Every child wants to rest in Zubrenok

Every child wants to rest in Zubrenok

The health camp "Zubrenok" in Belarus is one of the most popular health resorts in our country. For many children, it has become a second home, even if they were lucky to visit Zubrenok only once. Here, equal attention is paid to both the mental and physical development of children, while not forgetting to improve their health and take care of the fun and interesting pastime. And New Year's shifts are considered almost the best option for children in Belarus. Together with VETLIVA, we figure out how Zubrenok differs from other resorts and children's camps and why many people want to come back here again and again.

How the children's camp Zubrenok was founded

camp Zubrenok

The camp "Zubrenok" has been accepting children all year round for over 50 years. Toddlers and older children celebrate the New Year here, spend summer days, come with pleasure on vacation. The camp exists since 1969, and every child from Soviet and post-Soviet countries has a dream to come here. And even now those who want to find real friendship and a close-knit team strive to relax in it.

Since 1969, the camp has been constantly developing and improving. From the very first year, a dormitory and a medical building began to work here, a canteen for 400 seats and a school were opened. With the opening of the third residential building in 1979, Zubrenok began to accept 640 children in summer and 420 young vacationers during school hours. In 1993, the Children's Art Center and the building for the counselors were opened. In the period from 2001 to 2015, the old buildings were reconstructed and new ones were opened. In short, the Zubrenok health camp is constantly renewing, changing, and growing to give children what they need most — great vacation memories.

Camp Zubrenok: rooms and territory

Children's health camp "Zubrenok" is divided into two structural units: "Zvezdnaya" and "Lazurnaya". Each of them has its infrastructure. For example, the following buildings belong to "Zvezdnaya":

  1. "Star World" is a two-story cozy building with comfortable rooms and an unusual space decoration of the hall.
  2. "Green Meadow" is a building where children from family-type orphanages are accommodated. Teachers and volunteers work with each child to help the little ones feel warmth and love, like in a real family.
  3. "Sunny City" is a three-story building with a bright design of the facades is one of the favorites among children.
  4. The Seventh Continent is a bright building with comfortable and spacious rooms, where everything you need is available.

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“Lazurnaya”, in turn, consists of three buildings and a mini-village of cottages:

  1. "Azure Island" with a video salon on the first and a winter garden on the second floor.
  2. "Forest House" with a conference room where you can organize a business meeting or a business seminar, and a winter garden, which is located on the second floor.
  3. "Lake pier", which also has a conference room and winter garden, as well as sleeping places for 160 people.
  4. "Rainbow Circle" is a mini-camp inside the camp: it consists of 4 cottages, in each of which no more than one squad can live at the same time.

The very location of the Zubrenok camp in Belarus contributes to excellent rest and mood. In summer, children are happy to swim in the Naroch, and when they come here for the winter holidays, they will appreciate the variety of winter types of entertainment that you can do here. For example, learn to ski, play snowballs or make a snowman. You can also go tubing, ice skating, or play a friendly hockey match. All the necessary equipment is waiting on the spot. Just imagine: the names of the best athletes get into the local “Book of Records”! And this is not to mention a walk through the delightfully beautiful surroundings surrounding the Zubrenok camp in the Minsk region.

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New Year in Zubrenok 

So, we come to the most important thing — vouchers to the camp "Zubrenok" for the New Year. Meet 2022 surrounded by good friends, have a great rest and enjoy every minute during your vacation. This and much more awaits your children during the New Year's shift at the Zubrenok camp. The voucher price includes:

  • balanced and incredibly tasty meals 5 times a day;
  • accommodation in cozy rooms in comfortable buildings;
  • transfer from the city of Minsk;
  • wellness treatments and swimming pool;
  • various hobby groups and friendly sports matches;
  • organization of leisure at the top-notch level ("Laser Tag", "Curved Mirrors", "Photobooth", Science Show) and, of course, a merry New Year celebration.

The program is full of events with a New Year’s flavor. Children will meet Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka at their residence, will dance around the New Year tree, and plunge into the festive atmosphere that is saturated with everything around. Each New Year's shift will have a chance to show their solidarity in practice by participating in various events. And, of course, gifts await everyone, because what a New Year without surprises and souvenirs!

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: Zubrenok has its own dressing room with a large selection of various carnival costumes. Everyone can transform into their favorite literary hero or cartoon character. That is why theatrical performances in the camp are going with a bang.

Wellness procedures

Wellness in Zubrenok

Do not forget that Zubrenok is not only a camp but a health center too. The general therapeutic medical profile, combined with the services of qualified specialists and the latest medical base, increases the immunity of growing organisms of children and helps to avoid seasonal colds. The health resort has three comprehensive programs, which include a certain number of wellness procedures:

  1. The first complex. Includes 10 speleotherapy procedures, 10 sessions of magnetic radiation, intake of five oxygen cocktails, 10 whirlpool baths, and 10 sessions of Bioptron.
  2. Second complex. Consists of 5 sessions in the speleotherapy room, 5 aromatherapy procedures, 10 sessions of instrumental massage, taking five oxygen cocktails, and 10 whirlpool bath and Bioptron procedures.
  3. Third complex. Includes halotherapy (5 procedures), aromatherapy (5 procedures), aeroionotherapy (10 procedures), five doses of oxygen cocktails and herbal teas, hydromassage (10 procedures), and Bioptron (10 procedures).

How to get to the children's health camp Zubrenok in Belarus

How to get to Zubrenok

Getting to the camp is a piece of cake:

  1. On personal transport, you only need coordinates 54.836947124769, 26.715273284885, and a GPS navigator.
  2. Using public transport is even easier: the cost of rest in the Zubrenok camp includes travel from the Pervomayskaya metro station. If you do not live in Minsk, you can use VETLIVA's services to organize an individual transfer to the resort.

Please your child an unforgettable New Year!

Do you think that the celebration of the New Year is no longer pleasing to the child, as before? Then you should send your child to Zubrenok! After all, what else does your child need if not a festive atmosphere and new friends? And they will definitely find all in one during New Year's shifts at a popular children's camp. VETLIVA is always ready to arrange for your child the best New Year in their life.

Every child wants to rest in Zubrenok