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Blanket, freezer bag, and good spirits: where to have a picnic in Minsk?

Blanket, freezer bag, and good spirits: where to have a picnic in Minsk?


In summer, the last thing you want is to be at home. We have already told you about the places where you can cook barbecue. However, if you just want to get out of your cramped apartment and go on a picnic in Minsk — then you have come to the right place! VETLIVA shows and tells about oases of relaxation.

Checklist for vacationers:

  • Music volume should be comfortable for all campers: respect other people's musical tastes.

  • Don't leave any garbage behind! Collect everything in a separate package and take it with you: this will not trouble you at all and in turn, will help to keep it clean.

  • Remember that parks, gardens, and other green areas in Minsk are considered public places, which means that it is strictly forbidden to take and drink alcoholic beverages with you!

Well, it's high time to make plans!

Picnic basket and vase of flowers in the grass

How to have a picnic in Minsk

  1. A mandatory picnic set
  2. 5 places for a picnic in Minsk
  3. Recreation around the capital

What you needed to take on a picnic

Having a snack on a picnic is a sacred thing, especially if you go to a place where you cannot cook barbecue. And cooking meat is a troublesome business, so it is much better to take everything with you. It’s obvious that a picnic is intended for rest but not running around in finding a store when you are hungry and thirsty, exhausted from the heat.

Sandwiches and tomatoes in a container

A couple lifehacks from VETLIVA:

  1. If you are going to make sandwiches, first fry your bread a little or dry it in an oven, then it won’t have time to soften.

  2. What a picnic without refreshing lemonade! However, do not forget to remove the lemon peel from the mixture before pouring the drink into a bottle: it contains a lot of essential oils and can make the drink bitter.

  3. To keep food fresh in the heat, do not forget to buy a cooler: just an invaluable aid in summer!

Girl on a picnic under the tree

What else to take on a picnic

  • A blanket for any picnic is a must. Make sure that it is soft and big enough, especially if you are going to relax here with a large company.

  • Repellents and insecticides. Insects are not only annoying but also dangerous, especially if we are talking about ticks.

  • Warm clothes. If a picnic lasts until evening, be sure to bring a windbreaker or a light sweater with you: it may get colder after sunset.

Where to go for a picnic in Minsk

Do you remember this interesting fact that almost 40% of the Minsk territory is occupied by various parks, gardens, and tracts? So there are plenty of places for a picnic here. And here is a selection of the top places from VETLIVA.

Park named after the 900th anniversary of Minsk

Chizhovskoe reservoir of the park named after the 900th anniversary of Minsk

Address. 33 Tashkentskaya Street.

Infrastructure. The picturesque Chizhovskoe reservoir encircles the park from two sides. The abundance of green plants, rides nearby, availability of a bike lane, and a roller ski track makes the vacation here eventful and diverse. Learn Zen while sitting on a blanket and looking at the water, hit your nerves on extreme rides, ride a bicycle or roller skates through the green zone — this is your holiday, let’s go!

Loshitsky Park

View of the Loshitsky Park

Address. 10 Chizhevskih Street.

Infrastructure. Loshitsky Park is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful locations in Minsk. Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, it looks like a real island of greenery among high-rise buildings. You can sit with a blanket in the shade of trees, do yoga or meditate. And no problem if you forgot to take a snack with you: there is a cozy cafe right inside the local estate. And there is also entertainment for cycling enthusiasts: fully equipped paths are suitable for riding in the park.

VETLIVA’s advice: do you like beautiful architecture? Then be sure to go and see one of the most beautiful estates in Belarus, which is located right in Loshitsky Park.

Pavlov Park

Pavlov Park's river

Address. Beleckogo-Kosmonavtov Street.

Infrastructure. Another wonderful location for a picnic is the park, where the source of the Loshitsa River is located. There is everything for a great pastime: benches, bike lanes, food stalls, playgrounds, and a beautiful bridge that connects the two sides of the park. And if you get bored of just laying on a blanket — you can always go to the monkey bars to stay in shape. It is the best choice to do sports in the open air!

Stone Park

Музей валунов в парке камней

Address. Akademika Kuprevicha Street.

Infrastructure. The Boulder Museum is an amazing place by all standards. Just imagine: the stones here are not situated at random but exactly imitate the map of Belarus! If you look at the museum from a bird's-eye view, you can unmistakably recognize the outlines of our beautiful country. This place is perfect for a Japanese-style picnic: spread a blanket, unpack delicious food (preferably Asian) and enjoy a soothing atmosphere and tranquility.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: by the way, open-air museums are not uncommon in Belarus. If you like this format, then why not visit them all? Moreover, we have plenty of such excursions!

Slepyanskoe reservoir

View of Slepyanskoe reservoir

Address. 20 Filimonov Street.

Infrastructure. Although there are not as many benches and urns as desired, the beauty of these places makes you forget about everything in the world. Waterfalls and fountains alone are worth a lot! If, in addition to the rest, you want to be a little creative and, for example, take some pictures standing right under the waterfall, then you’ll need to come here.

Picnic outside the city

Summer is the time when you least want to spend time in the metropolis. And who are we kidding: you can give up everything and get yourself a little rest only out of town. And here are our favorite estates that came in handy.

Country house for rest near the reservoir

They have everything you need for spending a truly great holiday:

  • Comfortable rooms,
  • Fully equipped kitchens for cooking your favorite dishes,
  • Reservoirs nearby,
  • Various sports and cultural activities.

A picnic in nature here turns into a meaningful rest. And you really earned it, make no mistake! Summer is a momentary thing, you know: don't waste your time, use every opportunity to turn this small period of life into a real adventure. Break into the summer!

Top view of the health resort by the reservoir

And the last piece of advice from VETLIVA: we can’t help but mention the Belarusian health resorts. In fact, they have long specialized not only in treatment, but also in organizing recreation at the highest level. Why not go here on a weekend trip and enjoy a vacation away from the city? Believe us: this will be your best picnic ever because all these health resorts are located in the wilderness.

Your rest is our concern!

As you can see, there are many options for picnic places outside the city and within its boundaries. You can choose something closer or, if you want to enjoy your vacation, allow yourself a little adventure and let some freedom. Go with the flow and travel… a lot! And VETLIVA Blog will teach you how to make it real as interesting as possible.


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