Tourism Day: when COVID-19 is not a hindrance

Tourism Day: when COVID-19 is not a hindrance

Every year at the end of September, International Tourism Day is celebrated. It is a holiday dedicated to travel, learning new things, and the emotions that traveling gives. Even despite the era of the pandemic in which we live, tourism, especially domestic tourism, is now more relevant than ever. Moreover, modern realities have helped us open new facets in what, it would seem, we know best — our country. So, we understand together with VETLIVA, where the holiday appeared, how it is celebrated all over the world, and why it is important for us.

History of the Tourism and Sports Day

sports and tourism day

The history of the holiday dedicated to tourism began over 40 years ago. It was established by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization in 1979. This landmark event took place in the Spanish city of Torremolinos.

However, the importance of the tourism sector was noted much earlier. In 1925, the International Congress of Official Tourism Organizations was established in The Hague, which is now known to us as the World Tourism Organization. Its tasks include the development of tourist destinations, as well as assistance to level up the countries that are of interest to travelers.

5 interesting facts about Tourism Day

1. Tourism Day 2021 will be celebrated in the post-Soviet space for the 38th time: it was first held in the USSR in 1983.

2. Each 10th inhabitant of the planet works in the tourism sector, and in some countries, its share of GDP is more than 20%.

3. The world's first travel agency was opened by Thomas Cook in 1841. By the way, it lasted 178 years and was eliminated only in 2019, when the pandemic began.

4. Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 for a reason: it was on this day in 1970 that the World Tourism Organization adopted its Charter.

5. The WTO annually proclaims the motto under which the holiday is held. In 2021, its theme is “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”.

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Domestic and inbound tourism: the impact of the pandemic

domestic tourism

Despite the closed borders, the spread of coronavirus infection, and the restrictions imposed on the movement of travelers in this regard, the tourism sector continues to develop. It had to adapt to modern realities, but that's also for good. For example, new tourist routes in Belarus have been developed, including a unique excursion to the exclusion zone (don't worry, it's absolutely safe!), river rafting, and much more.

The usual beach tourism abroad has been replaced by rest on the Naroch, the Braslav Lakes, and the Minsk Sea. Eco-style travel reached its peak of popularity. Excursions to national parks, recreation in farmsteads , camping, and health resorts areas have become in demand more than ever. And if you are worried that you cannot go to the sea, it is better not to waste your time and try the domestic tourism of Belarus. Who knows, maybe you will like it so much that you will forget about the seas-oceans, dreaming only about the Naroch and the Braslav lakes!

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World Tourism Day: events in the world and Belarus

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So, it’s September 27th. On the day of tourism there are:

  • large-scale gatherings of tourists,
  • round tables, where professionals in their field make proposals for the improvement and development of the travel industry,
  • exhibitions with presentations of new excursion routes,
  • awarding the best workers in the field,
  • гand grand sales (if you're lucky, you can even take a free tour) all over the world.

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The World Tourism Organization is organizing an open photo contest in which anyone can take part. There is an analog of the competition in Belarus: on September 27th, traditionally, the results of the annual social competition "#Explore Belarus" are summed up, in which all residents of Belarus who are not indifferent to blue-eyed travel can take part. By the way, VETLIVA also supports this good tradition and often arranges competitions among travelers. Follow us on social networks, share your beautiful photos of Belarus, and, perhaps, you will be lucky next time!

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An interesting fact from VETLIVA: earlier on the day of tourism, Belarus hosted an international tourism exhibition "Tourbusiness". However, in 2021, it was held in the spring so that tourists could learn more about promising holiday destinations before the onset of the holiday season. But in addition to the exhibition, many other events are held in our country, which you should visit. If you don't know where to go, our list will help you.

Celebrating Tourism Day in September with VETLIVA!

Even a protracted pandemic is not a hindrance for a day of tourism and travel, especially if you choose Belarus. No PCR tests, no self-isolation, no language barrier — only solid pluses. Celebrate an international holiday with us, learn more about our multifaceted and beautiful country, and travel. We are sure: there are still many interesting places in the blue-eyed that you have not been to. So it's time to carve out a few days from your busy schedule and go on an adventure!

Tourism Day: when COVID-19 is not a hindrance