Searching for extreme: water parks in Belarus

Searching for extreme: water parks in Belarus

The lack of access to the sea in our country is nothing to get yourself upset about! Moreover, there are many other ways to have a good time. This includes yachting with kiting on the Minsk Sea, and zorbing (riding inside an inflatable ball) on many Belarusian water bodies, and extreme river rafting on kayaks. And also truly original entertainment like riding on a real Viking Drakkar! Of course, the ship was not built by medieval warriors, but still, it is worth visiting Sula.

And, of course, there are a lot of water parks to visit because water entertainment knows no age. Even if their scale is more modest than that of foreign counterparts, everything is top-notch: the water quality is great, and the rides are all perfectly safe, and the infrastructure is highly developed. So get ready to memorize the locations and plan for the next weekend.

Group of young people in the water park's pool

The best water parks in Belarus

Water Parks in Minsk

Regional water parks of Belarus

Water parks in Belarusian health resorts

Minsk water parks

And no doubt that the best water parks in Belarus are located in the capital.

Lebyazhy water park

Lebyazhy water park's slide

Address. Minsk, 120 Pobeditelej Avenue.

Water area. In this largest Belarusian water park everything is considered in detail:

  1. For kids, there is a special aquafield with low but breathtaking slides and pools up to half a meter deep. Perfect (and fully safe!) place of entertainment for pre-school children from 3 years old.

  2. An open water zone with four slides of varying complexity will help you enjoy your vacation in the warm season. Roll down alone, go down together with a friend on a rubber circle — here you have everything you need to please your wishes.

  3. The closed aqua zone with 7 slides of different lengths and extremes will make you feel better. Try them all!

  4. In the specialized area, you can learn to surf and give yourself over to the power of bliss in the Rain Grotto ride.

Infrastructure.Lebyazhy, by the way, is rightfully considered the fifth largest water park in Europe. In addition to aqua zones, there are food courts, baths and saunas, a SPA center, a shop, a fitness center, and even a two-star hotel!

Take a note: there are some other places to stay comfortably in Minsk in addition to the Lebyazhy. Choose, book and spend your best weekend in Minsk!

Dreamland water park

Dreamland water park

Address. Minsk, 80 Orlovskaya Street.

Water area. Did you know that Dreamland has the largest wave pool in Belarus? This fact alone is enough reason to gather a group of like-minded people, come here and ride artificially created waves. It's almost like the sea! There are slides here too: both children and adults will have fun!

Infrastructure.In addition to the slides and wave pool, there is a bar, several cafes, and bungalows, stylized as authentic houses on the beach. The best part is that you can rent them along with everything you need for frying a juicy barbecue. By the way, this is not the only place in Minsk where you can have a barbecue party, and VETLIVA is happy to share with you a list of the most suitable places for this purpose.

Freestyle water park

Freestyle water park's slide

Address. Minsk, 4a Surganova Street.

Water area. Perhaps, this water park is remarkable for the fact that such a large-scale aqua zone is located right in the center of Minsk. And this is cool: even guests from Minsk who come here for just a couple of days and do not know the city at all will find the water complex without any problems.

6 slides for children and adults, rides for extreme enthusiasts, “lazy river” for those who came for relaxation, jacuzzi, hydro massage, and infrared ray-based sauna — people of all ages can have a great time here.

Infrastructure. After an active holiday, everyone always wants to have a snack. Here you can find a cafe of the same name and a children's Toffee-bar cafe. You can also relax in the SPA, play bowling or billiards, or visit the gym or fitness room.

VETLIVA's advice: why not combine an active holiday with an educational one? Moreover, we have plenty of sightseeing tours in Minsk, and the routes are calculated so that you have free time, even if you come to Minsk for 1-2 days.

Hotel Belarus’ water park

Hotel Belarus water park's painted pool

Address. Minsk, 15 Storozhovskaya Street.

Water area. Among all Belarusian hotels with a water park, one of the best ones is considered to be the water complex in the hotel “Belarus”. For those people who decide to stay here, there is a great opportunity to relax after the road.

Of course, the hotel's water complex cannot be called a full-scale water park. However, there is a medium-height slide, four saunas, and underwater massage cushions. The pool is decorated with a mosaic masterpiece by the Belarusian artist Alexander Kischenko. Don't forget to take beautiful shots in the background!

Infrastructure. Since Belarus is a fully integrated hotel in the center of Minsk, it has everything you might need, starting with the Panorama restaurant, where you can have a meal while viewing Minsk from a bird's-eye view and ending with comfortable rooms.

Belarusian water parks

Even if the regions cannot say the same scale that we see in Minsk, there are their water complexes there.

Water park in Molodechno

Molodechno water park's slide

Address. Molodechno, 102 Veliky Gostinets Street.

Water area. 3 slides, of which one is family and two are quite extreme, will allow you and your family to fully enjoy the speed and swimming. You can also swim in the spacious pool, relax in the jacuzzi, take a steam bath or sauna.

Infrastructure. In the sports and entertainment center, you can play volleyball or table tennis, work out in the gym or have a snack: there are two bars and a cafe on its territory.

Water park in Kobrin

Kobrin water park's slide and pool

Address. Kobrin, 15 Gastello Street.

Water area. 3 slides, 3 jacuzzis, hydro-massage jets, a hall with several saunas and a water-and-mud baths, an imitation of summer rain, and a waterfall — this is what awaits those lucky ones who go here on vacation. For younger guests, there is a separate swimming pool, where the water temperature is always a few degrees higher than in the main aqua zone.

Infrastructure. It has its conference hall, where you can hold a business meeting or seminar, a SPA center, a gym, and a solarium. By the way, the medical center is also present. If you cannot have a chance to escape to the health resort, you can do water treatments, such as bubble aroma baths or underwater shower massage, right in the water park.

Water park in Grodno

Grodno water park's slide and pool

Address. Grodno, 82 Maxim Gorky Street.

Water area. The water park has two slides for extreme lovers and a whole range of different water activities: a jacuzzi, cascades, hydro-massage jets, an artificial river. Children are also not forgotten here: there is a special pool with a shallow depth and warm water for them.

Infrastructure. A gym, pilates, and water aerobics classes, a children's playroom — the interests of all guests were taken into account when creating this center. There's also a pool supply store and a cafeteria, in case you get hungry.

VETLIVA’s advice: Grodno is one of the most beautiful cities in our country. If you do like beautiful architecture and at the same time you love to combine active recreation with educational one — our sightseeing tours will help you. You will see all the facets of the beautiful royal city, and when you get tired of its beauty, you can have a good time at the local water park.

Water park in Pruzhany

Pruzhany water park's spiral slide

Address. Pruzhany, 19 Zavodskaya Street.

Water area. Two closed slides are designed for those who love extremes. And for kids, there are four smaller slides, but they still won't disappoint! One of the great features of this complex is a sauna with a jacuzzi filled with seawater. So relax and enjoy your swim and forget your trips to the sea! And in addition, the aqua center has fountains, geysers, and a “fast river”, where you can test your strength, fighting with the flow.

Infrastructure. In the Breeze cafe you can have a snack with the whole family and, if you want, visit other facilities: a gym, a SPA center, a massage room, and a solarium.

Water park in Zhlobin

Zhlobin water park's slide

Address. Zhlobin, 3/1 K. Marksa Street.

Water area. There is only one slide here, but what a one! The spiral road is 76 meters long — even if you ride it several times, it will seem a little thin, and you will definitely want to climb to the platform again and again. There is the Mountain river ride, geysers, jacuzzis, and various types of baths.

This water park was recognized as the “Best tourist object” of the VII Republican contest “Poznaj Belarus” in 2009. This means that everything is okay here with the infrastructure: there are cafes, gyms, bowling, billiards, and many other facilities for a comfortable and interesting pastime. What’s more: just 85 km from Zhlobin has located a beautiful city — Gomel. And if you have not yet seen the palace and park ensemble, for which it is famous, it's time to correct this terrible omission, book accommodation and go to explore the city. And there, the water park is just beyond!

Health resorts in Belarus with a water park

Recreation in the Belarusian health resorts is not limited to treatment alone. For a long time, leisure activities have been organized here at the highest level. Therefore, if you love water treatments, choose a resort in Belarus with a water park. And there are several of them in our country.

Water park in the Ozerny health resort

Indoor pool and water park slides in the Ozerny health resort

An aqua zone here will offer a head start to many other places for recreation. There are three water slides, a jacuzzi, saunas, tropical showers, a snow room, and much more. One of the features of the Ozerny is the absence of chlorine in the water: it is purified using... natural salt! Innovative German technology makes swimming in the water pleasant and safe. The infrastructure here is also well designed: for your quiet relaxation, there is everything you need.

Water park in the Ruzhansky health resort

One of the coolest places to relax with the whole family is undoubtedly Ruzhansky. Three slides, Finnish, Turkish and Russian saunas, a spacious swimming pool — lovers of water treatments will feel like a fish to water.

Lifehack from VETLIVA: if the slides are not the most important thing for you, then you can go to one of the resorts with a swimming pool.Many health resorts have elements of a water park, and therefore relaxation is provided to you.

The pandemic and closed borders are no reason to deny yourself your favorite types of recreation. Moreover, many things can be found right in Belarus. Travel and do not forget to read the VETLIVA, blog, where we will constantly look for the most interesting options for your holiday in Belarus.

Searching for extreme: water parks in Belarus