Silichi Ski Resort

Silichi Ski Resort

Belarusian ski resort


There are no mountains in Belarus, but at least six ski resorts. The most famous is Silichi, which is located just 30 kilometres from Minsk. The Logoisk district is basically hilly, and there is also the main mountain from which the Silichi pistes lead. The result is a height difference of over 100 metres. Advanced alpine skiers will probably smile - but amateurs say they have enough, especially since the length of the longest route reaches 920 metres.

Silichi is loved not only by Belarusians themselves, but also by foreign tourists - every winter they come here in the thousands. The secret to this popularity of the resort is that with modern infrastructure and comfort, prices are quite democratic compared to European ones. However, it should be noted that skiing itself is not a cheap pleasure.

Infrastructure in Silichi

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Silichi has only nine ski slopes of varying difficulty levels, which are served by 4-seat and 2-seat cable ways. And the training track is equipped with a platter pull, which is safe for 'muggles'. If you have never been on alpine skiing or snowboarding, instructors will show you the basic principles of skiing in just a couple of sessions. Fans of snowboarding tricks will love the extreme park in Silichi. Every year it is changed by adding or upgrading ski ramps at the request of the snowboarders themselves. All willing snowboarders are admitted to the extreme park - but only if special protective equipment, including a helmet, is available.

Of course, skiing and snowboarding in Silichi, is not the only pebble on the beach. Here you can ride a snowmobile on the untouched land. Children love to go for a ride on a "donut tube" from a special mountain. Nearby there is a covered skating rink. So if you want to sharpen your skating skills - please! If you wish, Silichi is ready to arrange other types of recreation active for you: laser tag and paintball, racing on go-karts and quadricycles. And in summer, by the way, you can play basketball, volleyball and tennis. Any sports equipment is ready to be rented -   alpine skis and snowboards, sleds, tubes or skates. Everything is in very good condition and from the best world sports brands.

Where does one to stay overnight in Silichi? 

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There are hotels and guest houses in Silichi in the immediate vicinity of the route, where you can stay with your family or individually. The rooms are modern, equipped with everything you need, and the staff is well trained and friendly. There are at least three bathhouses for different numbers of guests in Silichi, where it is especially pleasant to relax after a physically active day. It is also worth saying a few words about the health centre, which offers its guests both aesthetic and medical services - for example, massage, inhalation, halo-, hydro- and balneotherapy, thermal, light and electrotherapy.

Festivals and competitions in Silichi

In Silichi, there are always festivals and competitions, so you won't be bored, even if you categorically do not want to ride on anything. You can just go for a walk! A picturesque wooden staircase leads along the slope. In winter, it turns into a favourite site for Selfis installation. You can safely sign a photo that you are in the Alps - no trick will be noticed. This is a joke, of course, but in Silichi it is really fabulous. The trees stand in huge white hats, very quietly - only the snow squeaks under the edges of skiers and snowboarders flying by. 

The skiing season begins just two weeks after the snow falls on the ground. And it ends when the birds are singing all over the place and spring comes into its own. By the way, the season in Silichi usually ends with an incredible "Californication" Festival. Desperate lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding wear the craziest costumes and, having speeded up from the mountain, jump in full ammunition into the pool with water. If you see the announcement of this holiday, you will not miss it!

See you on the Silichi slopes. We believe that there will be enough snow in the New Year for all fans of alpine skiing and extreme winter sports!