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The role of health resorts in recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic

The role of health resorts in recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Роль санаториев в оздоровлении в период пандемии COVID-19

Роль санаториев в оздоровлении в период пандемии COVID-19 Санатории Беларуси

Большой выбор белорусских санаториев с профилем дыхательной системы, которые предлагают спектр медицинских услуг, направленных на снижение частоты и тяжести обострений хронических заболеваний.


The ambiguous situation in the world in 2020, associated with the COVID - 19 coronavirus pandemic, has made significant adjustments to the planning of the holiday season. When choosing a holiday destination this year, the safety of the holiday destination itself comes first, as well as the opportunity to get a set of therapeutic and preventive measures aimed at strengthening the bronchopulmonary and immune systems. The best solution is multidisciplinary health resorts with Spa treatment and wellness programs that help to comprehensively strengthen and restore the body of all categories of vacationers.

Website VETLIVA offers a wide choice of Belarusian health resorts with a profile of the respiratory system, which offer a range of medical services aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of exacerbations of chronic diseases, as well as pay special attention to strengthening the general immune system and preventing various respiratory diseases.

Health resorts for prevention of respiratory diseases

Health resort «Yunost»  

Санаторий Юность в Белоруссии

All health resorts have introduced and take all necessary measures to create a favorable epidemiological situation, and «Yunost» health resort offers a special program «Strengthening the immune system», which is aimed at stimulating the immune system and activating its protective functions. It also created the «Program of rehabilitation after pneumonia».    

Health resort «Borovoe» 

Treatment and recreation on the shore of the lake offers health resort «Borovoe», with its own source of mineral waters, which are used both for drinking and in balneotherapy. 

Health resorts in Naroch: «Sosny» и «Narochanka» 

In a pine forest near two lakes, there is a popular health resort «Sosny», which for 40 years provides Spa treatment for vacationers with various respiratory diseases. 

One of the best places to relax on the shore of the beautiful lake Naroch, the popular health resort «Narochanka», with comfortable living conditions and high-quality medical procedures, effectively helps to cope with respiratory diseases since 1958.

Health resort «Krinitsa» 

Процедуры в санатории Юность

One of the oldest health resorts in the Republic of Belarus «Krinitsa» is famous for its Zhdanovichi mineral waters for internal and external use, which successfully treat the body from respiratory diseases. 

Advice from VETLIVA: Silichi sports complex is 45 km from Krinitsa. So we recommend changing seascapes to mountain panoramas at least for a day. Don't worry about the infrastructure: everything will be organized at the highest level in Silichi.

Health resort «Brestagrozdravnitsa» 


A pleasant and useful holiday is offered by the cozy health resort «Brestagrozdravnitsa», where professional doctors will correctly select a course of recovery and give recommendations for further treatment. 

Health resorts of Grodno region: «Raduga» и «Porechye» 

If you are interested in inexpensive rest and treatment in an unusually beautiful forest corner of Belarus, far from polluted cities and industrial zones, then health resort «Raduga» is an ideal place for a quiet family vacation. 

A real oasis surrounded by dense forests and blue lakes, «Porechye» health resort offers a full range of recreation and Wellness services for families with children of any age in a picturesque location on the lake shore.

How to book a health resort 

  • you may choose a health resort on the website and book it;
  • also you may contact a specialist and get advice by phone +375 (29) 115-49-49.

With best wishes, your team VETLIVA!


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