema hall of health resort

Here the interests of all vacationers are taken into account:

  1. for those who like to swim, there is a pool that will help you out if the sea is too cold for swimming;

  2. you can compete in agility and accuracy in billiards or bowling;

  3. sauna, bath, and SPA-complex are waiting for those who are crazy about the incredible relaxation that bath procedures give;

  4. for those who like to keep themselves in good shape even on vacation, we recommend playing tennis or arranging a friendly volleyball or football match;

  5. for children, there is a playroom with toys and a playground where your little ones will definitely not get bored.

And, of course, everyone will be pleased with the rich concert and entertainment program. These are local festivals, republican holidays, theme nights, and film screenings that will help you relax and unwind. All the options for leisure could not be spotted at once, so it is better to try it once on yourself than to read about them several times.

How to get to the health resort?

way to health resort Belarus

The only thing left is to choose a suitable route, type of transport and hit the road. And you can get here in almost any way:

  1. By personal car. And we have coordinates for you: 44.430090, 34.075540.

  2. By plane. It is necessary to buy a ticket to the international airport "Simferopol" for the flight "Minsk-Simferopol" (with a transfer to Moscow). Then from the airport, you need to take one of the buses No. 49 and 49A, route taxis No. 98, 100 and 115 or trolleybuses No. 54, 55 and 9 (to the Kurortnaya bus station). There is also a direct round-the-clock express and regular bus "Simferopol (railway station)-Simeiz" (stop "Burevestnik").

  3. VETLIVA recommends:in order not to waste time waiting and traveling in public transport, it is best to order an individual transfer. This way you will reach your destination much faster and more comfortably.

  4. By bus. You can get to the resort from Minsk, Bobruisk, Zhlobin, and Gomel by comfortable tourist-class buses.

Whatever route and transport you choose — VETLIVA is always ready to help you in organizing your rest in a health resor, in Belarus and abroad. Choose the option that suits you, and leave everything else to us. You may be assured: rest and recovery will take place in such a way that you will fondly remember your trip all year long!

Abode of the second breath: Belorussia health resort in Yalta