What festivals will be held in Belarus in 2019? Read our digest of events of the coming year and mark the most interesting ones in the calendar, so as not to forget about them!


Over the long history of existence, the Belarusian state has been part of many strong powers and has acquired special features of culture and life. Let's get along with the VETLIVA guide!


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There is a really huge amount of guides to the capital of Belarus, but no one else, except for VETLIVA, raised its mind to such an extensive guide to the sights of Minsk with photos and descriptions i...


Belarusian sauna, the biggest cars in the world, homemade moonshine and traditional Belarusian food, ghosts in Nesvizh Castle and much more — get ready for the most unusual tour around the country.


VETLIVA is ready to tell you about the history of European games and their features and give some tips for the guests of the country.


Make yourself comfortable, and in the meantime VETLIVA will tell about the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest.


What language do they speak in Belarus? Oh, let's see how it happened that there are not only two state languages, but also many dialects in small and adorable Belarus!


VETLIVA is here to tell you what to see in Belarus to learn its history, taste the local cuisine, enjoy the beauty of nature and go home with the desire to return for more.


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Spending Christmas and New Year in Belarus is always about snow, festivals and a spirit of unity and happiness. It is a special day for the whole world, so we suggest you to spend the holidays there!


“Sport forms a culture of optimism, a culture of vivacity”, once Anatoly Lunacharsky said.For Belarusians, sport is not just an object of interest during some events, it is a true way of life.


"There is no easy way from the earth to the stars”, Seneca said. And he was absolutely right. Today VETLIVA speaks about famous people from Belarus who conquered the world.


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This article will cover such a topic as sanatoria and health improvement in Belarus. VETLIVA, professional guide to Belarus, will answer most popular questions of our readers and followers.


VETLIVA has made the list of most interesting and unusual hotels in Belarus. Check the guide to make your future travel to Belarus more comfortable!


It is not a big country, but still managed to hide many secrets. VETLIVA has prepared the list of mystic castles in Belarus. Check it and be ready for unexpected in your travel plan!


A new article with main information about medical or health tourism not only in Belarus, but around the world. Read why it is trend and has become so popular!


“Time is a friend of a successful business and an enemy of the underdeveloped”, the American entrepreneur Warren Buffett said. And he was absolutely right! Businessmen regularly attend various eve...