Amenities of Belarus in winter: enjoying the snowy season in national parks

Amenities of Belarus in winter: enjoying the snowy season in national parks

National parks of Belarus are real pieces of nature art. Regardless of what period of the year you decide to come here, you will be greeted by dense forests, transparent lakes, fast rivers, and endless fields. To cut a long story short, a paradise for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. But without exception, all parks acquire their special charm in winter precisely. Today, the online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA will open you the world of a snowy fairy tale in the vastness of Belarus.

The beauty of Belarus in winter

The most beautiful landscapes of Belarus

Belarusian winter landscape

You probably already know that our country is called blue-eyed. All thanks to a large number of rivers and lakes located in a small but insanely beautiful territory of Belarus.

Fans of photo hunting know exactly where to look for the best shots, and fans of outdoor recreation book cottages and guest houses long before the onset of winter. The local landscapes are simply breathtaking!

Let's walk together through the most beautiful territories of Belarus, where you should visit in winter.

  1. Belovezhskaya Pushcha. There is not even much to say here: we have devoted more than one article to its vastness, and every child in Belarus knows for sure that it is worth coming to Pushcha in winter to meet Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka. And for the whole family there will be an opportunity for a quiet and comfortable stay: just book your stay in the park by calling the short number 7172 — and your winter holidays will be unforgettable.Grandfather Frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha
  2. Braslav lakes. The persistent association "a lake means you need to go there in summer" will cease to be relevant for you, you just have to come to Braslav in winter. Why imagine snow-capped valleys where you can do winter fishing, sleigh rides, play snowballs, and make huge snowmen when you can experience this wonderful experience yourself? Moreover, many cottages and complexes in the area of Braslav Lakes are already preparing their New Year's programs for all lovers of winter outdoor activities.
  3. Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. A small paradise for those who have long wanted to escape from the stone jungle and reconnect with nature. They say that as soon as the local lakes and forests are covered with snow and winter silence sets in, visitors feel peace and calm happiness. Is it true? You should check it yourself, and at the same time stay for a short while in one of the residential complexes, take a steam bath in a real bath, taste Belarusian treats and relax with your family. 

Winter games outdoors

Attentive readers have definitely noticed that we did not mention in this list two very important national parks for Belarus, whose winter landscapes can be placed on the most beautiful New Year's postcard. This is because we decided to pay special attention to them!
VETLIVA advises: celebrating the New Year 2022 in one of the national parks is the best choice for those who have long wanted to do it in an unusual place and outdoors. We have already selected the best offers for you: you just have to book them by calling 7172!

Narochansky Park: enjoy the beauty and have a great time with family and friends

First of all, Narochansky Park is famous for its picturesque views. Just imagine: about 40 lakes are located on an area of ​​almost 100 thousand hectares. Here, in untouched virgin forests, rare animals live, and the territory of Naroch Park itself is divided into 7 reserves, each of which is unique in its own way.

Traveling around Narochansky Park in search of ideal winter shots for your social networks can take an infinite amount of time, but we still highly recommend stopping by here as part of a tour or excursion.

Narochansky park in winter

What can you do in Narochansky Park on New Year’s eve?

  1. Fulfill your stomach with delicious food. Of course, no party can do without it! Moreover, the hotel complex "Naroch" has already prepared an ideal festive menu: salmon, turkey, cold cuts, fruit desserts, and fresh pastries will delight any gourmet.
  2. Spend time with family and friends. If you already know for sure that your ideal holiday option is a cottage, barbecue, fireworks, and a cheerful company, then Antonisberg cottages on the territory of the Narochansky National Park will provide you with all the conditions for an unforgettable New Year.
  3. Go on an excursion. It can be a little difficult to explore the Naroch Territory on your own: your eyes will just run wild! Therefore, the best way to catch rare birds, snowy hills in the fields, and ice lakes in the lens is to hit the road as part of an excursion.

New Year at Naroch lakes

And what about the time after the New Year holidays?

Narochansky National Park is also the best place for health improvement and healthy recreation. Are you aware that the territory of the park has gathered many health centers? It is especially important to visit them in winter to maintain health and cold and recover after the stormy holidays.

Moreover, you have a really huge choice: children will be especially interested in the health center "Zubrenok", and adults can relax and enjoy the procedures in the "Priozerny" or "Sputnik".

VETLIVA tells: do not forget that a health resort is not only about treatment, but also about rest! Belarusian health resorts have already prepared their New Year tours so that the holidays are not only memorable but also healthy. 

Touch the nature of the Pripyatsky Park

Everything that can capture the minds of vacationers is concentrated in the Pripyatsky National Park. First of all, the scale is impressive: almost 200 thousand hectares, 88 thousand are specially protected, which have become home to rare plants and animals.

But what you can do in the Pripyatsky National Park in winter, in addition to studying flora and fauna, we’ll talk right now.

  • Winter fishing: for those who like to sit in silence with a fishing rod right in the center of a frozen lake,
  • Cozy get-togethers with family and friends: there are enough places to stay in the park for everyone (for example, in the hotel "Nad Pripyatyu" or the cottage "Sosny"), and local baths, swimming pools, playgrounds, and winter entertainment will not let you get bored.
  • Exploring the open spaces of the Pripyat Park: it will especially appeal to those who have been looking for footage for winter Instagram for a long time or just wanted to walk through the open-air natural museum. 

Pripyat park in winter

A special advantage of the Pripyatsky National Park is the safari park located on the territory. Here you can ride across a vast snow-covered area in search of wild boars and deer, and visit an ancient settlement, and have a hearty lunch in a taverna which is a real paradise in the Slavic setting for tourists.

New Year's events in the Pripyatsky National Park

The safari park is also known for the fact that another residence of Grandfather Frost is located on its territory, which means that it is here that your unforgettable New Year can be spent there. Children will be delighted with the upcoming Forest Trouble program, which will include a guided tour of the park, followed by a festive performance, gifts, and a delicious lunch. By the way, the ticket price will pleasantly surprise you: 21 BYN for adults and 19 BYN for children.

New Year in Pripyat park

VETLIVA suggests: if suddenly your New Year's plans did not coincide with the events of the Pripyatsky Park, do not be discouraged! In winter, there are many tours and excursions, rich in emotions and events, so you can safely call the short number 7172 at any time and book your vacation.

Winter expanses of Belarus: a fairy tale awaits!

Real legends can be made about the nature of Belarus: it is so picturesque and inspiring. And most importantly, we meet in winter consistently every year and enjoy the snow for 3 months, so it doesn't matter if it's 2022 or any other year: the beauty of Belarus (and the online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA) will always wait for you!

Amenities of Belarus in winter: enjoying the snowy season in national parks