Resting in the Baltics: "Belorussia" health resort in Jurmala

Resting in the Baltics: "Belorussia" health resort in Jurmala

Among all the health resorts in Jurmala, there is one where you will feel at home. Our today's article is about another branch of Belarus abroad. This time we go to the Baltic States, where the health resort "Belorussia" is located on the shores of the picturesque Gulf of Riga.

Everything about the infrastructure of the "Belorussia" resort in Jurmala

sanatorium in Jurmala

The renovation was carried out in the health resort from 2015 to 2018. And now you can book the updated rooms of the following categories:

  • Standart Single or Double,
  • Double Standart Twin (with two beds) or Double (with one double bed),
  • Two-room Lux rooms for one or two guests,
  • Two-storey cottage Cottage 4, where you can book two-room rooms for one or two people,
  • Two-storey cottage Cottage 8 with two-room double rooms.
number fund in sanatorium in Jurmala

You do not need to take large suitcases full of necessary things with you. The health resort staff has already taken care of everything in abundance. The rooms have:

  • loggia,
  • modern TV,
  • telephone,
  • refrigerator, etc.

Reasonable prices of the health resort in Jurmala and its location in the city center make the rest here as comfortable and interesting as possible. The sea is just 200 meters from the health resort. And even if the beach season is already over, when you are going to relax in the resort, you can swim in the local pride — a 25-meter pool filled with mineral water.

health resort on the coast in the Baltics


A varied and balanced diet is what the health resort can be proud of. For example, breakfast is served here according to the "buffet" system, which means that you can not limit yourself to anything. Lunch and dinner are offered à la carte. Local chefs work wonders: neither you nor even your fastidious kids will stay hungry!

The menu includes dishes of traditional Latvian, European and Belarusian cuisine. So only proven and most delicious recipes are waiting for you. By the way. the restaurant offers not only diet meals. If you wish, you can eat according to a vegetarian, banquet, or individual menu. A separate menu is also offered for children.

Diets in the health resort:

  1. Basic diet (B), intended for vacationers who do not require special nutritional conditions;
  2. Diet for those with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and biliary system (P);
  3. Diet for those with kidney damage (N);
  4. A diet for those who wish to lose weight.
dining room in the sanatorium in Jurmala

Advice from VETLIVA: if you are looking for a health resort for families with children — our list will come in handy. In no time, you will choose a suitable option and you will be able to arrange an unforgettable vacation for yourself and your child.

A variety of herbal teas are included in the price of the voucher, and if you wish, you can order natural juices and oxygen cocktails for an additional fee. Meals are five times a day, so forget about unhealthy snacks and enjoy delicious and nutritious food. And, of course, the care of doctors who will do everything to make the rest not only good but also useful.

Medical profile

Treatment in the health resort of Jurmala is organized at the top-notch level! Here they help with diseases:

  • Circulatory systems;
  • Musculoskeletal system and connective tissues;
  • Respiratory organs;
  • The nervous system
  • Endocrine system and metabolism;
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • Digestive organs.
procedures in the sanatorium in Jurmala

The prices of the “Belorussia” health resort in Jurmala include a set of procedures, which type and number are determined by a specialist, as well as the program that you choose:

  1. Medical and recreational programs. “SPA-relax”, “Youth and health”, “Light breathing”, “Movement of Life”, “Pulse of Life”, “Seniors”, “Healthy sleep”, “Strong immunity” — each one is designed to help with certain diseases.

  2. Special programs. You can choose the “Cardio” program, which helps fight cardiovascular diseases, or the “Rehabilitation after COVID-19” для тых, хто перанёс каранавірусную інфекцыю і жадае хутчэй аднавіцца пасля яе.

  3. Program for children. "Strong Immunity" is a complex of procedures aimed at increasing the immunity of children from 4 to 15 years old.

  4. Weekend programs. If you can only carve out a weekend for relaxation, it doesn't matter! For this, there are balanced programs "Health", "Antistress", "Beauty" and "Romance".


rest in sanatorium in Jurmala

Health improvement in the "Belorussia" health resort in Jurmala is not limited only to undergoing medical procedures for sure. The interests of all vacationers are taken into account, and therefore there is:

  • Gym in the main building, as well as an indoor sports ground and an outdoor tennis court;
  • Billiards;
  • SPA-complex where you can take a steam bath in a Russian or a Finnish sauna, as well as how to relax during spa procedures;
  • Fully equipped beach;
  • A whole range of extreme entertainment, which includes diving to sunken ships, skydiving or bungee jumping, cycling, canoeing, and much more.

You can use the services of the local library or visit the cinema and concert hall, where themed evenings and discos are regularly organized. Neither children nor adults will be bored: entertainment programs are designed for viewers of different ages.

How to get to the health resort

travel to the sanatorium in Jurmala

So, there are several ways to get to the health resort:

  1. By car. Add coordinates 56°58′04″N, 23°46′13″E to your navigator and hit the road.
  2. By public transport. By plane, you need to fly to Riga International Airport and travel 20 km from it to Jurmala. Or, if you are afraid of flying, go to Jurmala by train or bus. Both types of transport also follow only to Riga, from where by electric train or taxi you will need to get to the Bulduri stop.
  3. Transfer. VETLIVA will easily arrange a transfer for you to your destination.
If you have already tried all the options for rest in Belarus, then it's time to go to Jurmala. A Latvian resort with a Belarusian flavor, sea coast, and European quality of services will make your vacation unforgettable. And VETLIVA is traditionally ready to arrange it for you!
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