RUE "CENTRKURORT" 20 years: celebrating the anniversary together with VETLIVA

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RUE "CENTRKURORT" 20 years: celebrating the anniversary together with VETLIVA

Do you think that tour operators have lost their relevance? Can't you think of anything new in tourism? Is it impossible to impress you now? Then we rise to the challenge because today we can dispel all your doubts on this score. Make yourself comfortable: we will tell you about the unique online booking service in Belarus VETLIVA and its creator — the state tour operator CENTRKURORT. We will share with you our success because it would have been impossible without you, our dear tourists!

Ready. Steady. Go!

  1. Round date: the tour operator "CENTRKURORT" is 20 years old!
  2. The history of the creation of the VETLIVA portal
  3. Possibilities of the guide in Belarus
  4. Why Belarus is a paradise for tourists

Anniversary of the state tour operator "CENTRKURORT"

tour operator Centerkurort

The Republican Unitary Enterprise "CENTRKURORT" is one of the largest tour operators in Belarus, which was founded back in 2001. The main activity is recreation and health improvement in health resorts. For such a long journey, "CENTRKURORT" has managed to establish itself as a reliable supplier of travel services and gain confidence not only in our country but also abroad. And now we will share the key facts from the biography of CENTRKURORT:

  1. "CENTRKURORT" provides a wide range of services: selection of tours, insurance, organization of rest and transfers, business tourism, sale of bus and air tickets.
  2. "CENTRKURORT" is an organizer of significant events, both local and world level: II European Games 2019; Ice Hockey World Championship 2014, European Rapid and Blitz Championship; IX Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists of the CIS and Eurasia, and others.
  3. Several years ago, the VETLIVA project was created — an online booking service, on the website of which all kinds of recreation options in Belarus are presented.

Now "CENTRKURORT" is a Belarusian brand that helps not only Belarusians but also foreigners to recognize our country in all its diversity. The reputation of the company speaks for itself. For 20 years "CENTRKURORT" has created new projects, developed new tourist destinations, and impressive excursion tours.

And on october 30, when our company turns 20, we want to share this joy with our readers, as well as tell more about our VETLIVA project.

History of the guide to Belarus VETLIVA

туристические места Беларуси

The VETLIVA portal appeared within the framework of the “Hospitable Belarus” state program, which was developed to popularize Belarusian tourism. The project is a multifunctional booking service, as well as a detailed guide to all aspects of life in Belarus. That is, using the portal, you can not only book various vacation options but also learn more about Belarusian culture, events, cafes, restaurants, shops, and much more.

Key advantages of VETLIVA:

  1. Simplicity and convenience of the interface. Reservations and purchases of services are carried out in real-time. The personal account is simple and straightforward, and the prices indicated on the site are updated online, and therefore are always relevant.

  2. All Belarus on one portal. VETLIVA has:

    • 80 health resorts,
    • 269 accommodation options (farmsteads, recreation centers, hotels),
    • 271 excursion tour,
    • 1215 attractions.
  3. Several language versions. introduces visitors to information in Belarusian, and and in Russian and English, respectively. In addition, for tourists from China and Arab countries, separate Vetliva sites have been created with key information about rest and travel in Belarus.

  4. Rest at fair prices. Travel service providers place their offers on the portal themselves, which guarantees that there are no overpayments. In turn, VETLIVA also does not take commissions and fees from its clients.

  5. Loyalty program for customers. Become a member of VETLIVA CLUB: the more purchases you make, the higher the discount percentage you will receive. Free lifetime Membership, special offers, and birthday discounts — travel and get bonuses.

  6. Complexity of services.On the portal, you can also take out insurance, order a transfer, buy air tickets and tickets for various events.

Advice from VETLIVA: we know that travel is also the best gift! And even if you don't know what the birthday person is dreaming of, it doesn't matter. The dilemma is easy to solve: buy a gift certificate, and the gifted person will decide where he wants to go.

Booking on VETLIVA

beautiful places of Belarus

VETLIVA's goal is to show how versatile our country can be. That is why we are constantly looking for new routes for you and tell you about interesting trips around Belarus. For example, have you already read our material about Belarusian villages with fjords, waterfalls, and caves? Or, perhaps, you want to know where to try authentic Belarusian cuisine? This and much more is already in our Blog. And we share this information with you for one simple reason: you can book almost any destination with us without leaving your home.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: remember the grand II European Games that Minsk hosted in 2019? It was the Belarusian guide who then became its official tour operator and helped to organize and conduct the event at the highest level.

VETLIVA is always ready to help you book:

  1. Health resorts. You probably know that many tourists come to Belarus precisely for the sake of our health resorts, where high-quality medical services, comfort, excellent organization of leisure (for the smallest ones as well), and delicious food are skillfully combined. In short, it is enough to try it once, and you will not want another holiday!

    Advice from VETLIVA: if your main goal is to improve your health, then you will certainly be interested in medical tourism. The best medical centers in Belarus are always ready to guard your health.

  2. Excursions. For those who are limited in time, but want to change the picture at least for a day, there are many different options. Belarusian castles, ethnographic villages, walking and bus trips through beautiful cities or trails of national parks — look, choose, book.

  3. architectural monuments of Belarus
  4. Tours. And this option is for those who have a lot of time. Spend from 2 to 7 days where you have not been before, enjoy the road and new impressions to bring home pleasant memories.

  5. Accommodation. Prefer to travel on your own, but always take care of your accommodation in advance? It is quite logical because when traveling, the last thing you want is to be left without a roof over your head. Hotels, apartments, agro-estates, recreation centers, villas, pensions, and campings are at your service!

  6. Tickets for events. Have you dreamed of getting to the performance of your favorite band for a long time? We also have tickets for all significant events.

  7. Transfer. In order not to waste time traveling by public transport, use our transfer. With its help, you can quickly get to any corner of Belarus.

At any stage of the booking, you can contact our specialists for help. They are always ready to help you make the right choice and not spend a lot of time looking for the right offers. And, of course, don't forget about promotions — the best option to get what you want at a reduced price.

5 reasons to visit Belarus

посещение рек Беларуси

Still skeptical? Then it's time to remind once again why Belarus is one of the ideal countries for recreation.

  1. Belarus has its sea. Beach holidays — are not only about countries with access to the sea. We have our own, native Zaslavskoe reservoir, and there are enough other beautiful reservoirs. On the Braslav Lakes and Naroch, for example, you can go diving, and on the Minsk Sea, you will be offered to sail on a yacht. And you can even take a real cruise, however, not on an ocean liner, but on a small motor ship.

  2. Belarus has its own mountains. With winter approaching, Raubichi, Silichi and Logoisk are becoming more popular than ever. Here you will find everything you need for recreation, no worse than in the famous Bukovel and other ski resorts. Moreover, you will not have to take a PCR test and shake the bus for a day: everything is as close as possible to the capital of Belarus.

  3. Belarus has its own Maldives. There are even several chalk quarries in Belarus, so named for the amazingly azure water. These amazing places are just asking for a shot!

  4. белорусские Мальдивы
  5. There are castles and palaces in Belarus. Despite the devastating wars of the twentieth century, many architectural masterpieces remained intact and are now being actively restored. There are amazingly ancient residences of the princes and magnates of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in our country, and castles with a more modest history, but they are all worthy of your attention.

  6. Grandfather Frost, the local Santa Claus, lives in Belarus. And not only him! If you visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha, you will see there the main New Year's wizard, stately bison, and the magnificent nature of Belarus, which in itself is one of our iconic attractions.

Advice from VETLIVA: it doesn't matter when you are going to discover Belarus from the other side. In fact, there is plenty to do here at any time of the year. For example, in the fall, go to a health resort, and in the winter, take one of our routes. Spring beckons to spend the long May holidays wisely, and therefore you can pay tribute to the places of military glory or consider other options. Well, we already wrote about the summer beach holidays above. So study our ideas and choose the directions that you like.

Celebrate the anniversary with us!

осень в Беларуси

In 2021 we celebrate the anniversary of CENTRKURORT. And just 5 years later, VETLIVA will also celebrate its first-round date. We are glad to all those who have been with us during all this time, and we welcome all new arrivals. Travel with us, learn new things in the well-known and relax in mind and body. After all, it is the goal that we are working for you!