Returning to the cradle of life: health resorts with swimming pools in Belarus

Returning to the cradle of life: health resorts with swimming pools in Belarus

What do you most expect when you come to a Belarusian health resort? It seems quite reasonable that you need to improve your health first. But at the same time, it should not be forgotten that recreation from work is also very important. There is no better place where you can experience the healing power of water.

So today VETLIVA is ready to introduce you to some favourable and low-cost Belarusian health resorts. This is exactly the place that will invigorate you and help to recover your mental tone.

3… 2… 1… Let's go

Counting’ down: 3 best Belarusian resorts with swimming pools

Pair of champions: 2 resorts with mineral water pools

Unrivalled leader: resort with swimming pool and aquapark

Belarusian health resorts with swimming pools: the first three

Recreational holidays certainly include a variety of hydrotherapy. It could be a treatment with drinking mineral water from local wells or health-improving baths. However, it is known that even regular swimming makes you healthier, because muscles and the musculoskeletal system are strengthened. Let’s continue investigating the benefits of rest in Belarusian holiday centers and what services they can offer.

Serebryanye klyuchi

A man swims in the pool of the Serebryanye klyuchi health resort

If you like not just to splash in a pool but to swim long distances, we recommend you visit Serebryanye klyuchi for this purpose. Swimming pools here have the longest lanes, is this not a reason for booking tickets to try your luck? Try finding a like-minded company, and then you will have a chance to take daily swims and find out who is the Water Lord in your team.

Balneotherapy in Serebryanye klyuchi

Do not forget that Belarusian health resorts are not only for relaxation, but also for wellness. And here you will definitely find everything you need! Underwater massage, curative baths and showers, intestinal irrigation with mineral water — all these medical procedures promote a speedy recovery. The number of treatments will be determined by a specialist who will advise the best course of treatment for you, the maximum effect of which is achieved in at least 12 days.

VETLIVA’s advice: Serebryanye klyuchi has a certain added value for visitors, because it is located near Vydritsa state reserve and the Berezina River. We think it’s a great option for a wholesome holiday in the heart of Belarusian nature!


Pool with a waterfall in the health resort Plissa

Plissa has become our story character several times. We just have to include it in our top of Belarusian places for recreation! Just look at this photo: it braces peace and relaxation. Plissa also organizes aqua aerobics classes, so in addition to pleasure, you will also keep fit.

What about the treatment?

Both balneotherapy and hydrotherapy are in absolute control here. Depending on what diagnosis a doctor makes, you will be prescribed curative baths, Charcot's douche, underwater horizontal spinal traction and other cures. This place has its own mineral waters with the same name. What's this if not a miracle? A real treasure trove of valuable substances and micronutrients!

Alfa Radon

Luxurious swimming pool of the Alfa Radon sanatorium

Alfa Radon is a premium class place of rest in Belarus. Relax to the fullest without leaving the country! And a wonderful aquazone is one of the reasons to visit this snazzy place. Here you can find:

  • swimming pool with cascading shower and water jets for foot massage;

  • whirlpool;

  • Finnish sauna;

  • hammam — traditional Turkish bath;

  • icemaker;

  • experience showers where you can enjoy tropical rain, get into Caribbean storms, or be shrouded in cold mist.

Unlimited use of all the aquazone locations is already included in the price of any package to the Alpha Radon. But wait, there's more! They call it Alfa Radon for a reason: the highlight of the resort is the mineral radon waters. The active gas in their composition helps to reduce pain, enhance joint mobility and blood flow to muscles, expedite the process of wound healing and tissue regrowth, normalize blood pressure and activate the immune system.

VETLIVA’s advice: it does not matter whether you have already had COVID-19 or are trying to protect yourself against this disease — Alfa Radon is one of the main Belarusian recreation spots that offers a special rehabilitation program. It helps to restore the normal pulmonary functioning and strengthen the immune system.

Swimming in mineral water: a couple of health resorts with unique pools

Did you know that you can not only drink mineral water, but also bathe in it? Swimming itself has a healing effect on the body: we relax, calm down and just enjoy the gentle embrace of water. And swimming in a pool with mineral water helps useful substances to penetrate directly into the skin and detoxify your body. It is the healing powers of the water that made these health resorts a popular place for recreation and treatment.


Vacationers swim in the pool of the Priozerny health resort

Priozerny is not just one of the best resting places in Belarus. This is the health resort with its own mineral-water sources that fills a special pool. In addition to basic swimming, you can engage in hydrokinesotherapy (a special fitness that helps to feel relief for patients with the musculoskeletal and circulatory system diseases) or aqua aerobics. A sauna is also available, so you’re able to take a steam with all your heart and improve health as well.

There is the Kneipp path — an unusual type of water therapy which combines both recovery and a pleasant pastime. As soon as you step into one of the reservoirs, sensor mechanisms are triggered and immediately fill the tank with cold or warm water. And now you feel excited, and the contrasting water jets at the same time massage your feet and stimulate blood circulation, helping to boost your immune system and train the body.


Children in the pool of the sanatorium Pridneprovsky

Being located in the Gomel region, Pridneprovsky is also rich with its own mineral-water sources. Moreover, there are already 4 wells here where it is extracted from! From the first two, water is taken to fill baths and a special pool, and from the 3rd and the 4th healing-table water flows. Unlike bottled drinks which are artificially carbonated in factories, natural mineral water does not lose its healing features during extraction and gives your body the full amount of useful substances. For example, during bathing, 0.3 mg of bromine passes through the skin. It penetrates blood and has a positive effect on blood pressure, slows down the heart rate to optimal and sedates the nervous system.

It is clear that water therapy is not limited to bathing alone. You will find milk-and-honey, coniferous-and-salicylic, mineral and other baths (the type depends on the doctor's advice and the chosen treatment program), circular douche and Charcot's douche, irrigation, cedar barrel and much more.

VETLIVA’s advice: does working routine not let you go? Do you dream of taking rest and only? Then you really need to go to the Pridneprovsky health resort where a unique dry floating procedure is performed.

Aquapark + health resort = formula for an ideal rest

Our article concludes with one of the best Belarusian resorts which differs from the rest ones by the presence of... a real aquapark! If you have been looking for the perfect place to relax with the whole family and still haven’t found it, quickly read about Ruzhanski.


Water park of the sanatorium Ruzhanski

While the Plissa resort offered the Healthy Family program, in Ruzhanski whole families are riding on the water slides and frolics. What could be cooler than rolling down a chute and splashing into water? And you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety: the depth of the pool is from 0.6 to 1.2 meters. For a comfortable pastime, the water temperature does not fall below 30°C, and in the whirlpool the temperature requirement of 34-36°C is maintained as well.

Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy in Ruzhanski

The aquapark is a pleasant addition to the powerful medical base which is represented by the following types of water treatments:

  • Underwater spinal traction which effectively helps patients with musculoskeletal system problems;

  • Hand or feet massage with glass marbles is a unique procedure that combines the active effect of massage balls and water;

  • Hydrocolonotherapy — colon cleansing with clean water;

  • Different types of showers, baths, and more.

Belarusian health resorts with swimming pools: you can (and must!) allow it
  1. Serebryanye klyuchi (Gomel region).

  2. Plissa (Vitebsk region).

  3. Alfa Radon (Grodno region).

  4. Priozerny (Minsk region).

  5. Pridneprovsky (Gomel region).

  6. Ruzhanski (Brest region).

  7. Sosny (Minsk region).

  8. Alesya (Brest region).

  9. Letzy (Vitebsk region).

  10. Praleska (Minsk region).

  11. Chabarok (Brest region).

  12. Yaselda (Brest region).

  13. Berestie, Brestagrozdravnitsa health resort organization (Brest region).

  14. Bug (Brest region).

  15. Vesta (Minsk region).

  16. Energia (Brest region).

The list of them is constantly updated. You can carefully study it and choose a suitable one that will win your heart or will be just close to your home. You will not regret a single penny spent on a package anyway. Come on, you deserve to have a good rest and cheer up. And VETLIVA will be happy to organize it for you!

Returning to the cradle of life: health resorts with swimming pools in Belarus