Hervyaty: The most beautiful Catholic church in Belarus

Hervyaty: The most beautiful Catholic church in Belarus

04.03.2021 Gervyaty

There is a village in Belarus with a population of just over 500 inhabitants. And it is unlikely that she would have got into all tourist routes in the Grodno region, if not for one attraction, because of which her name became a household name. In Gervyaty there is the most beautiful Catholic church in Belarus - the Church of the Holy Trinity. By the way, it is also one of the highest - 61 meters (in fact, a 20-storey building)! It is a miracle that this unique building was practically not damaged during the wars.


The first church in Gerviaty was built in the 16th century, but then it was made of wood. And the present, in the neo-Gothic style, as if scratching the sky with sharp spiers, has been since the end of the 19th century. The size and incredible beauty of the church can make your head spin. It seems that the majestic structure was carefully moved from Paris and placed in the middle of the simple wooden houses of local residents.

This is how the temple was conceived by the architect Alshalovsky and the architect Mikhnevich, and the construction was financed by Prince Olshevsky. For its creation, a factory for the production of high quality red bricks was temporarily built nearby. For extra strength, chicken eggs were added to the lime, so that the locals handed them over for construction in the thousands. Some building materials - for example, roof tiles - that were not produced by ourselves, were delivered from Germany. And limestone was mined near the Losha River. As it turned out, the place for the construction was not chosen the best. Because of the groundwater, the foundation was constantly eroded. So I had to "move" the river a little, change its channel for the sake of the church.

Not far from the entrance to the church, there are carved crosses, unusual for Belarus, which are more typical for Catholic churches in Lithuania. And it is not surprising - there are only 60 kilometers from Gerviat to Vilnius, and even less to the border. In fact, the village is one of the surviving islands of the Lithuanian population in Belarus, a reminder of the once common country of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

At the entrance to the church there are plaques in two languages ​​- Lithuanian and Belarusian. Inside, the temple is the same strict and seasoned, decorated with impeccable taste. The church's special pride is its recently restored organ. So now not only divine services are held here, but also charity concerts of organ music. The acoustics in the building are excellent, the sounds of the organ are clearly audible outside the temple, in the park.


A few words should be said about it - the area around the church is always in perfect order. Here you can sit on one of the benches and take a break, looking at the figures of 12 apostles and angels, as well as exotic plants for these places. It is hard to believe that the park was opened only 15 years ago, and before that there was a general store in its place.

Talking about the transformation of the temple and the area around, they always remember the rector of the parish Leonid Nestyuk, who, over 20 years of painstaking work, turned this quietly living agro-town of Belarus into a center of attraction for tourists and believers. Many visitors say that the Church of the Holy Trinity reminds them of the famous Notre Dame de Paris. It is possible that, erecting arches and flying buttresses along the perimeter of the walls, the architect was inspired by a majestic structure in Paris.

In addition to the church, in Gerviaty you can see a 19th century water mill and a military cemetery from the First World War. And just eight kilometers away there is another amazing object, however, already of the 21st century - BelNPP. You can look at it from afar; unfortunately, they will not be allowed into the territory. But the Church of the Holy Trinity is open for you at any time. This tradition has been observed since the time of the consecration of the temple. So, going to Gervyaty, you can not be afraid that you will find yourself in front of a closed gate.

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