Belarus — country of unique nature, fresh air and health tourism

Belarus — country of unique nature, fresh air and health tourism

Our country has 2 official names — Belarus and the Republic of Belarus (not Belorussia or Byelorussia - we have written about this in our article). Besides it can be called “the country of rivers and lakes” - for the numerous water reservoirs of different types, and what’s more, it is the land of natural mires. Moreover we are nation of salt: Belarus is the world's third largest exporter of potash salt. Rooms for speleotherapy and mineral water springs are the things to be certainly mentioned in this background.

After such ample opening VETLIVA is ready to announce a new article about Belarus, the country open for tourism and visitors. We are ready, you too, so let’s start!

Unique nature

Belarus is the country of:

  • forests — 40% of the territory is covered by them (nearly one third of Belarus). The largest and oldest forest of Europe is situated here — the Bialowieza Forest;

  • lakes (11,000) and rivers (more than 20,000). 3 major rivers are the Neman, the Pripyat, and the Dnieper; the largest lake — Narach;

  • natural mires of different types (863,000 ha or 8630 km2);

  • 4 national parks and 2 wildlife sanctuary preserved by the government.

Perhaps, it’s enough to prove that nature in Belarus is a treasury for those people who are sick of the hustle and bustle of the city life. The noise, fuss and pollution in the metropolis are the main fellows of citizens. Health concerns, chronic fatigue and even depression are the products of the functioning city ecosystem. Belarusian nature is a best solution for dead tired and stressed out.

Belarus — country of health tourism

Fresh air

Why have we mentioned mires? Mires are the lungs of the Earth: they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. According to scientific calculations, one hectare of them can absorb about a ton of greenhouse gas emission (it’s even more than forests).

One more fact: there are few wetlands in Europe, just all of them disappeared due to numerous reasons (including marshland reclamation and deterioration of environment). That’s why Belarus is called “The Lungs of Europe”. We can even go further and suppose that without our mires and forests Europe wouldn’t breathe (joke: we don’t think so and are not intended to offend Europeans). But these facts certainly prove that our country is paradise for ecotourism, recreation and combination of them.

Belarus - country of beautiful nature and fresh air

Health tourism

Now let’s sum up unique nature and favourable environment, fresh and clean air, recreation and health tourism, a bunch of historical places and high level of services — what do we have? The answer is vacation in a Belarusian sanatorium.

And now several facts to demonstrate that each and every sanatorium in Belarus is the place not only for recreation of high quality, but also for cultural, health tourism and medical treatment if required:

  • Almost all of them are located in nature. Walking tours, fresh air and ecologically clean area are at your service;

  • The majority of sanatoriums in Belarus are not far from historical places and the central cities;

  • Most of them are fitted with modern medical equipment;

  • Well-developed infrastructure — swimming pools, spas, saunas, “banyas” (Russian type of sauna — to immerse deeper into the culture), massage rooms, etc.

  • For active tourists — gym, volleyball and tennis courts, football fields, etc.

  • Prices are lower than, for instance, in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. But the level of services and care is the same and even sometimes better.

Health resorts and SPA in Belarus

In conclusion, we wanted to put a quotation of any famous man or woman about recreation and rest, but we haven’t found convenient one, so we decided to make ours:

Rest with Us, Breathe with Us, Vacation with Us! 

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