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Active holidays + beautiful landscapes = the perfect winter getaway from VETLIVA

Active holidays + beautiful landscapes = the perfect winter getaway from VETLIVA


Winter is considered one of the most difficult times of the year for our mental and physical health: cold weather, short daylight hours and constant stress at work before the holidays can drive even the most persistent of the year discouraged. But there is no time to despair: today the online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA share the ideal formula for raising morale and having an interesting pastime in winter!

Winter landscapes and outdoor activities: top list from VETLIVA


An active holiday with beautiful landscapes? Certainly!

We are accustomed to believing that it is worth admiring the beauty of nature at rest, ideally with hot tea in a thermos and during a leisurely walk. However, who said that there are no exceptions to this rule?

Here are some options for how you can combine outdoor activities and exploring beautiful winter locations in Belarus:

1. Photo hunting. A very underestimated, in our opinion, pastime, especially here in Belarus, where a huge number of stunning views are concentrated. All you need is warm clothes, a camera and the desire to find something beautiful. And that's it: go to the streets of your city or flee to the bent to take amazing pictures for social networks or replenish your photo album.
2. Winter activities. Everything is classic here: snowballs, making snowmen, sledding and tubing — just go outside (and dress warmly), ride down the slides and enjoy the white spaces in the process. Sometimes, of course, winters do not please us with the amount of snow: it happens that we also celebrate the New Year in conditions of slush and rain. However, this is not a reason to hang the jib! Even in such conditions, you can have fun from the heart as in childhood: for example, grabbing a couple of packages of artificial snow in the store, scattering it in the park and thereby giving ​​smiles to your children and just passers-by.Winter activities
3. Winter sports. In winter, many of us feel how strength leaves the body, it becomes very difficult to perform even the simplest tasks. Try to cheer up and recharge with new emotions! They are given by active sports. Skiing and skating in the open are what the doctor ordered for the blues. Imagine how great it is to rush on skis or snowboard from a snowy slope and see vast white spaces in front of you — just a paradise for tired eyes.
4. Excursions and tours. They are relevant at any time of the year, but in winter many Belarusian landscapes are really transformed: for example Belovezhskaya Pushcha is a perfect place for spending time. You can see rare animals, and dance with children around the tree, and receive gifts from Grandfather Frost. By the way, the best excursions and tours to Pushcha and other Belarusian parks can be booked by the short number 7172!

Residence of Santa Claus
VETLIVA suggests:
has COVID-19 imposed a huge number of travel restrictions, and also worsened your health? You should pay attention to the rehabilitation programs in Belarusian health resorts: local experts know exactly how to get you back on your feet!

Raubichi: healthy lifestyle and beauty of Belarusian nature

Sometimes you want to get out into the mountains. Go skiing, take great pictures, have fun with friends and family... What a pity that you have to go abroad for this. Or not?

It is for those who have long dreamed of mountain peaks that the Raubichi sports complex has been created: the legendary Belarusian center of winter sports and active recreation.

In addition to the fact that here you can rent skis and snowboards all year round, go in for sports with masters of their craft and just relax in the fresh air, in Raubichi you can also admire nature! Nowhere else in Belarus can you find such steep snow-covered slopes, luxuriously designed complexes of buildings, and a variety of points for perfect winter shots. Here's a simple instruction: grab your snowboard under your arm, stand on top of the slope, strike your favorite pose — voila, you're amazing!

Downhill skiing

Can you celebrate the New Year in Raubichi?

Of course, what a ski complex without the most important holiday of the year! In Raubichi they know what you want, so the New Year's program has already been drawn up, take a look:

  • on New Year's Eve, a gorgeous banquet with richly furnished tables, a show program, interesting activities for children, and contests await you;
  • and already on January 1 (of course, after a deep sleep), you will have the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities: street festivities and masterclasses, and even they will be accompanied by signature treats from the chef;
  • your voucher would not be complete without the possibility of skiing, tubing, and snowboarding, baths, saunas, ice skating in the open air — Raubichi has taken care of this too.
Festive fireworks, discos for adults and children, a lot of music and light, as well as fresh winter air — that is what is needed for lovers of outdoor activities.

New Year's fireworksVETLIVA advises: looking for more information about Raubichi, prices for celebrations and holidays? Call 7172 — we will be happy to share all the details

Enjoy your vacation and play sports in Krasnaya Polyana

Do you think that real adrenaline and thrill from the mountains can be experienced only in real mountains? We know what you need!

The Krasnaya Polyana ski resort is located in the city of Sochi. It was here that the 2014 Winter Olympics were held. Then everyone was surprised: such a warm-weather city, real subtropics, and suddenly the Winter Olympics are held there? Sochi showed itself excellently in this matter, and after the Olympic Games, the ski resorts continued to function for 100% and invite tourists.

Lift in a ski resort

What awaits you in the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort?

1. Stunning landscapes. The mountain serpentine road leading to the village of the same name will definitely capture your attention: various houses, hotels, shops, and centers, and the mountains are covered with snow and drown in the glow of Christmas lights. And what a view from the mountain heights opens up! And walking along the snow-covered embankments, looking from the pier at the towering massifs, is what you need for those who wanted to replenish the gallery with new pictures or arrange a romantic walk.Landscape in Krasnaya Polyana
2. Winter activities. Krasnaya Polyana is rightfully considered one of the best ski resorts. Here you can do literally anything that can come to your mind: paragliding, rock climbing, day trips to waterfalls and ice cliffs, walking. And of course, what a pastime without skates, skis, and snowboards? The local slopes are simply breathtaking, and experienced instructors and guides will make sure that your vacation is safe and interesting.
3. Relax. After a busy day, you always want to eat and warm up, relax all your muscles and just enjoy the silence. The recreation complex "Belarus", located right on the territory of Krasnaya Polyana, has already taken care of this. Do you want to soak up the spa after skiing and photo hunting or just lie on the bed in a luxurious room? Then "Belarus" is definitely your ideal option. 

Krasnaya Polyana in winter

New Year in Krasnaya Polyana

The recreation complex "Belarus" has already provided an option for those who want to celebrate the New Year 2022 in the fresh air. The New Year's tour from Krasnaya Polyana includes accommodation in a comfortable hotel, meals, daily spa treatments, transfer to the cable car (so that you can comfortably get to the ski slopes).

And, of course, you do not have to worry about the technical details of this trip: travel services, airport transfers, resort fees, ski pass, and even a PCR test — VETLIVA has prepared everything for you so call the short number 7172!

Новы год у Чырвонай паляне
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the above services are not included in the tour price and are paid additionally.

We are getting ready to enter 2022 beautifully and actively!

They say that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. That is why we advise you to choose an active vacation in beautiful places: this way you will not only strengthen your physical health but also relax mentally, admiring the beauty of Belarus and the near abroad. The online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA is always ready to take care of your rest and recovery: you just need to call the short number 7172 and go on a trip!


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