Guide on festivals in Belarus 2021: where to go for getting emotions

Guide on festivals in Belarus 2021: where to go for getting emotions


The pandemic is a reason to stay at home, but that does not mean you should deny yourself the things that make you happy. Moreover, Belarusian festivals are really diverse: here you will find music, sports, and historical events in Minsk and other parts of our country. Study our compilation and start planning your weekends now.

Summer events list

Here and now, get ready to memorize and record information about the most interesting events in Belarus. The article will be constantly updated: we will keep you up to date with changes and add information about new festivals, concerts and other significant events of our country.

VETLIVA warns: due to the current epidemiological situation in the world, it is difficult to predict everything. So always check in advance whether the dates of a particular event are being postponed.

Now let’s go!

Girls on paint festival in Belarus




Events in Minsk

June festivals in Belarus

The first summer month is preparing for us a joyful children's festival, a jeep show in Brest and the long-expected Kupalskae kola in Dudutki!


Children on the Bookids festival

Where: Minsk

When: June 12–13

Price: 15 BYN — 1 person; 25 BYN — family ticket. Children under 12 years old are free to enter

The festival, which will take place in one of the "green" centers of Minsk — the Botanical Garden — prepares something special for you and your children. How about becoming a paleontologist for a day? Or learn how to cornrow (what if this is what your child lacked for happiness)? On 12th and 13th of June, come with your kids to the Botanical Garden. A real festival of professions will unfold here!

True masters will teach children their craft, and everyone will receive a real workbook (well, nearly real) and a decent wage in reward. For "bookids" — the local currency — your child will be able to buy goods for creative works from ART-territory — the sponsor of the holiday.

Brest Jeep Fest

Jeeps on rough terrain at Brest Jeep Fest

Where: Medno village, Brest region

When: June 25–27

Price: free of charge

Monster battle, piggy, washboard, paunch rubber… What do you think unites all these strange and funny names? Since 2005, the festival has been held in the outskirts of Brest which brought together fans of off-road vehicles. And this is a list of the disciplines in which they compete with each other. Do you want to see how the SUV handlers fight for the right of being the fastest? Not only the motorists have a good time here: every year, the organizers prepare contests and prizes for visitors, and in the evening, after an intense music program, you will see fireworks!

VETLIVA's advice: you can combine a trip to Brest with a visit to the festival. The celebratory parade of participants just starts from the legendary Brest Fortress, and this is a great occasion to visit the heroic memorial and take some unique shots.

Kupalskae kola

Fiery wheel at the Kupalskae kola festival

Where: Dudutki Museum near Minsk

When: June 26–27

Price: 35 BYN/person

The festival’s fans probably missed the exciting Kupala Night, which is held in Dudutki every year. And in 2021, Kupalskae kola will not let its fans down!

You will find:

  • A real authentic Kupala Night, which will be reproduced by the guys from the Student Ethnographic Community. Only here you can find out how the sacrament actually took place, what songs were sung during the ceremony and how wreaths were twined.

  • Performances of famous Belarusian bands: Zhich (the band is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021), Rutvitsa, Rokash, Relikt, Goryn, Ivan Kirchuk, Krumkach, Akvamort, Dainava, Chton and others.

  • A huge bonfire as a symbol of the holiday.

  • Masters’ City and much more.

A great reason to combine a tour to Dudutki with a wonderful holiday!

Attention! At the time of 06/18/2021, the event has been postponed indefinitely. All tickets remain valid! Expect information updates and don't be discouraged!

July festivals in Belarus

The middle of summer has a lot of interesting events in store. This is the long-awaited Slavianski Bazaar and Alexandria, and also some festivals that did not take place in 2020, will light up in 2021!

The Vёska

Музыканты на фестивале The Vёska

Where: Ozertso village near Minsk

When: July 10

Price: from 29 to 89 BYN/person

The Vёska prepares three stages for you at once! The most extraordinary and outrageous celebrities of modern times like Morgenshtern, Slava Marlow, DaBro and Zomb will perform there. Take a dive into the midst of things on the Dvorovaya main stage or go to the Okolitsa (the names of the artists who will perform on the second stage are still kept secret). But we’re sure: it will be awesome!


Girls in national clothes at the Alexandria festival

Where: Alexandria agro-town, Shklovsky district

When: July 10–11

Price: free of charge

As usual, Alexandria gathers friends for a wide celebration of Kupala Night in 2021. Preparations for the holiday are already well under way. Fans of musicals are waiting for a wonderful surprise: the organizers are busy with rehearsals of the “Vyanok na Vadze” production. It will take guests to the magic atmosphere of the Kupala Night. Sensuous songs are going to blow you away.

And, of course, exhibitions, concerts, fairs and much more will traditionally unfold within the festival. No similar holiday would be complete without traditional dishes of Belarusian cuisine. It alone deserves you to drop everything and go to relax your body and soul on the Alexandria!

Slavianski Bazaar

Fireworks during the Slavianski Bazaar

Where: Vitebsk

When: July 14–19

Price: from 10 to 200 BYN per person for 1 ticket to one of the concerts of the holiday

The art group Hor Tureckogo, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Nikolai Baskov, Elena Vaenga — these are just a small part of the guest stars who are going to perform at Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk this year. Like all previous years, the large-scale Belarusian festival will unfold at 5 creative venues:

  • The main events will be held in the Summer Amphitheater and the Vitebsk concert Hall;

  • Puppet performances will be shown within the festival in the Lyalka theater;

  • The regional Philharmonic Hall will host the Energy of Jazz concert;

  • Guests from Moscow, Smolensk and Minsk will show their productions at the Yakub Kolas Theater.

VETLIVA recommends: when attending mass events, do not forget to take precautions. Wear a mask, treat your hands with antiseptic and try to put a social distance. And in order not to waste your time searching for accommodation on arrival, think of booking accommodation in advance while there are still options!

Viva Braslav

Concert at Viva Braslav

Where: Braslav

When: July 23–24

Price: 28–173 BYN/person

In 2021, Viva Braslav will make the visitors’ hearts glow at the country's main music weekend! The annual open-air will be held right on the Braslav central city beach. This time you will hear songs from MATRANG, LSP, Zivert, MONATIK, Bassjackers, Apashe, Julian Jordan, Dyro, Maxim Svoboda and NEMIGA. Two days of an incredible party are waiting for you in one of the most picturesque places in Belarus!

August festivals in Belarus

The last month of summer is no reason to be sad! Moreover, it has a lot of surprises for fans of festival culture.

Rock for Bobrov

Толпа на концерте Рок за Бобров

Where: Lipki village near Minsk

When: August 7

Price: 43–79 BYN/person

The main rock event of the summer is back! During its existence, the Rock for Bobrov festival has become so large-scale that it changes its venue in 2021. See you on August 7 at the Lipki airport, where we will rock out together with such bands as Little Big, Zveri, Louna, Noize MC, J:Mors, Poshlaya Molli and Pornofilmi! The heat's coming, in every sense of the word.

Note! The festival has been postponed to 2022. There is no need to change or return purchased tickets: they will be valid next year!

VETLIVA recommends: don't know the best way to get to the festival field? Book a transfer and we will take you anywhere.

Top Fest

Fans on the Top Fest festival

Where: Minsk

When: August 21

Price: 19–69 BYN/person

If you are to come to Minsk for a couple of days to enjoy the city and see its sights, then August is the best time to do this. Especially if you like good music and open-air festivals. The long-awaited Top fest will take place on August 21 at the Dynamo Stadium in Minsk. Lesha Svik, Maruv, The Limbo, Rakhim, Fogel, Tony Tonite, Nemiga, Mona Sogz and others will perform on the same stage.

Tsmok’s Way

Participants of the Tsmok's Way festival in costumes

Where: Domzheritsy village, Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

When: August 21–22

Price: 8–25 BYN/person

After a year-long break, the mythology festival Tsmok’s Way is waiting for all fans in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. Here and there you will meet the embodiment of the hero of the occasion — the Lepel Tsmok, a real Belarusian Dragon. Together with Bolotnik, Kikimora, Zazovka and other heroes of Belarusian mythology, they will entertain the guests of the holiday. Do you want to learn more about these heroes, hear the sounds of bewitching music and enjoy the beauty of the fire show in the evening? Then, on 21st and 22nd of August, go to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve and take to the mysterious atmosphere of the event!


Aerobatics on Aviadrive

Where: Shchuchin

When: August 21–22

Price: 7–132 BYN/person

Dedicated to aviation lovers! Shchuchin region is known not only for its architecture, but also for the massive aviation festival, which is held every year in Shchuchin. Flying balloons, heavy and light aircraft exhibition, and even the flights of real military aircraft — you will find a truly breathtaking sight!

And all this is completed with entertainment, contests, food courts and, of course, a stirring music program. The bands like Agon’ (ex Quest Pistols), J:MORS, Barbara & Eduardo (CUBA), DJ – D flexx, cover band Minskoe More, MC Youjeen, Kazanowski music and DJ Roma Rai will perform on stage.

Summer festivals in Minsk

Vulica Ezha

Уличная еда на Vulica Ezha

Where: Minsk

When: June 5–6 June, July 10–11, August 21–22

Price: 10 BYN/person

Dedicated to all street food lovers! One of the most favorite holidays by Minsk residents, the Vulitsa Ezha festival will be held in Minsk three times in the summer of 2021. Fans of juicy burgers, hearty hot dogs, falafel, pizza, wok noodles and many other street food dishes are welcomed in the Botanical Garden on June 5–6 June, July 10–11, August 21–22. Try something new, enjoy your vacation with your family and forget about all the problems for a while!

The pandemic is not an obstacle to have a rest

For the third year, we have to put up with restrictions that have left their imprint on all spheres of human life. However, this is not a reason to turn into a recluse. Follow the mask regime, keep safe, and then your rest will bring only joy to you! And VETLIVA will be happy to keep you up to date with the festival life of Belarus.


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