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Today VETLIVA will tell you the names and addresses of places that will make your vacation with children in Minsk bright and unforgettable!


Today VETLIVA talks about Belarusian villages, each of which has its flavor.


Where stone therapy is carried out in Belarusian resorts, how aqua massage can be dry, and where miniature... fish act as professional massage therapists!


There are many different options for holidays with children in Belarus. We have selected for you the top locations by region, so that you can not plan a long trip, but choose accommodation near you....


Summer vacations are in full swing, but you only dream of going to the sea? This is no reason to be sad! Catch 10 hot ideas from VETLIVA!


VETLIVA will tell you about the most unusual medical measures that can be performed in health resorts in Belarus.


Did you know that taking a bath can also improve your health? Today VETLIVA will tell you how Cleopatra kept her youth, why oil can heal, and why you need to swim in mineral water. Stay with us!


Dozhinki is a holiday that, despite its modernity, originates from the depths of the centuries.Today VETLIVA talks about the Belarusian harvest festival: do not miss it!


Summer is at its peak, which means it's time to get your swimsuits, buy sunscreens and look for the most suitable place for a beach vacation.


In summer, the last thing you want is to be at home.VETLIVA shows and tells about oases of relaxation.


The lack of access to the sea in our country is nothing to get yourself upset about! Get ready to memorize the locations of Belarusian water parks and plan for the next weekend.


Kupala in Belarus is one of the most mystical holidays.You can draw endless inspiration from the history, legends, and traditions of this holiday!


Lovers of renting houses for a day on holidays; families wishing to relax in nature; a company of friends — VETLIVA welcomes you and invites you to your tour of the best agricultural estates in Bela...


VETLIVA decided to tell you about such locations in Minsk where you can barbecue (and not get a fine at the same time).


Today VETLIVA is ready to introduce you to some favourable and low-cost Belarusian health resorts.


Our top-10 health resorts in Belarus were formed based on the impressions of tourists who have already managed to book vouchers and relax in each of the health resorts.


Everyone needs rehabilitation after pneumonia. Recovery in health resorts, where special programs have been developed, is especially effective.


When it comes to architectural masterpieces, no one can resist them. There are fascinating churches and cathedrals in our country that can lead you to say «Wow!».


Belarus experienced all horrors of the war from its beginning to the long-awaited Victory Day. There are a lot of places in our country that still remind you of those terrible events. On the eve of th...


We love May for 2 reasons: it is followed by summer and also, thanks to the holidays, there is an opportunity to relax and rest from work a little longer. Don’t waste your time! Get new impressions, i...