Mir castle: interesting facts about the legendary place

Mir castle: interesting facts about the legendary place

History of Mir castle


Everything about the castle can be read on the Internet. Let's not repeat ourselves. Let's just say that the World was first mentioned in 1434. At the end of the XVI century the bastion of Mir Castle became irrelevant and Nicholas Christopher Radziwill «Sirotka», after creating a beautiful and powerful castle in Nesvizh, in the late XVI – early XVII century moved the family princely nest of Radziwills there. Mir castle became a country residence.

The possessions of the legendary Radziwills are known all over the world. And you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with them. Plunge into the atmosphere of those eras. Find out what trace the war and the Soviet period left. How do the castles and estates of those, who had unlimited power in these edges, live today. Those, whose descendants live out their lives in Paris, far from the place where their family all began.

Interesting facts about Mir castle


And now – some interesting facts about Mir castle that you will not find everywhere.

The fortress walls still show visitors an element that resembles a village toilet, only stone, and hanging between the loopholes above the Eastern wall. Thus, the inhabitants relieved themselves without spoiling the «atmosphere» inside the castle. And it was a surprise for the enemy in the future, if he wants to sneak up on the castle walls. And during the siege, not only burning pitch could be poured through these holes.

In 1997, Mir castle was prepared to host international meetings at the highest and diplomatic levels, as well as various congresses, conferences and other mass events. Since 2000, the architectural monument is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. And since 2010, after the opening of the restored castle in December, every summer festivals, tournaments, concerts, shows, TV music marathons, performances of world stars are held at its walls.

What's on the castle territory?


On the territory of the castle there are two modern objects – a restaurant and a hotel. The Prince's Court restaurant is a Gothic structure in the castle's underground, where guests can enjoy national cuisine. Have you ever eaten draniki in a medieval basement?

Mir castle hotel, and therefore its rooms, have preserved the style of that era with full modern facilities. You can relax in the Royal chambers and feel like Lanisters from The Game of Thrones.

Every year, the Mir castle complex is visited by a huge number of people. Are you interested in it? 

Being in the castle, hearing the legends and feeling the power of the fortress is even more interesting than just reading about it!)

See you in Mir Castle!