07.12.2020 Minsk

Do you know what a rhombo-cubo-octahedron is? Read in the new material of VETLIVA.

16.12.2020 Dudichi

The history of the museum Have you ever had to forge anything other than your own happiness? For example, a horseshoe - a real one, unbent, made of bright hot metal. No? Then Dudut...


Berezinsky biosphere reserve is in the details: History of the reserve Rivers, lakes and swamps of the Berezinsky Nature Reserve Fauna and flora of the Berezinsky Biosphe...


VETLIVA will tell you about excursions to industrial enterprises that reveal the secrets of production and industrial heritage tourism in Belarus.


VETLIVA invites Santas from around the world to the arena. Oji, Joulupukki, Mikulas and other New Year hosts with unusual names are waiting for you!


VETLIVA gathered the most interesting and unusual traditions, rituals and ways to celebrate the most important holiday of the year that came to us from abroad.


The epic journey around Belarus that the VETLIVA team made is coming to its logical conclusion. Our circle is about to close, and we will be at the starting point.


Our epic journey around Belarus is coming to the end. Today is the penultimate day on the road, and you will see with us: Fortress, Castles, Swamps.


Meet and greet Beautiful castles of Belarus, the Augustow Canal, a UNESCO heritage, craft beer, a real lamplighter and our journey around Belarus!


Mountains, lakes and temples no worse than in Europe (and even the whole world) are next in line. Get ready to be surprised and admire the beauty of our beloved Belarus! 


So, the third day of our expedition came, and we met it in Polotsk. What happened next? Read in the article!


The second day of our trip to Belarus by car fell on a great holiday — May 9. It so happened that we had a chance to meet him not far from... Read in the article!


The VETLIVA team set the goal: to travel all over Belarus along the contour of its borders in seven days. Our epic adventure begins in the vicinity of the Gomel region and ends a week later ...


VETLIVA will introduce you to the companies that produce the famous Belarus tractor, very cool decorative cosmetics, linen clothes, stylish watches and the most delicious dairy products.


If you are worried about how to put together a travel bag and make the right list of things, VETLIVA offers its universal checklist, which you can always add on your own!


It's time to talk about how to get to Belarus from different capitals of Europe more convenient!


Fortunately, in Belarus there is a visa-free regime for almost all countries of the world, however, with certain conditions. Today VETLIVA will tell you exactly about them in more details.


Today VETLIVA tells the basic rules for a happy and successful life, so do not get lost in the questions, but just listen and delve into.


Today VETLIVA tells about what happened at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, what the consequences were for the tragedy and is it possible to visit the ghost town and the exclusion zone.


Last but not least, Mogilev is opening its doors for you right now, and VETLIVA tells how to spend an unforgettable day in this city!