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Entertainment for children in Minsk: where to go and what to see?

Entertainment for children in Minsk: where to go and what to see?


Where to take your child in Minsk? The capital offers different leisure options for both adults and children. The main thing is to know where to direct your feet. And today VETLIVA will tell you the names and addresses of places that will make your vacation with children in Minsk bright and unforgettable!

Where to go with children in Minsk to see animals

Interesting museums for children

Sights of Minsk for children

Children's parks in the capital

Entertainment in Minsk for children

Zoos and dolphinariums in Minsk

The most win-win option opens our top places where you can go with children in Minsk. After all, all kids love to watch animals, and at any age, they already have their favorites among the tailed, fluffy and feathered.

Dolphinarium "Nemo" and Minsk Zoo

People climb the stairs to the dolphinarium building

Address: Tashkentskaya st., 40

Ticket price: 28 BYN for the dolphinarium, from 7 to 15 BYN for the zoo

Where to take children in Minsk to see not only different types of animals but also to visit the show of marine life? The answer is simple: to Tashkentskaya 40! There are two locations at once that the kids will like: the Nemo dolphinarium and the zoo. In the dolphinarium, you can see an entertaining show of seals, a lion, and dolphins, which present the wonders of skill and ingenuity. And, of course, for a fee, you can take pictures with the main stars of the show: dolphins adore little guests and pose for them with pleasure.

Inhabitants of the American savannah, prairies and jungles, reptiles, amphibians, exotic fish, and many other representatives of the ichthyofauna can be found in the vast territory of the main zoological corner of our country. The rarest Bengal tigers, handsome lions, funny macaques, and monkeys. After visiting the Minsk Zoo, a child will not have to use his imagination to visualize all these animals in nature.

Advice from VETLIVA: if you are going to the capital and are planning entertainment for children, Minsk is ready to offer you not only a large selection of locations but also cozy accommodation. You do not have to sacrifice any interesting place in order to have time for everything at once in one day. Spend as much time in the capital as you need for complete relaxation, impressions, and rest.

Oceanography center "Open Ocean"

Multicolored tropical fish in the aquarium

Address: Brilevskaya st., 3

Ticket price: 4-5 BYN

You can continue your acquaintance with marine life in the center of oceanography. This amazing place is a real branch of the world ocean in the capital of Belarus! We are sure that the little ones will not be taken away from the aquarium with adorable surgeonfish and clownfish, because they are so reminiscent of the characters from the cartoon "Finding Nemo".

But older guests will also find it very interesting here. The exposition presents models of submarines and ships, divers' equipment, as well as things of sailors who serve on submarines. Just imagine: if you want, you can try on a real deep-sea spacesuit! So among the children's entertainment in Minsk, this one is among the most exciting and unusual.

Minsk museums for children

Museums are not only static expositions, where children and adult guests can get bored. Especially if you know where to go. For example, some open-air museums are truly worth visiting! But almost all of them are located outside the city. Therefore, now we will tell you about interesting locations that are located within walking distance.

Museum of miniatures "Country Mini"

Museum guests walk between exhibits in glass cubes

Address: Independence av., 25

Ticket price: from 5.5 to 15 BYN

If you think that miniature models of Belarusian sights will not be able to interest your child, you have not been to the “Country Mini” yet. With a wave of the hand, architectural monuments come to life! For example, in some layouts, lights come on and off, which makes them seem almost like real buildings in which life is in full swing. And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the area for photo sessions in the Belarusian style, a souvenir shop, where handicrafts of exclusively Belarusian craftsmen are presented, and a cozy cafe. By the way, Country Mini is one of those places where you should go with your child in Minsk if you want to keep your child busy. Based on the museum of miniatures, a children's creative studio has been created, where masterclasses are constantly held for children of all ages.

Museum of entertaining sciences "EXPIRImENtuS"

Plasma ball lamp

Address: Timiryazeva st., 74A

Ticket price: from 10 to 45 BYN

Minsk opens up the opportunity for children to literally touch science. In the museum of entertaining sciences "EXPIRImENTuS", touching the exhibits is not prohibited but highly recommended! Have you seen many expositions where it is allowed? Surely EXPIRImENTuS will be the first!

More than 150 exhibits are presented in the museum hall. By setting them in motion and simply touching the devices, the child himself feels like a scientist. Maybe a future Edison, Popov, or Pythagoras is growing in your family? Until you visit the museum of entertaining sciences, you will not find out!

Advice from VETLIVA: of course, we have mentioned only two of the most interesting locations in our opinion. In fact, there are much more of them. There is the cat museum, where you can pet fluffy exhibits, and the iron museum, and even the money museum! So study the list and decide where to go in Minsk with children at first!

Where to take your child for a walk in Minsk: interesting places

Take a ride on the children's analog of the railway, learn more about the planets, and much, much more — there are enough unusual sights that may interest children in the capital.

Children railway

Children-guides stand near the train carriage

Address: Independence av., 86

Ticket price: 5 BYN

"Little Belorusskaya" — this is the name of a reduced copy of the railway in Minsk. The train runs along it from the beginning of May to the end of September, and the route itself consists of only three stations and 4.5 kilometers of track. But what a picturesque road it is: the station "Sosnovy Bor" is worth a lot! Here the passengers are offered to leave the train, have some warm-up, and take cool photos.

It is a surprise that the train runs on a record-breaking narrow gauge (half the standard), and all the work is done by children! They are machinists, flight attendants, and dispatchers. But don't worry: the guys behave like real professionals and serve every ride at the top-notch level.


Planetarium building with a dome

Address: Frunze st., 2

Ticket price: from 2.90 to 42 BYN

Another option where to go with a child in Minsk is the planetarium. For example, you can watch a spherical movie, which is strikingly different from the usual 3D blockbusters. The picture seems to surround you from all sides and gives a complete sense of presence. Also, eminent scientists often speak here, from whose lectures you can learn a lot about the structure of the heavenly spheres. And if your child is seriously interested in astronomy and plans to become an astronaut in the future, then you can arrange him for the Galileo children's astronomical club.

Parks and water parks in Minsk

Amusement rides, sweets, bike and roller skate rental in summer, and skating rinks in winter — there is something to do in the parks and green areas of Minsk all year round.

Central children's park named after M. Gorky

The main entrance to the Gorky Park with a green zone and a Ferris wheel in the background

Address: Frunze st., 2

Children's and adult Ferris wheels, waltz, racetrack, bouncy castles, carousels for children of different ages — this is just a small part of the exciting, funny, and sometimes quite extreme attractions that are here. You can also:

  • go boating, cycling, rollerblading,

  • feed ducks and swans,

  • taste delicious burgers or feast on ice cream,

  • play exotic petanque or more familiar volleyball.

To cut a long story short, it is a great option for a vacation in Minsk!

Aquapark "Lebyazhy"

Large spiral waterslides

Address: Pobediteley av., 120

Ticket price: rom 28 to 130 BYN

Among all the water parks in Belarus "Lebyazhy" is considered the best. This is a great option for both resting with children in Minsk, and spending time with your soul mate, celebrating a birthday, or just family leisure for the weekend. There are smooth slides for toddlers and a shallow splash pool with warm water, as well as extreme multi-meter descents for the bravest. There is also a special Baby Time fare: a discounted ticket for one adult and a child up to 105 cm tall.

Entertainment centers for children

Where should a family go in Minsk to please everyone? For this, there are entertainment centers where both children and adults will find something to do.

Entertainment center "DINOSAURiA"

Huge mock-ups of yellow dinosaurs

Address: Pritytskogo st., 29

Ticket price: from 12 to 18 BYN

Are there any kids who don't like dinosaurs? The entertainment center "DINOSAURiA" invites you to look at the models of huge reptiles, and at the same time have fun. So, if you're looking for a weekend getaway with your child, plan a dinosaur trek. While your little one is busy studying the habits and lifestyle of ancient reptiles (the models, by the way, are interactive and tell about themselves), you can play bowling or visit a local cafe, decorated in a space style. Various animation programs, dino shows, more than 50 game attractions, and machines, including laser tag and children's bowling — even a whole day may not be enough for everything!

Entertainment center "Caramelka Galileo"

Children play with animators in costumes

Address: Bobruiskaya st., 6

Ticket price: from 2.5 to 9 BYN

If you come to Minsk on a sightseeing tour and you have a lot of free time before the return train, do not rush to the waiting room. One of the largest shopping and entertainment centers of the capital is located right next to the station, and there is Caramelka Galileo. Children from one to ten years old will not be bored here! A maze with slides and cannons, a pool with balls, trampolines, gaming computers — your child will not notice how time flies by and the time to return home will come. By the way, you don't have to be bored while your child is having fun: you can leave him in the care of experienced educators, and in the meantime go shopping or have a leisurely snack.

A huge number of options, what to see and visit in Minsk with children

Minsk is entertainment for children for every taste and budget. There are so many options that an inexperienced person will have an acute dilemma of where to go first. That is why we told you about our most interesting options for spending time. A joyful and contented child is the best reward for parents, therefore VETLIVA is always ready to organize an exciting trip for you and your child or provide the best options for recreation in Belarus. Read our Blog, memorize tips, like and enjoy the carefree fun with your child!


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