14.12.2020 Golshany

About the history of Golshansky Castle When they talk about ghosts in Belarus, they immediately think of Golshany Castle. Locals pass on the legends from generation to generation and are h...

11.12.2020 Brest

Construction of the fortress and its fate The first association that emerges in connection with the Brest Fortress was the unprecedented heroic resistance of Soviet soldiers in 194...

11.12.2020 Minsk

The history of the manor in detail If you are invited to a wedding in Minsk, and even to the Vankoviches’ Manor, don't hesitate even for a minute – do agree at once. This is a chance to step ...

10.12.2020 Minsk

History of the creation and restoration of the Trinity Quarter One day in 1962, Nikita Khrushchev came to Minsk and asked to show him a historical centre of the city. It turned out tha...

09.12.2020 Mir

History of Mir castle Everything about the castle can be read on the Internet. Let's not repeat ourselves. Let's just say that the World was first mentioned in 1434. At the end ...

10.12.2020 Zhirovichi

Today VETLIVA will tell you: History of the Zhirovichi Monastery About the Zhirovichi icon and the architecture of the complex About monks life  About source...

09.12.2020 Nesvizh

How the castle was born What is a castle? It is something about a fairy tale, about myths, legends and magic. It's about a place where nobles, kings, beautiful princesses live... Well,...


The place that everyone knows about. The place where everybody died. The place for everyone to remember. The history of the project In spring 1967 in the BSSR, a comp...


From the article you will learn:  History of the Mound of Glory  Features of its architecture The symbolism of the details How to get to the Mound of Glory   ...

07.12.2020 Minsk

Do you know what a rhombo-cubo-octahedron is? Read in the new material of VETLIVA.

16.12.2020 Dudichi

The history of the museum Have you ever had to forge anything other than your own happiness? For example, a horseshoe - a real one, unbent, made of bright hot metal. No? Then Dudut...


Berezinsky biosphere reserve is in the details: History of the reserve Rivers, lakes and swamps of the Berezinsky Nature Reserve Fauna and flora of the Berezinsky Biosphe...


VETLIVA will tell you about excursions to industrial enterprises that reveal the secrets of production and industrial heritage tourism in Belarus.


VETLIVA invites Santas from around the world to the arena. Oji, Joulupukki, Mikulas and other New Year hosts with unusual names are waiting for you!


VETLIVA gathered the most interesting and unusual traditions, rituals and ways to celebrate the most important holiday of the year that came to us from abroad.


The epic journey around Belarus that the VETLIVA team made is coming to its logical conclusion. Our circle is about to close, and we will be at the starting point.


Our epic journey around Belarus is coming to the end. Today is the penultimate day on the road, and you will see with us: Fortress, Castles, Swamps.


Meet and greet Beautiful castles of Belarus, the Augustow Canal, a UNESCO heritage, craft beer, a real lamplighter and our journey around Belarus!


Mountains, lakes and temples no worse than in Europe (and even the whole world) are next in line. Get ready to be surprised and admire the beauty of our beloved Belarus! 


So, the third day of our expedition came, and we met it in Polotsk. What happened next? Read in the article!