About the legendary Lake Naroch

About the legendary Lake Naroch

Even schoolchildren know that Naroch is the largest lake in Belarus, measuring approximately 9 by 12 kilometres. And although it reaches a depth of 25 metres, the coastal zone is very shallow, you can walk 100 metres and the water will be knee-deep. Thanks to this feature, the water warms up well on a sunny day and sandy beaches are no worse than sea beaches. This is why Naroch is often chosen by families with small children. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, which is home to many sanatoriums. There is also the best children's camp in Belarus, Zubrenok, the younger brother of Artek.

An active recreation on Lake Naroch

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People come to Naroch not only to bathe, but also to take active water recreation such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. It is true that these activities require at least a good wind and good weather. You can even rent a yacht there! Thanks to the fact that the water in the lake is so clean that it can be seen to a depth of 7 metres, you can also dive here. If you suddenly meet Andrei Makarevich in these parts - don't be surprised, he loves diving in Belarus.

These places are also popular with kayakers - again, both by beginners and more advanced ones. Rafting along the Narochanka River is a great success, and there is also a possibility of taking a water trip across Lake Miastro, and of course Lake Naroch. You can hire a kayak on the spot, and even arrange to be picked up directly with the kayak at the end of the route.

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The surroundings of the lake are very picturesque, and you can meet many cyclists here. You can also rent a bike in Myadel and travel on your own, or you can go on an organized bicycle group. The distance also varies depending on the person's training - from 30 to 120 kilometres along forest paths, many of which are landscaped and paved. For those who like horseback riding, you can easily find equestrian clubs and agricultural estates. Riding can be short, just for an hour or lasts three days around Naroch.

The Naroch region is considered a paradise for fishermen. Suffice it to say that in the first half of the last century it was from local fishing villages that a health resort zone began to form. It includes over 40 lakes with 25 species of fish. The most predatory and largest fish is pike. Fish can be caught, but not everywhere, and some lakes require payment for fishing.

Attractions near Lake Naroch

The weather in Belarus sometimes brings surprises, so an educational travel programme has been developed for holidaymakers. For example, just 15 kilometres between lakes Naroch and Myastro there is a dendrological and pharmacy garden, where grow about 400 breeds of different plants, many of which are medicinal. The guide will tell you which plants are used for treatment, and you can buy them from the local herbalist shop.

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In the village of Kobylnik there is an amazing Church of St. Andrew the Apostle with its century-old organ and bell tower. In fact, it is the main architectural attraction of the region. In the vicinity of the church there is also the Church of St. Elijah of the 19th century with a two-storey iconostasis.

Speaking of cult buildings, it is worth visiting the defensive church in Kamayakh and the Church of St. Nicholas, which dates back to 1413. It is located in the village of Svir. And if you visit Zasvir, you can visit the buildings of the Carmelite monastery. You can also take a look at the majestic but now empty manor house in Lyntupi. In the village of Komarovo, there is a manor house wich dates back to the early 20th century. The distances between the sights are small here - you can even travel by bicycle if you have some physical training.

Why should you visit Lake Naroch?

The reason is simple - you can get the best rest here. It is not for nothing that it is called the "pearl of Belarus"! And it's not important how much money you have. Water, sun and pines - they have been and will be free for everyone. And you can find a sanatorium in Naroch for every taste and wallet - see for yourself.