Pripyatsky National Park - a place for contemplation and solitude

Pripyatsky National Park - a place for contemplation and solitude

About the location of the Pripyat Park

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The Pripyatsky National Park, which is unique for Belarus, is located in the interfluve of the rivers Pripyat, Stviga and Ubort. Due to the fact that this area was poorly developed by people, its natural uniqueness has been preserved. At the same time, the tourism infrastructure here is very well developed, which makes this place very attractive for tourists.

Ideas for a pastime

It is not a bustling entertainment destination, but rather a contemplative one, designed for those looking for relaxation and unity with nature. There is a special tourist route deep into the Pripyatsky Nature Reserve for those who want to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. There is no need to sneak through forest paths and wait for animals. You just get on a steam locomotive in the form of a tractor with four trailers attached, and it takes you on a 30 kilometre forest road. You just have to look carefully and you will definitely see wild animals behind trees or on a meadow. For example, you can see a whole family of wild boars, and if you are lucky, you will also see fallow deer, roe deer, elk and bison. It is not uncommon to get a sight of foxes and hares. Animals are not afraid of the sound of the engine for a very simple reason - they are constantly being fed from a tractor.  They even occasionally leave the forest on purpose, hearing the familiar rumbling of the engine. The impressions after diving into the wild will stay with you for life!

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The Museum of Nature also offers to study local flora and fauna in detail. It is located in the agricultural town of Lyaskovichi . And you could say that it is the capital of the Pripyatsky National Park. The history of the region from ancient times to the present day is presented in the museum in a clear and visual form. Here you can see archaeological finds which were discovered during excavations of ancient settlement sites in the floodplain of the river Pripyat. Most of the exhibits are stuffed fish, birds and animals - even extremely rare ones that are difficult to see in ordinary life.

It is a special and incomparable pleasure to sail by a motorboat past the banks of the Pripyat River. The area, especially in spring, is heavily swamped and the river reaches a width of 30 kilometres and it looks incredibly beautiful. It seems that you are not sailing, but are floating by boat over the river meadows, frightening away the numerous birds. There are about 250 species of them which are included into the Red Book.

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The Pripyatsky National Park is also a real paradise for fishermen. It is home to bream, pike, roach, nerfling, tench, perch, redfish. And in silent whirlpools hide catfish. Many photos of Belarusians with fishing trophies - huge catfishes with human height and more - are from here.

Tourist infrastructure of the park

As for the tourist infrastructure, there are enough places to settle in to fit every taste and at any price. Hunters prefer the hotel complex "Nad Pripyatyu" with a bath, swimming pool, billiards and even a bowling in Lyaskovichi. The restaurant, by the way, serves game here. And the birdwatchers, for whom maximum privacy and silence are important, stop at the Doroshevichi tourist complex on the banks of the Pripyat River. The place is very popular with ornithologists, who come here in spring and autumn from all over the world to watch the migration of birds. It is believed that there are no such pristine places of nature left in Europe. And the air here is fantastic! Such crystal clear air can only be found in the mountains and in the Pripyatsky National Park.