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Industrial tourism: craftsmen reveal their secrets

Industrial tourism: craftsmen reveal their secrets


Industrial tourism in Belarus is gaining momentum! And this is not surprising, because only during the production tour you can learn something truly unique, known only to the masters of their craft. Want to find out how the legendary BELAZs are made? Or how do the branded leather bags of the Belarusian brand Galantey come to light? Right here and right now, VETLIVA will tell you about excursions to industrial enterprises that reveal the secrets of production.

Industrial tourism in Belarus

Excursion to the BELAZ plant: towards the largest dump trucks in the world

Excursion to the BELAZ plant in Belarus

Where: Zhodino
Cost: from 40 BYN ($20)
Number of tourists: from 1
Days: depending on the date of the tour

Even a 2-meter basketball player looks like a real insect next to this monster of the domestic auto industry! Just imagine: any dump truck that is manufactured at a factory in the Belarusian city of Zhodino can transport from 90 to 450 tons of cargo in one trip! So that you understand the scale of these figures, we measure this weight in elephants and whales (these mammals are the heaviest in the world):

  1. The blue whale, which is the largest mammal in the world, weighs from 50 to 150 tons, that is, theoretically the coolest BELAZ 75410 with a carrying capacity of 450 tons can easily transport three whales (if they could, of course, fit in its body).

  2. The African elephant, the heaviest terrestrial mammal, weighs only about 3 tons, that is, BELAZ would transport one and a half hundred elephants without problems!

Now imagine that during an industrial tour to Zhodino you will not only see the legendary car, but you can even visit the driver’s cab! Impressions will be the sea. You will visit the assembly workshop, where a legend will be born before your eyes, you will learn the secrets of dump truck production and, of course, you can take breathtakingly cool photos!

Galanteya Plant: everything a woman’s soul needs

Tour to Galanteya Plant

Where: Minsk
Cost: from 27 BYN ($13)
Number of tourists: from 1
Days: depending on the date of the tour

The path to the woman’s heart lies through diamonds, which Marilyn Monroe sang in the last century. And if you also attach a new handbag to the shining jewelry — that's all, for the next 24 hours nothing more is needed for happiness! A production tour at the Galanteya enterprise demonstrates how beauty is created by the hands of masters. Wallets, bags, belts, briefcases — everything is produced here for every person, without exception.

Coca-Cola: getting to know history of the legendary drink

Tour to Coca-Cola factory in Belarus

Where: Kolyadichi Village
Cost: Free
Number of tourists: from 10 to 45
Days: every day from 9 to 17.30

Want to know how to prepare a legendary drink that won the hearts of millions of people around the world? Then it's time to go to the Coca-Cola factory. You probably noticed it while traveling around Belarus: the creators of the plant came up very creatively with its architectural solution, so the buildings where Coca-Cola is made look like two unmistakably recognizable cans of a soft drink.

The plant is located in the village of Kolyadichi, 10 km from Minsk, so it will not be difficult to get to it on its own. However, keep in mind that industrial trips are exclusively for groups!

Excursion to the brewery "Lidskoe"

Excursion to the brewery "Lidskoe" in Belarus

Where: Lida
Cost: from 6 BYN ($3) (during the Lidbeer festival for free)
Number of tourists: from 1
Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 12, 14 and 16, Sunday at 12 and 14

“Lidskoe” is a plant with 140 years of history, which means that it has something to be proud of and has something to share with you. In the heart of Brovar, a real historic street has been preserved! You will walk through it, get acquainted with large-scale production, where 250 million liters of drinks are brewed annually, and you will be able to appreciate the skill of local brewers during the tasting.

Advice from VETLIVA: a trip to Lida is best timed to coincide with the Lidbeer festival, which takes place annually in early September. Industrial excursions are free of charge on this day.

Bakery No.6: the secrets of baking bread

tour to the Bakery No.6 in Minsk

Where: Minsk
Cost: from 15 BYN ($7)
Number of tourists: from 5
Days: at 9.00 daily

The scents that hover in this place alone will seduce anyone! Freshly baked bread, hot, with a crispy crust is a real table decoration. During a tour to the Bakery No.6, which belongs to the Minskkhlebprom company, you will learn how it is born. And, of course, taste buns in the heat of the heat.

Lifehack from VETLIVA: after a walk in such a tantalizing-fragrant place, you obviously will want something more substantial. And here, our gastroguide will come in handy.

Spartak Confectionery: a tantalizing chocolate flavor

Tour to the Spartak factory in Gomel

Where: Gomel
Cost: from 10 BYN ($5)
Number of tourists: from 15 to 45
Days: every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30 and 14:30

Even if you are not a sweet tooth, it is simply impossible to resist in front of the tantalizing aromas of melted chocolate, sweet caramel, delicious glazes and other sweets that will be cooked right before your eyes! At the Spartak factory the professionals make chocolate and top-quality candy, so it is no surprise that this Belarusian brand is known far beyond the borders of the republic.

Turov Dairy Plant: Italian cheese in Belarus

Turov Dairy Plant

Where: Turov
Cost: Free
Number of tourists: from 20
Days: no fixed time

Belarus is famous for its dairy products. Moreover, it is so popular that many Russians come to our country exclusively for it. Therefore, industrial tourism, introducing the secrets of making milk, is also popular.

Why do you need to direct your feet to Turov, because dairy plants in Belarus are a dime a dozen? Not only because it is one of the oldest cities in our country, but also because it is here that they cook ricotta, mascarpone, mozzarella and other Italian cheeses. And they turn out no worse than in the homeland of this product (or maybe better, because they are made with national color). So if you want to be dedicated to the secret of cheese making, put together a team of 20 like-minded people and go to Turov!

Molochny Mir: real milk is produced here

Grodno Dairy Plant Tour

Where: Grodno
Cost: depends on the number of tourists
Number of tourists: from 1
Days: no fixed time

Grodno Dairy Plant originally approached the solution of the problem of sanitary restrictions for visitors. The production is reliably protected from penetration of bacteria by glass, which is convenient for tourists as well: they can clearly see the manufacturing process. The organizers of the route assure that each guest follows the same path as milk: from the state of raw materials to the finished packaging that we see on store shelves.

Neman: glass comes to life here

Neman glass factory in Belarus

Where: Berezovka
Cost: from 8 BYN ($4)
Number of tourists: from 5 (there is the possibility of combining with other groups)
Days: tours lead all days from 8 to 17

Want to see how beauty is born out of fire? But this is precisely the process of manufacturing glass products, which can be seen during a tour of the Neman glassworks. By the way, there are 2 routes here: one for those who want to get to know the process more closely, and the second for those who want to see what masterpieces glass-makers could create.

Slutsk belts: keeping traditions of Belarus

Slutsk belts: keeping traditions of Belarus

Where: Slutsk
Cost: from 4 BYN ($2)
Number of tourists: from 1
Days: on all days of the week except Monday from 9 to 17.30

Do you know that at the time, not all princes could afford the Slutsk belt? Or that the gold content in one creation of Slutsk masters could reach up to 200 grams? If not, then this tour is for you. In Slutsk, in the homeland of these amazing works of art, a whole museum is dedicated to them. Guides talk about their occurrence, types, symbolism. Most importantly, you will see with your own eyes the whole production process!

Industrial tourism in Belarus: the list is replenished

It is clear that in our article far from all the objects where you can go on a production tour are listed. Travel to the factories of MTZ, MAZ and Gomselmash tells about the creation of technology important for the economy of Belarus; once you get to the Atlant plant, you will learn how to make cool Belarusian refrigerators; having gone to Slodych, you will learn the secrets of baking cookies according to Feng Shui and so on. Everybody is interested in industrial excursions without exception: at the same BELAZ plant both children and adults like it, because the scale of Belarusian dump trucks is amazing! And this is not to mention the opportunity to try the freshest sweets from Belarusian confectioners or just brewed beer (just remember that the foamy drink is 18+).

Read our Blog further, and we will delight you with new stories about tourist weekdays in Belarus.


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