There is a brand new world: the best Belarusian manufacturers

There is a brand new world: the best Belarusian manufacturers

Trademarks are now simply everywhere: wherever you look, well-known and not very brands struggle for the attention of buyers, invent unprecedented marketing moves, change formulas, produce bright packaging.

Today VETLIVA will introduce you to the companies that produce the famous Belarus tractor, very cool decorative cosmetics, linen clothes, stylish watches and the most delicious dairy products.

Manufacturers from Belarus

Belarusian manufacturers: the best brands

Famous Belarusian enterprises

Let's start with the giants of all Belarus: in the literal and figurative sense. In addition to potato dishes, our country is also known for its tractors and powerful trucks.

  • Soligorsk heaps. They were formed as a result of the development of the Starobinsky deposit — one of the largest sources of potassium salt. The Belaruskali enterprise, established specifically for the production of potash fertilizers, is a leader in many respects. It employs more than 20 thousand people, products are delivered to more than 50 countries of the world, and the share of export of potash fertilizers is more than 16%;

Soligorsk heaps in Belarus

  • BELAZ. Surely there will be no person who at least has not heard about the monsters of the Belarusian engineering industry — huge BELAZ trucks. Mining trucks can transport from 90 to 450 tons, and people against it look like real dwarfs! Just imagine, the largest animal in the world, which is considered a blue whale, weighs about 200 tons. That is, BELAZ-75710 can (in theory, of course) carry two such whoppers;

  • MAZ. With a wide range of trucks, tractors, chassis, passenger equipment, MAZ more than once has received the most prestigious awards and confidently travels not only in Belarus and Russia, but throughout Europe;

  • MTZ. The plant is one of the eight leading enterprises for the production of wheeled tractors, producing about 8–10% of the world market. Belarus MTZ even has its own district in the capital: it is a real city inside the city with parks, houses, shops, a palace of culture. By the way, the courtyards here are simply charming, be sure to check it if you are in Minsk;

Tractors produced in Belarus

  • BMZ. It produces products for world-class brands — from Michelin to the facilities of the Olympic Games in London 2012 and Sochi-2014. BMZ is a national treasure of the Republic of Belarus and is included in the state register of enterprises of the republic with high-tech production;

  • Belshina. The bison is not only a symbol of Belovezhskaya Pushcha and the whole of Belarus, but also the official logo of one of Europe’s largest tire manufacturers. Belshina also has its own museum in Bobruisk!

  • High technology park. Not quite an enterprise in the sense of the word that we are used to investing in, but we cannot ignore it. Do you know that many Belarusian IT companies are world leaders in the production of intelligent products? Among them there is, for example, Wargaming and its World of Tanks: one of the five most profitable MMO games in the world with more than 140 million registered users. In honor of it, even one of the most chic festivals in Belarus is held: Tank Day.

World of Tanks from Belarus

Advice from VETLIVA: want to visit the world of giant cars and climb into the cab of the largest dump truck? Then you will definitely enjoy the excursion to the BELAZ factory, where you can feel like an enthusiastic child.

The best clothes and shoes of Belarus

In our article on how to pack a suitcase on a trip, we talked about basic clothing that will definitely come in handy. But if you suddenly forgot your favorite sweater or you urgently needed beautiful underwear, the best brands of clothes and shoes of Belarus will come to the rescue!

  • Milavitsa has been demonstrating excellent quality for almost 50 years. Perhaps it is difficult to find a more beautiful, feminine and high-quality underwear. It is successfully sold in 25 countries;

  • Elema manufactures superior quality clothing. It is especially famous for the production of stylish coats that look presentable and emphasize the refined taste of their owners;

Elema clothing

  • Belwest produces more than two million pairs of shoes per year. The company also produced models for the business outputs of the Olympic team of the Republic of Belarus during the 2018 Winter Olympics;

  • Mark Formelle is mainly engaged in sewing knitwear and men's, women's and summer underwear. Their clothes always come with charming and stylish prints, and Mark Formelle brand stores are visited by more than 1 million customers a month;

  • Conte is one of the most popular Belarus manufacturing companies which has repeatedly won the most prestigious awards. No wonder: their socks and tights are amazing.

Conte, company from Belarus

Speaking about clothes, it is necessary to mention traditional Belarusian clothes. Embroidery has already become a national treasure, and stylized shirts and dresses are only gaining popularity among people. Flax is one of the symbols of Belarus. Home textiles from it are always popular, primarily due to quality and durability. Bed linens, napkins, clothes, and even food: linen is used everywhere as a material. Yes, absolutely everywhere: even euro was made from Belarusian linen.

traditional Belarusian clothing

VETLIVA tells: in Belarus, many companies, for example, Svitanak or Kupalinka, are engaged in sewing clothes from environmentally friendly materials. In a country with such a rich nature, this is not surprising!

Cosmetics & accessories

In recent years, Belarusian producers have made a real revolution within the CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) and Europe markets: many foreigners liked the local care and decorative cosmetics. Here are a few iconic brands and their famous beauty products:

  • BELITA VITEX: be sure to try different masks, creams and facial scrubs, as well as ghouls and shampoos from this brand;

  • RELOUIS: people very much praise lipsticks and highlighters from this Belarus company;

  • LuxVisage: people know and really appreciate XXL mascara and tints;

LuxVisage in Belarus

  • BelorDesign: you should definitely try their shining creamy eyeshadows and a set for contouring;

  • LiLo: this Belarusian manufacturer has excellent lip tints, eyebrow pencils and mascara.

Without accessories, any image will be faded and incomplete. Jewelry, watches, belts and other necessary details make our life brighter. The most famous Belarusian brands are:

  • Jewelry factory Crystal. The first Belarusian diamond became a diamond in 1972 — this date was the beginning of the career of the Gomel jewelry factory;

Jewelry factory Crystal in Gomel

  • Belarus watch factory Luch. A company with a 65-year history constantly demonstrates how it can follow fashion trends. For example, not so long ago, a whole collection of watches with straps stylized as an embroidered shirt was released here;

  • Accessories of Minsker, Makey and Galanteya. For lovers of genuine leather products — welcome! If Minsk has sunk into the soul — it's time to study it together with our guide and at the same time buy something from Minsker as a keepsake of the trip. If you appreciate the soul that the authors put into products, check out the range of the Makey family brand of Belarus. And if you have heard about the high quality of leather products — pay attention to the Galanteya;

Galanteya — company in Belarus

VETLIVA recommends: despite the fact that there are many international companies in Belarus whose products can be bought in other countries, nothing can replace a shirt with national color or a stylish souvenir from the blue-eyed. Do you want to surprise your friends and family with unusual souvenirs from Belarus? It's time to read our guide!

Food & Beverages

Finally, delicious, and in every sense of the word. Cranberries in sugar, delicious chocolate, milk "like in a village", the same condensed milk from childhood — Belarus is famous for its edible products. As with any other Belarusian-made goods, the quality of sweets, dairy and meat products is on top. And, of course, an incomparable taste conquers everyone, while many switch exclusively to Belarusian products.

Food & Beverages from Belarus

So, the best Belarusian brands of food and drinks are:

  • the confectionery factories Spartak, Kommunarka, Krasny Pishevik;

  • enterprises of the dairy industry Savushkin Product, Dairy Hotel and OJSC Rogachev MKK;

  • Pinsk and Volkovysk meat processing plants.

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the delicious Belarusian cheeses, one of the leaders in the production of which is Kobrin creamery.

Alivaria brewing company with a 155-year history and the annual organizer of Belarus’ coolest music festival Lidbeer, Minsk Grape Wines Factory CJSC, which was visited by renowned American actor Steven Seagal in 2019: the list of Belarusian brands involved the release of alcoholic and nonalcoholic products can be infinite.

Krasny Pishevik in Belarus

VETLIVA treats: all these goodies can be bought in the country's stores, but to try freshly prepared dishes from local products and according to old recipes is possible only in restaurants of national cuisine! Here you have the top of Belarusian dishes so that you don’t get confused in the names, and a link to our gastro tour so that you can find cool places.

Belarusian companies and manufacturers: try them all!

As always, fitting everything into one article is simply impossible. Belarusian manufacturers are famous for quality products at low prices, and if you have long wanted to go on a shopping tour, why not choose Belarus for this? Without shopping and impressions, you definitely won’t leave!

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There is a brand new world: the best Belarusian manufacturers