Belaya Rus health resort: a corner of Belarus on the Black Sea

Belaya Rus health resort: a corner of Belarus on the Black Sea

Did you know that there is a branch of hospitable Belarus in the sunny city of Tuapse? And we are not exaggerating at all! We are talking about the Belaya Rus resort in Tuapse, which is located right on the Black Sea coast. Intrigued? It's time to learn more about the blue-eyed Krasnodar branch.

The history of the health resort

Belaya Rus in Tuapse

The health resort in Tuapse appeared not so long ago. It was founded in 1993. Despite such a young age, the abode of health and comfortable rest enjoys well-deserved popularity among Belarusians, Russians, and guests from abroad. By choosing a tour to Tuapse, you can be sure that your vacation will go well.

5 reasons to buy an all-inclusive ticket in Tuapse

  1. The resort was built on a turnkey basis by a contractor from Switzerland, and in this country, they know a lot about the construction of resort centers.

  2. The complex corresponds to a 4-star hotel, where all the attention of the staff is paid to the comfortable stay of guests.

  3. Belaya Rus health resort pleases with affordable prices for 2021.

  4. The building of the health resort is located at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level, and from the windows of its rooms, a breathtaking panorama of the sea coast opens.

  5. Belarusian health resort on the sea
  6. Thanks to the mild climate of the Krasnodar region, you can relax here all year round. Due to the well-organized program of treatment in Tuapse and leisure in the resort, neither children nor adults will get bored.

Advice from VETLIVA: would you like to know which health resorts in Belarus are not inferior to it in fashionableness and location? Then it's time to read our top of the best blue-eyed resorts.

Infrastructure and rooms

The main advantage of the Tuapse Belaya Rus resort is that treatment and accommodation are carried out in one place. The health resort is a single structure, which is extremely convenient on rainy and cold days. You do not have to leave the building to attend the procedures.

plants of Belaya Rus resort

People in the reviews of the resort in Tuapse note that its territory is simply buried in greenery and flowers! Just imagine what pleasure it is to walk along the shady alleys, which in the evenings are illuminated by lanterns and illumination. With the effect of relaxation and pacification, only the floating procedure can be compared — the first aid for those who are tired at work and experience constant stress.

On the territory of the resort, there are:

  • sports grounds (tennis court, volleyball, basketball, and football fields);
  • pool;
  • a beach complex with its own cafe, a children's swimming pool with seawater, an observation gazebo, and a rental point for the necessary equipment for a comfortable pastime by the sea.
beach complex of Belaya Rus resort

You can book rooms of the following categories:

  • one-room 1- and 2-bed;
  • superior room;
  • two-room suite;
  • double suite with an area of 108 square meters, which has a separate office for work;
  • accommodation in two-bedroom cottages (up to 6 people).

What type of accommodation you choose is not so important, because each room has everything you need for a comfortable stay:

  • an air conditioner that helps maintain a comfortable indoor climate in both summer and winter;
  • nice and comfortable furniture;
  • carpets so that you can walk even barefoot;
  • TV, etc.


food conditions in Belaya Rus resort

Treatment is treatment, but do not forget the lunch! And Belaya Rus health resort nailed it perfectly. Vacationers are given a choice of two types of food: a customized menu or the already familiar buffet. Of course, all the dishes prepared in the restaurant of the resort are balanced and dietary. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your figure. Those who wish can also eat according to a vegetarian and individual menu.

Advice from VETLIVA: Belaya Rus in Tuapse also offers a children's menu for your little ones to eat healthy food with pleasure. The health resort is also considered one of the best options for families with children: there is a children's room with a teacher, a playground and a pool specially equipped for kids.

By the way, like many other accommodation facilities, the Belaya Rus health resort will easily organize a banquet menu for you. Its spacious restaurant can accommodate up to 500 people. So you can time any celebration just in time for your vacation in the resort. As they say, kill two birds with one stone.


salt room of the resort

Last but not least, it is important to tell how the doctors of the Belaya Rus resort in Tuapse will take care of you. Of course, the most close attention is paid to treatment here. This is evidenced by the versatility of the health resort. Here they help patients with diseases of:

  • eye and visual disturbances;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • Central nervous system;
  • circulatory system;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • genitourinary system;
  • respiratory organs.

For the complex treatment of diseases, programs have been developed:

  1. "Easy breathing" — the best one in the era of COVID-19;
  2. "Women's Health" — for effective treatment of delicate problems;
  3. "Zero gravity" — for those who are struggling with excess weight and constantly experiencing stress.

The center is distinguished by its effective work on the formulation of an accurate diagnosis. Before prescribing the required complex of procedures, the patient is examined by several specialists, and each subsequent doctor carefully checks the medical history. Due to the fact that the data is entered into an electronic database, narrow-profile specialists have access to all the data received. This system allows you to quickly analyze and get a complete picture of the patient's health status, as well as prescribe the most effective treatment.

therapeutic bath in Belaya Rus resort

The diagnostic and treatment center includes:

VETLIVA warns: there are a number of contraindications for which treatment in a health resort is contraindicated. These include diseases in the acute and precautionary stages, chronic diseases in the relapse stage, epilepsy, tuberculosis, etc.


день Нептуна в санатории Белая Русь

What a vacation without organizing free time so that vacationers of all ages do not get bored! For lovers of quiet evenings with a book there is a library; for sports fans — playgrounds equipped with everything necessary; for those in love with the sea — a beach with all amenities. And, of course, the staff of the health resort constantly organizes merry holidays, in which everyone can take part. For example, look at how the Day of Neptune goes at the Belaya Rus resort! A great way to cheer yourself up and have tons of wonderful vacation photos.

For those who prefer to keep fit even at the resort, we recommend the gym. And there is also:

  • billiards;
  • cinema hall;
  • dance floor;
  • bar and cafe;
  • a rich excursion site for those who love educational tourism.

Advice from VETLIVA: a couple of days will not be enough for you for sure. It is best to set aside at least 10-12 days for a trip to Tuapse. For treatment, it will be even better. Doctors recommend undergoing a full course of procedures, which is most often calculated for 10-14 days.

Rest in Tuapse from Minsk: making a route

complex of Belaya Rus resort

Already want to get to this fabulous place on the Black Sea coast? VETLIVA is ready to arrange a dream vacation for you. It remains to book a tour and decide how you will get to Tuapse:

  • By car. Coordinates for the navigator: 44°10'67.8 "N 39°07'93.3" E.
  • By plane. You need to buy air tickets to the airport in Sochi or Krasnodar, go by any means of transport to the Tuapse railway station, and from there you can get a ride or rent a taxi.
  • By train. Buy tickets for train number 302 (Minsk-Adler), which runs on odd dates, and take a taxi from the Tuapse railway station or order a transfer.

Health resorts of Belarus in blue-eyed and abroad are a 3-in-1 cocktail. For an affordable cost of the voucher, you get rest, treatment and recovery, which is why a trip to the health resort helps to fully restore mental and physical strength. And this is exactly what is needed for productive work and enjoyment of memories upon arrival. Traveling is life, and pleasant emotions and new impressions are priceless! Enjoy them together with VETLIVA, do not forget to like and read the new articles of our Blog!

Belaya Rus health resort: a corner of Belarus on the Black Sea