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What do you need to know about the Minsk Sea?

What do you need to know about the Minsk Sea?

17.12.2020 Minsk

Do you think that you can only get to the sea by plane, train or car? It turns out, not only. You can also take a train, a minibus, or even a bicycle. If it is the Minsk sea.

Sources of the Minsk sea

Минское море2.jpg

A long time ago, in 1956, 10 kilometers from the Belarusian capital, a dam was built in the swampy floodplain of the Svisloch river. Because this river ran to Minsk, and from time to time it flooded the capital. This is how the reservoir was formed, which was called Zaslavsky – the ancient city of Zaslavl is located nearby.

Along with flood protection, Minsk residents got a great place to relax, they immediately fell in love with it and called it the Minsk sea. Because it's huge, no matter how you look at it, but - 10 kilometers long and half of it wide. And the blue enamel of the sky is reflected in a 30-square-kilometers mirror!

Of course, the water in the Minsk sea is not salty, the sound of the surf does not drown out the wind, and the sun sets not in the water, but behind the forest. But the cries of gulls are real, the sailboats are picturesque, and the wind is very breezy. There is sand on the beach and rocks by the water. And benches, and gazebos, and sports grounds – everything that a person needs for recreation. And also amazing silence, if the day is a weekday. It guarantees a full reboot and maximum battery charging.

Health resort «Yunost»

Санаторий Юность.jpg

For half a century, the banks of the reservoir have become overgrown with sanatoriums, children's camps and recreation complexes, and villages with access to the big water have become a kind of resort areas. The most significant character among this infrastructure is the health resort “Yunost”, a tall building that can be seen from any shore. The European level of comfort and medical facilities made it famous not only in Belarus. They say that there are regular guests who have rested in the health resort more than a dozen times – so it is good.

From the Yunost sanatorium, a pontoon bridge will take you to the island of love – the most romantic and well-maintained of the 11 Islands of the Minsk sea. Five minutes – and at your disposal gazebos with barbecue grills, campfires, showers and even a tent city for 100 seats. The territory is protected and open to guests from April 1 to October 31.

An active holiday by the sea

Минское море.jpg

And if you like sports, for example, windsurfing, then welcome to the club "Extreme". Here is not just rental equipment, but also a beach and a barbecue area and windsurfing lessons, including individual ones. A couple of hours and you're under sail!

The sea is a place of power. Even if it is as toy as the Minsk sea. Here you can swim and sunbathe, socialize at the barbecue or go boating, fishing or just read. But the biggest advantage of the small Minsk sea is that it is close to the capital: only 20 minutes by train from Minsk railway station. Or by bus from Pushkinskaya metro station. Both pleasures will cost half a dollar.

Half a dollar – and a sea of free joys for the whole day.



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