Feel like an aristocrat: elite sports in Belarus

Feel like an aristocrat: elite sports in Belarus

Think of any movie about English or American aristocrats. They play golf, go sailing, and certainly know how to ride. The thing is that the listed sports have long been considered elite. But do not rush to put an end to yourself, even if you do not have any magnates of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or Polish gentry in your family. Now everyone can become a member of the yacht club or go sailing. And if you've always dreamed about it, but just didn't know where to start, VETLIVA will tell you everything in a new article.

Horse breeding and equestrian sports

Horseback Riding in Belarus

Historically, horseback riding was taught to young aristocrats from an early age. The ability to ride a horse was considered natural to them. Now everyone can go in for equestrian sports. However, if you want to do it professionally, you will have to invest a lot in your hobby.

Equestrian sports are different:

  • Dressage;
  • Showjumping;
  • Triathlon;
  • Reining (refers to Western sports);
  • Driving;
  • Distance horse races;
  • Vaulting.

Each of them has its specifics, which depend on a horse you will need to train and what equipment to purchase. The Belarusian equestrian centers have everything you need to ride for the soul or go in for sports professionally. And do not forget that horseriding for children and adults is no less useful than health improvement in a health resort. It helps relieve stress, improves posture, stimulates the circulatory system, and simply makes you feel good.Show jumping in Belarus

The best republican centers of equestrian sports and horse breeding

    1. Ratomka. Equestrian sports are available here for both beginners and professional riders. The center is located just a few kilometers from Minsk, so buy the necessary ammunition (or rent it on the spot), book a transfer and go to meet the horses
    2. Sula Interactive History Museum. You can ride horses during a thematic excursion to Sula. In addition, you will have a boat trip on a Viking Drakkar, a visit to a weapons workshop, tasting traditional Belarusian drinks, and much more.
  1. Ethno-cultural complex Nanosy-Rest. Here, by the way, you can not only ride a horse but also visit an amazing equestrian sports show, where horse actors show miracles of skill together with their rider partners.

Sailing in Belarus

Sailing in Belarus

But in Belarus there is no sea, isn’t it?.. Having once visited the Zaslavskoye reservoir, you will no longer insist on this, because its expanses are amazing. And therefore, sailing in Minsk is possible, and it is worth trying for yourself what it is like to drive a snow-white and beautiful yacht!

Perhaps, the sight of a beautiful yacht evokes only one association — it is too expensive a pleasure that you cannot afford. Now there are a wide variety of ships on the Minsk Sea, and the rent of many does not exceed the cost of a daily car rental. However, if we are talking about professional sailing in Minsk, it will add up to real money. But if you are in love with the sea (and last but not least with Minsk), then you should try yourself as a ship captain.

Advice from VETLIVA: start small, for example, with a yacht trip while relaxing in the Yunost health resort or other resorts in the Minsk region, which are located nearby. So you can improve your health and go sailing to understand how sailing on the Minsk Sea suits you.

Sailing Center on the Minsk Sea

Sailing centers

One of the main difficulties on the way of those who decide to go in for sailing professionally is the need to obtain an international yacht license. The training takes place in several stages, which include the study of theory and practical exercises in the conditions of the Minsk Sea. Future yachtsmen are trained by the Belarusian Sailing Federation, the Meridian yacht club, and other organizations.

Advice from VETLIVA: if you are planning a celebration, then on a yacht with a motor, you can, for example, arrange a corporate party or hold a modest wedding ceremony. An excellent option for those who are tired of the usual leisure options and want variety.

Tennis courts in Belarus

Tennis courts in Belarus

Tennis is considered the "royal" sport. It brings huge incomes to world-famous athletes, and also attracts famous millionaires and billionaires who invest huge sums in their hobbies. Like golf, this sport brings together powerful politicians, businessmen, and tycoons who create elite private clubs.

Now everyone can try their hand at the tennis court. This will require a comfortable sports uniform, special tennis shoes, a racket, and good balls. And, of course, equipped tennis courts in Minsk, Gomel, Vitebsk and any other city where you want to do this sport.

Teaching children tennis

5 best schools where you can learn tennis in Minsk

  1. Avante Club tennis school. The first private school in Minsk focuses on teaching children and adolescents according to European standards.
  2. National Tennis Academy. Here, eminent athletes share their experience, for example, Vladimir Volchkov and Tatiana Puchek are involved in the coaching staff.
  3. The city center of the Olympic tennis reserve. Here you can simply hold a friendly match by renting a tennis court or taking your classes more seriously. There are both beginner and advanced children and adult groups of tennis players based on the SCOR.
  4. Maxim Mirny Tennis Center. On 3 tennis courts and 2 mini courts for children, classes are held according to the approval of the International Tennis Federation.
  5. Tennis school "Minsk Tennis". Children are taught here, starting from 3-4 years old, and branches are located in 7 districts of the city, which is extremely convenient in terms of accessibility.

Take a note: there are also tennis courts in health resorts, for example, you can play a couple of sets of tennis in the«Ozerny» resort and other health resorts in Belarus.

Golf courses in Belarus

Golf courses in Minsk

Last but not least is golf. A leisurely and thoughtful sport in which the physical characteristics of the player are not so important as the ability to calculate moves and develop tactics against the enemy. Golf is still a novelty for our country, but everyone can try themselves in a gentleman's sport.

Golf Club Minsk is currently the only organization that includes:

  • a championship-class golf course with 18 holes,
  • training field for 9 holes,
  • training center,
  • hotel and sports complexes,
  • engineering and transport infrastructure.

Therefore, you can do real golf only in Minsk. And if you are going to visit the capital and stay here for a few days — be sure to try yourself in this sport. Who knows, maybe you are destined to become the next star of world golf!

Try new things and enjoy every moment

Relax on the golf course

Equestrian sports, yachting, tennis, and golf are now available to everyone, without exception. Even if, in your understanding, these sports are still associated only with a huge waste of money — do not refuse to try new things in advance. Perhaps jumping over obstacles on horseback or the indescribable euphoria from a ball hammered into a hole is exactly what you have been missing in life. And do not forget to relax and travel with VETLIVA to fill your life with vivid emotions and warm memories.

Feel like an aristocrat: elite sports in Belarus