Guide on festivals in Belarus 2021: where to go for getting emotions

Guide on festivals in Belarus 2021: where to go for getting emotions


The pandemic is a reason to stay at home, but that does not mean you should deny yourself the things that make you happy. Moreover, Belarusian festivals are really diverse: here you will find music, sports, and historical events in Minsk and other parts of our country. Study our compilation and start planning your weekends now.

Events list

Here and now, get ready to memorize and record information about the most interesting events in Belarus. The article will be constantly updated: we will keep you up to date with changes and add information about new festivals, concerts and other significant events of our country.

VETLIVA warns: due to the current epidemiological situation in the world, it is difficult to predict everything. So always check in advance whether the dates of a particular event are being postponed.

Now let’s go!

Girls on paint festival in Belarus





August festivals in Belarus

The last month of summer is no reason to be sad! Moreover, it has a lot of surprises for fans of festival culture.

Top Fest

Fans on the Top Fest festival

Where: Minsk

When: August 21

Price: 19–69 BYN/person

If you are to come to Minsk for a couple of days to enjoy the city and see its sights, then August is the best time to do this. Especially if you like good music and open-air festivals. The long-awaited Top fest will take place on August 21 at the Dynamo Stadium in Minsk. Lesha Svik, Maruv, The Limbo, Rakhim, Fogel, Tony Tonite, Nemiga, Mona Sogz and others will perform on the same stage.

Tsmok’s Way

Participants of the Tsmok's Way festival in costumes

Where: Domzheritsy village, Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

When: August 21–22

Price: 8–25 BYN/person

After a year-long break, the mythology festival Tsmok’s Way is waiting for all fans in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. Here and there you will meet the embodiment of the hero of the occasion — the Lepel Tsmok, a real Belarusian Dragon. Together with Bolotnik, Kikimora, Zazovka and other heroes of Belarusian mythology, they will entertain the guests of the holiday. Do you want to learn more about these heroes, hear the sounds of bewitching music and enjoy the beauty of the fire show in the evening? Then, on 21st and 22nd of August, go to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve and take to the mysterious atmosphere of the event!


Aerobatics on Aviadrive

Where: Shchuchin

When: August 21–22

Price: 7–132 BYN/person

Dedicated to aviation lovers! Shchuchin region is known not only for its architecture, but also for the massive aviation festival, which is held every year in Shchuchin. Flying balloons, heavy and light aircraft exhibition, and even the flights of real military aircraft — you will find a truly breathtaking sight!

And all this is completed with entertainment, contests, food courts and, of course, a stirring music program. The bands like Agon’ (ex Quest Pistols), J:MORS, Barbara & Eduardo (CUBA), DJ – D flexx, cover band Minskoe More, MC Youjeen, Kazanowski music and DJ Roma Rai will perform on stage.

September fests in Belarus

The summer of 2021 is over, but we will not get the blues. After all, so many interesting things still await us ahead.


Girls in national clothes with sheaves of ears


  • The village of Nizhniy Terebezhov, Stolin district, Brest region.
  • Urban settlement Shumilino, Vitebsk region.
  • The city of Volkovysk, Grodno region.
  • Agro-town Valavsk, Yelsk district, Gomel region.
  • The city of Kopyl, Minsk region.

When: September 4

Ticket price: free

The harvest festival is now held in every region, and not just in one locality, as it used to be. Therefore, if you want to plunge into the atmosphere of rural life, try the Belarusian national cuisine (what a harvest festival and without traditional sweets!). Buy a souvenir made by folk craftsmen, and just join the cheerful atmosphere of the holiday — you won't have to go far. Choose one of the settlements mentioned above and hit the road!

Advice from VETLIVA: locals and residents of the capital region are doubly lucky. In 2021, Kopyl was honored not only to host Dozhinki, but also the Day of Belarusian Written Language! What is the holiday? Check it out below!

Belarusian Written Language Day

Old book with handwritten text

Where: the city of Kopyl, Minsk region

When: September 5

Ticket price: free

Every year, the first Sunday in September becomes the day when one of the small towns of Belarus temporarily turns into the capital of the Belarusian language. Melodic “mova” (the Belarusian for “language”) and traditional songs on it sound from everywhere. Exhibitions of novelties of Belarusian literature are held, poets and writers present their works. A delight for the ears of those who yearn for the Belarusian artful poetry. In addition, here you can photograph murals with Belarusian masters of words and visit the interactive alley of writers with 17 benches. Each of them will be marked with Cyrillic letters in accordance with the names of the writers: A — Ales Adamovich and so on. Get your gadgets ready: each letter contains a QR-code that you may hover over and learn a short biography of famous Belarusians. And, of course, the traditional food courts and fun are included.

XIII Trolley Youth Festival 2021

The boy descends the slope on the bungee with the belay

Where: Osinovka village, high bank of the Narochanka River

When: September 3-5

Ticket price: 20-35 BYN

Rope jumping, trolling, rock climbing, slacklining, and much more await you at Trolley 2021. You probably haven't felt such a concentration of adrenaline for a long time! Try your hand at all extreme activations presented here. It doesn't matter whether you choose a dizzying rope jump or just play a friendly game of badminton: emotions and vivid impressions will be overwhelming.

Vulitsa Ezha

Juicy burgers, fries, vegetables and sauces

Where: Botanical Garden, Minsk

When: September 4-5

Ticket price: from 12 BYN

A city picnic awaits residents and guests of the capital. The event is scheduled for the first weekend of September. Being hosted for several years, the traditional street food festival Vulitsa Ezha will bring together all lovers of burgers, kebabs, hot dogs, homemade lemonades, and much more in the Botanical Garden. Exotic and traditional recipes, signature dishes, exclusive food from real chefs — those who are on a diet are strictly prohibited from entering here!

Advice from VETLIVA: in addition to the events above, September is still rich in birthdays of ... cities! Minsk marks the day of the city on the second Saturday of the month — isn't this a reason to book accommodation and wander around the festive capital? Or go to Gomel: on September 11, the city on the Sozh will is 879 years old!

October fests in Belarus

October saves the most interesting for the end of the month. Celtic Halloween, the concentration of creative people in Vitebsk, and masterpieces of Belarusian masters are waiting for you!

IV International Illusion Festival (MIF) "Minsk Magic-2021"

A magician in a hat passes an assistant in a shining dress through a hoop

Where: Minsk

When: October 12-13

Ticket price: 26-130 BYN

Do you like magic tricks? In October, Minsk will become the capital of magic and illusion for two days. The Fourth International Illusion Festival (MIF) will bring together magicians and illusionists from all over the world! Comic, stage, mental magic, master classes, lectures and seminars, new focal props, and much, much more! Want to know who will get the most prestigious Golden Rabbit award? Then this event will definitely suit your taste!

Vitebsky Listopad

Musician in a hat plays the electric guitar

Where: Vitebsk

When: October 15-17

Ticket price: to be confirmed

Artists, performers, musicians, and poets of all countries — unite! The 35th forum will be held from 15 to 17 October in Vitebsk, the city of Marc Chagall, and the Slavianski Bazaar. The unofficial cultural capital of Belarus is the right choice to host such a festival! Moreover, since 2021, even young stars who have already turned 10 years old can participate!

Participants will show their talents and try becoming the best in one of four categories:

  1. Author's song with the sub-nominations "Classic" and "Alternative".

  2. Poetry with the sub-nominations "Free Topics" and "Poems for Children".

  3. Performing skills with the sub-nominations "Artistic recitation", "Vocal show", "Cover song (ukulele)".

  4. Visual art with the sub-nominations "Video Poetry", "Performance" and "Art Battle".

So book your accommodation in Vitebsk and get ready to enjoy the creativity of gifted people!

Charouny Mlyn

Painted Belarusian nesting dolls in national clothes

Where: Pobediteley Avenue 14, Minsk

When: October 29-31

Ticket price: 3 BYN

From 29 to 31 October, Minsk will host the Charouny Mlyn festival, which will bring together craftsmen from all over Belarus. Ceramics, natural wood products, paintings, stylish clothes, and accessories from Belarusian designers — the main thing is to take a bigger wallet with you and not deny yourself anything.

Advice from VETLIVA: Charouny Mlyn takes place three times a year. We recommend visiting it before the New Year: there you will definitely find suitable souvenirs for family and friends.


A girl in a black dress holds a pumpkin in her hands

Where: Botanical Garden, Minsk

When: October 30

Ticket price: free

Do you know what Samhain is? This is an ancient festival of the Celts, which was one of the most important for them. The threshold separating the warm season from the cold season, the line beyond which the earth ceases to belong to man and passes into the possession of mystical creatures, the time when the spirits of the dead come to visit their living relatives — all this is Samhain. For several years now, you can feel the sacredness and atmosphere of the unusual Celtic holiday in the Minsk Botanical Garden. It offers:

  • Irish dances,
  • thematic photo zones,
  • fire theater competition,
  • open-air with folk and rock bands,
  • food courts,
  • artisan market and much more.

It won't be scary but terribly interesting!

November fests in Belarus

November is not rich for large-scale festivals, but it has prepared a replete film program for us.


Aisle between the rows of red seats in the cinema

Where: Minsk

When: November 20-26

Ticket price: to be confirmed

Do not confuse with the previously mentioned Listopad! Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad" will bring together professionals and film lovers at the end of November. The competition program of the festival includes contests:

  • fiction films;
  • documentary films;
  • youth cinema "Cinema of the Young";
  • films for children and youth audience "Listapadzik".

The most significant and interesting films will be presented to the Belarusian audience. So if you like art-house and auteur cinema — welcome to Minsk from November 20 to 26!

The pandemic is not an obstacle to have a rest

For the third year, we have to put up with restrictions that have left their imprint on all spheres of human life. However, this is not a reason to turn into a recluse. Follow the mask regime, keep safe, and then your rest will bring only joy to you! And VETLIVA will be happy to keep you up to date with the festival life of Belarus.


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