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Mountains, sea, healths resorts: celebrating the New Year in unusual place

Mountains, sea, healths resorts: celebrating the New Year in unusual place


Does it seem that because of the closed borders, there is nowhere to gain new impressions? You just don't know yet what the online booking and payment service VETLIVA has prepared for you! So, make yourself comfortable while we talk about great options for New Year's holidays, for which lockdown is not a hindrance.

Adventures abroad with a Belarusian flavor

Skiing in Belarus

What a winter can do without skis, skates, or a snowboard! Even if you are only familiar with winter equipment by hearsay, it's time to correct this misunderstanding and learn to enjoy every moment of the snowy winter. And for this, you need just a little: book a vacation in Krasnaya Polyana (recreation center "Belarus") and get ready to conquer the Sochi peaks.

But the most important thing that awaits you ahead is a magical and fun holiday at the comfortable and cozy ski resort Krasnaya Polyana, where you will be able to celebrate the arrival of the new 2022 on a royal scale. Visit the SPA every day, enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama that opens from the window, ride from the equipped trails as much as you like (transfer to the ski lifts is included in the price) and, of course, welcome the New Year 2022 in the warm company of family and friends!

Travel to the sea
Or maybe you want to go to the sea? It's a piece of cake to arrange it! There is an excellent 3-in-1 option, which includes relaxation by the sea, quality treatment, and New Year's Eve in a beautiful and picturesque place. So, if your soul yearned for the sound of the surf, it's time to go to the health resort in Tuapse. Here you will find a New Year's fairy tale with sea tints and a luxurious New Year's feast, which is already included in the voucher. Want to know more? Our experts will be happy to tell you about the rest in Tuapse: call the short number 7172!

Hitting the slopes in Belarus

Skiing in Belarus resorts
Quit dreaming about Switzerland! Belarus has its mountains. Skiing in Raubichi and Silichi is an excellent alternative for those who yearn for extreme sports and do not want to spend a lot of time traveling to Sochi. And if you also decide to welcome 2022 here, there will be enough memories for the whole next year! So, here are the two most advantageous offers from VETLIVA:

  1. New Year's tour-2022 to the legendary "RAUBICHI". On New Year's Eve, you will find a festive New Year's banquet with delicious dishes prepared by a professional chef, an unusual show program with a cover band performance, congratulations from Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka, and an incendiary disco until the early morning. And on January 1, the Raubichi ski complex will turn into the capital of street festivities, where everyone can take part in a master class on folk songs and dances, as well as taste hot delicacies freshly prepared right on the street. By the way, the voucher can already be booked by the short number 7172!Отдых в Раубичах
  2. New Year's rest in Silichi. Grandfather Frost and dancing snowmen, bullfighting, parkour, Love show, dancing flash mob and a luxurious New Year's banquet are waiting for you on New Year's Eve in Silichi. And all this is accompanied by dizzying descents along local tracks, which are practically not inferior to European resorts in terms of comfort and extremeness!

Celebrating the New Year in health resorts

The whole family in health resort

On New Year’s Eve, everything is transformed, and a magical atmosphere of anticipation of the holiday is created in the health resorts of Belarus. Bright garlands are shining, local fir trees are being decorated and, of course, preparations for the main event of the year are in full swing. Most health resorts carefully think over holiday programs so that each guest can have a proper rest and get a charge of positive emotions. So, let's see what will please you in health resorts:

  1. Alfa Radon health resort is one of the best in Belarus, not only due to its ultra-modern medical base, luxurious rooms, and highly qualified personnel. They approach the New Year celebrations with a sense and arrangement. For example, in 2022 the theme “Russian Seasons” was chosen for the New Year's banquet. A thematic buffet table, a rich Russian feast, surprises, and gifts — everything that you lacked for a great mood awaits at Alfa Radon. Book two-day trips with the short number 7172!
  2. Borovoe health resort will be the perfect place to celebrate New Year 2022 for you and your family. The Christmas and New Year's program is planned right up to January 8 (arrivals start from December 25 and 6 nights). In more than a week, you can not only prepare yourself for winter with unusual procedures and relaxation in the SPA but also enjoy a miraculous show program, have fun and plunge into the holiday atmosphere with your beloved. The opportunity to celebrate New Year in Borovoe costs 79 BYN per person, this includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, health services, but the New Year's banquet is paid additionally.
  3. Chaborok health resort has prepared for you a rich program on New Year holidays from 31.12 to 9.01. A luxurious New Year's banquet with separate menus for adults (150 BYN for one) and children (110 BYN), an incendiary program from Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka, contests and fun games, gifts and surprises, and, of course, musical accompaniment await you on New Year's Eve. But even in the next few days, you will not be bored! A workshop of Santa Claus and a children's playroom will work for children, they will have horseback riding and a trip to the Dipriz eco-zoo, scheduled for January 2. And adults will like freshly brewed ucha (the Belarusian fish soup), which will be served on the first day of 2022, an infrared sauna and a cedar barrel, as well as the opportunity to visit a bathhouse, sauna, and gyms.Банкет в санатории
  4. In the Bug health resort, New Year's events will continue from 25.12 to 9.01. Sightseeing excursions to Brest Fortress, Brest, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Kossovsky Palace, and Ruzhansky Castle, concerts of folk ensembles, dance lessons, funny contests and friendly championships, songs in karaoke and a button accordion are waiting for you. They will also take care of children's leisure: the kids will be shown cartoons and children's films, they will arrange a fabulous New Year's party and dance hours. There will be no time to be bored! Take a note: the New Year's banquet with an entertainment program is paid separately (110 BYN for adults and 80 BYN for children).
  5. Alesya health resort is waiting for you for the New Year holidays from 27.12 to 9.01. New Year's Eve promises to be incredibly interesting because you will be offered to take part in the masquerade ball "Turn on the lights, celebrate the holiday merrily" with the participation of Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka and the festive banquet (for only 160 BYN per person). And the rest of the days will be filled with interesting contests, shows, competitions, musical performances, and discos. So if your goal is to have a good rest and recharge with an excellent mood, call us at the short number 7172.

Giving children a New Year's fairy tale: the main Christmas tree of the country

Decorated Christmas tree

Perhaps, no one is waiting for the New Year with such impatience as children. This means that your little ones deserve the most wonderful and magical holiday. It is not difficult to give it to them: it is enough to book tickets by the short number 7172 for the main Christmas tree in the Palace of the Republic. A fabulous show based on the play by Anna Bogacheva "Magic Power" will give the whole family a New Year’s mood.

Advice from VETLIVA: do you want your child to make friends and have a great rest? Give them a ticket to "Zubrenok" — one of the best children's camps in our country. 

New Year's serpentine from VETLIVA: meet 2022 with a bang!

On the eve of the main winter holiday, there are fewer and fewer options for meeting it. But you can still make it, especially since the online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA offers options for every taste and wallet. So rather decide and get ready for the New Year, without worrying about cooking, cleaning and other troubles that will certainly accompany the eve of each holiday. All you need is to take a great mood with you and enjoy every minute you spend at your chosen resort! And we, in turn, will be happy to answer any questions on the short number 7172.


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