Guide on festivals in Belarus 2021: where to go for getting emotions

Guide on festivals in Belarus 2021: where to go for getting emotions

The pandemic is a reason to stay at home, but that does not mean you should deny yourself the things that make you happy. Moreover, Belarusian festivals are really diverse: here you will find music, sports, and historical events in Minsk and other parts of our country. Study our compilation and start planning your weekends now.

Events list

Here and now, get ready to memorize and record information about the most interesting events in Belarus. The article will be constantly updated: we will keep you up to date with changes and add information about new festivals, concerts and other significant events of our country.

VETLIVA warns: due to the current epidemiological situation in the world, it is difficult to predict everything. So always check in advance whether the dates of a particular event are being postponed.

Now let’s go!




Декабрьские мероприятия

Декабрь не богат на необычные ивенты, фестивали и концерты, зато такого количества сказочных представлений вы не встретите ни в один другой сезон. Новогодние мероприятия в Беларуси обещают быть поистине грандиозными!

December events

December is in lack of unusual events, festivals, and concerts, but you will not find so many fabulous performances in any other season. New Year's events in Belarus promise to be truly grandiose!

Main Christmas tree of the country

Where: Minsk, Octyabrskaya Sq, 1, Palace of the Republic

When: from December 25 to January 4

Cost: from 15 BYN per person

The New Year's events list is always full of activities not only for children but also for their parents. The Palace of the Republic prepared for each family a show based on the play by Anna Bogacheva "Magic Power". The symphony orchestra will create the atmosphere of a musical evening, and the impressive scenery and costumes will immerse the audience in the world of a fairy tale and lead them through the plot of the play. Such large-scale New Year's events always deserve attention, because a fairy tale is what we all especially lack now. And you can find out all the details of the event and book the best tickets by calling +375 (17) 215-48-47 and +375 (29) 168-89-27.

VETLIVA proposes: if you prefer natural scenery and fresh air to concert halls, how about celebrating the New Year in national parks and booking a tour by the short number 7172? The best choice for those who have long dreamed of celebrating the holidays surrounded by winter forests and white snowdrifts!

Christmas decorations

Three elements

Where: Minsk, Tashkentskaya St. 19, Chizhovka Arena

When: from December 24 to December 26

Cost: from 12 BYN per person

What New Year's activities for children will be the most interesting? We think that your child will definitely like the circus show. And if you choose the "Three Elements" show, then incredible emotions are definitely guaranteed. Artists from several countries of the world will present an extravaganza of fire, air, and water right in the heart of the Chizhovka Arena. The spectators are waiting for acrobats, illusionists, jugglers, musical fountains, bikers in steel balls, and many other masters of circus art. And, of course, what New Year's event would be complete without meeting Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka?

VETLIVA notes: despite the fact that during all winter events 2021-2022 precautions are provided, the epidemic, alas, does not sleep. We hope that you did not have to deal with COVID-19, but if the disease has not spared you and your family, be sure to check out our material on the topic. Remember that rehabilitation after serious illnesses is no less important than their prevention and treatment!

The best Christmas tree

Where: Minsk, Oktyabrskaya St. 5, Minsk Concert Hall

When: from December 22 to December 26

Cost: to be confirmed

Not a single New Year in Minsk is complete without a concert for children in the Minsk Concert Hall. And this year is no exception! This time, the organizers have prepared a musical fairy tale for young spectators and their parents, in which cartoon characters and unusual guests will take part. In addition to a fascinating story dedicated to the search for the missing New Year's melody, every child will have a meeting with Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka, a festive disco and sweet surprises!

Beautiful tree

Musical Ballet Nutcracker

Where: Minsk, Nezalezhnosti Av. 50, Belarusian State Philharmonic

When: December 24

Cost: to be confirmed

Both children and adults are already familiar with Hoffmann's tale of the brave Nutcracker and the Mouse King. We have seen the story in a variety of interpretations, on screens and stages, in musical performances and plays. However, you have not yet met such a New Year's event for children as the one prepared by the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. The choreographic performance will bring together dancers, vocalists, and musicians on a large stage, who will come together under incredible decorations to give a moment of a fairy tale to children and their parents. And, of course, not a single New Year can do without a Christmas tree! A round dance around a real winter beauty will allow families to remember why we love the main holiday of December so much.


Other interesting options for celebrating the New Year 2022 in Minsk

Of course, this is not the whole list of places where you can spend the New Year in the capital of Belarus and its environs! Here are a few more options you might like:

  • New Year's corporate parties in the Vesta suburban complex: they will especially appeal to those who like to celebrate the holidays surrounded by a large noisy company,
  • Masterclasses at the Museum of Christmas tree decorations: we advise everyone who would like to make an original handmade gift to their loved ones,
  • New Year's events 2022 in the ski resorts of Belarus: an ideal option for fans of outdoor activities and unusual pastimes,
  • Festive evenings in Belarusian health resorts : just what the doctor ordered if you like to combine quality rest, New Year's fun, and a healthy lifestyle.

Winter rest in the homestead

New Year's events in other cities of Belarus

Of course, the New Year is taking place in broad strides throughout the country, and the regional centers of Belarus are ready to welcome it with open arms and give residents the best emotions.

  1. Brest. The Brest Regional Philharmonic Society will delight the audience with concerts of chamber orchestras, performances, and music shows. In the Brest Puppet Theater, young spectators will enjoy New Year's-themed puppet shows, gifts, and festive round dances. And the main New Year tree of the city, like every year before, will gather around happy families and delight them with festive fireworks in the very center of Brest.
  2. Vitebsk. In addition to New Year's fairs, Christmas trees throughout the city and small cozy concerts, the New Year will be celebrated on a special scale in the Vitebsk cultural center. For children and their parents, large-scale shows and fairy-tale games based on fairy tales have been prepared here, which your child will especially like.
  3. Gomel. If concerts and music shows still delight you but you want to add a bit of frosty night and fresh air to this, be sure to visit Lenin Square at the height of New Year's Eve 2022. Festive fireworks, drummer shows, giveaways, and a cozy atmosphere will await you.New Year in the cities of Belarus
  4. Grodno. This fabulous city is best suited for evening walks and the celebration of New Year's events in 2022. Surrounded by castles, festive illumination, and snow, Grodno turns into a location from your vivid children's fantasies, so be sure to take a thermos with hot tea with you, walk along the elegantly decorated streets and enjoy the New Year's fireworks.
  5. Mogilev. The center of the most unforgettable emotions for residents and guests of the city will be Unity Square, where pyrotechnic shows, New Year's discos, and fairs will be held. And the main Christmas tree of the city on Lenin Square will greet all children and parents with the New Year's round dance game program.

New year forest
VETLIVA advises:
New Year can become even brighter and more interesting if you celebrate it in an unusual place. Try New Year's Eve in an unfamiliar city with our cool accommodation options, and then you will definitely remember the holiday for a long time!

Guide on festivals in Belarus 2021: where to go for getting emotions