5 health resorts with the best detox programs

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5 health resorts with the best detox programs

The long-awaited New Year's holidays bring us not only excellent mood, happiness, and fun. Festive tables are bursting with sweets, and going to bed before 12 noon on New Year's Eve means missing out on all the fun. And don’t forget extra pounds, and circles under the eyes, and other delights that we have to pay for a fun pastime. But do not rush into apathy: the online booking and payment service VETLIVA has a way out. We will tell you how and where to return to life after the New Year holidays.

Returning the wasp waist in the Sputnik health resort

Return the waist

Tasks. The specialists of the Sputnik health resort developed a comprehensive program "Detoxification and optimization of body weight", designed for 12 days. It was built for quick restoring the body's tone after the holidays, getting rid of fatigue and depressive conditions, bringing body weight back to normal, as well as preparing a person for planned operations. Detoxification of the body takes place in two stages:

  1. Cellular cleansing. First, it is necessary to stimulate the movement of fluid flows that wash over the cells (scientifically, this process is called increased interstitial humoral transport) and to enhance lymphatic drainage. As a result, the cleansing of the intercellular space with the release of toxins will accelerate.
  2. Stimulation of excretion processes. The next step is to remove the accumulated toxins. To prevent them from settling in the body, it is necessary to stimulate all systems that are involved in excretory processes: blood circulation, genitourinary system, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

The effect.

  • The activity of the gastrointestinal tract which survived the test with Olivier basins, countless snacks, a ton of tangerines, and other delicious treats is normalized.
  • Wrinkles and bags under the eyes, which give away those who met the dawn on January 1, are reduced and even completely disappear.
  • The mood and efficiency increase, which is really important after a long vacation.
  • At the cellular level, the body is cleansed and renewed.
Body treatments

Procedures. The program includes:

  • ECG, blood tests, and other necessary studies;
  • balanced nutrition, including the intake of mineral water, juices, herbal teas, and enterosorbents that remove toxins from the body;
  • shock-vacuum therapy in a Vacumed capsule;
  • pneumocompression therapy,
  • impulse lymphatic drainage on the Lymphavision apparatus;
  • dry carbon dioxide bath Reabox;
  • underwater shower massage;
  • tubing using sinusoidal modulated currents;
  • general chamber cryotherapy;
  • detoxifying wrap procedures (with and without scrubbing);
  • inhalation with the steam solution of Saki mud;
  • SPA capsule.

VETLIVA warns: there are a number of contraindications, so the program is not recommended for some people. Be sure to consult your doctor!

Возвращаем красоту в санатории «Приднепровский»


Tasks. The program "Week of Beauty" in the Pridneprovsky resort got its name deservedly. In just 7 days in the health resort, you can noticeably rejuvenate! Agree, no matter how much you would like to see a fresh and toned face in the mirror on the morning of January the 1st, most likely, the opposite result awaits you. But there is still a series of weekends ahead. So it's time to return the skin to its natural radiance and at the same time remove the accumulated toxins from the body.

The effect. Rest in the Pridneprovsky health resort will become a powerful charge of freshness and elasticity for your skin. Mimic wrinkles and tired eyes will no longer be reflected in the mirror. All thanks to five balanced treatments.е глаза. Все благодаря пяти сбалансированным процедурам.

Water procedures

Procedures. Beauty Week includes 5 rejuvenating and toning procedures:

  1. SPA capsule. During the time spent in the SPA capsule, you will incredibly relax and unwind, while the device will effectively warm even the deepest layers of the skin and help the pores to expand.
  2. Thalassotherapy. It is not necessary to leave Belarus to test the power of seaweed, which contains iodine, magnesium, potassium, and other trace elements. Wraps help get rid of cellulite and get firm, renewed skin.
  3. Healing baths with skipophyte "Rejuvenating". As it could be understood from the name, it is clear what effect can be achieved by basking in warm water with a pleasant aroma. While you are enjoying the bath, Skipophyte has a beneficial effect on the work of capillaries, slows down the aging process, and improves the general condition of the skin.
  4. MYA stimulation. This procedure has a mechanical effect on the muscles of the body, which, according to the principle of action, resembles a massage in a health resort. However, in its effect, stimulation is rather analogous to physical exercise and therefore helps to keep muscles and your figure in good shape. Take note if you want to quickly lose the extra pounds gained during the holidays!
  5. Radio lifting. Forget beauty injections! Radiolifting is considered to be their absolutely painless analog, which confidently consolidates the effect obtained from the program, helping to correct the face contour and smooth the skin.
Swimming pool in Pridneprovsky

Advice from VETLIVA: in the Pridneprovsky health resort they carry out a floating procedure. If you have always wanted to know what weightlessness is within a bath, we definitely recommend at least one session!

Have you already wanted to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation and beauty? Call 7172 and we will help you book a tour for convenient dates.

Trying the magic power of fucus in the Naroch resort

Medical programs

Tasks. In the Naroch health resort, they know a lot about cleansing the body! For this purpose, a modern medical base is used in combination with natural wealth — the power of fucus. It is a special type of seaweed with a high concentration of iodine, trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E. Fucus is one of the main components of slimming medicine. That is why its use in the programs "Cleansing the body", "Express weight loss + cleansing the body" leads to excellent results.

The effect. Fucus procedures help to draw out toxins from the body, improve skin condition, get rid of flabbiness and cellulite, including reducing body fat, soothe and relieving stress.

Massage procedures

Procedures. The number of procedures varies depending on the type of program. If you choose "Cleansing the Body", then you will have sessions in a cedar barrel, speleotherapy, intestinal lavages, and a set of procedures using fucus. When choosing a more advanced program "Express weight loss + body cleansing", in addition to the above procedures, you will feel the healing effect of the Charcot shower, enjoy anti-cellulite massage and underwater shower massage. 

Trying extreme detox at the Plissa resort

Swimming pool in Plissa

Tasks. In the Plissa resort, they offer to go through the "Extreme detox" program, developed by experienced nutritionists. This will help you not only quickly get back to the correct daily routine and nutrition after the holidays, but also get useful recommendations for the future.

The effect. A well-chosen complex of medical and wellness procedures will help you:

  • as effectively as possible to cleanse the body of harmful substances,
  • reduce body weight to normal,
  • reduce stress levels,
  • normalize sleep patterns,
  • return a good mood and well-being
Anti-aging treatmentsProcedures.
  • Hydromassage bathtub, Charcot shower or bathtub with Skipofit yellow according to Zalmanov (one of the procedures to choose from);
  • Vacuum or manual massage;
  • Pneumocompression or Hi-Top high-tone therapy, which is also called a body sculptor;
  • Anti-cellulite SPA ritual, which includes massage and wrapping, or non-injection mesotherapy for problem areas of the body;
  • Intensive cellular rejuvenation of the face (active detox);
  • Wheatgrass cocktail or oxygen cocktail;
  • Aqua aerobics (classes are held in a group), as well as classes with an instructor in the gym or fitness on a vibration platform.

Restoring the body in Yaselda

Slimming programs

Tasks. Another health resort where the VETLIVA online booking and payment service for travel services can recommend you to go after the holidays is the Yaselda health resort. A special program has been developed here, after passing which you will feel refreshed and forget about the harmful effects of the holidays. Complete detoxification of the body and improving the tone of the body — this is the goal set by the specialists of the health resort.

The effect. The therapeutic and health-improving detox program includes a set of procedures that will help:

  • increase immunity,
  • relieve fatigue,
  • remove accumulated toxins from the body,
  • reduce body weight,
  • normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • improve the condition of the skin, which could not be affected in the best way by a sleepless New Year's Eve.
Mud procedures


  • "Fitobochka" (infrared sauna) or, at choice, over venous laser blood irradiation, which is also called hemotherapy.
  • Mud therapy with applications.
  • Local cryotherapy or magnetotherapy on the area of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Underwater massage shower, contrast, or pearl bath to choose from.
  • Manual or vacuum massage.

The program also includes a daily visit to the pool, drinking mineral water, and fitness with an instructor.

Your well-being is in the hands of professionals

Facial massage
Everyone wants to have fun celebrating the New Year. But, unfortunately, long vacations can affect us both externally and internally. Do not despair if an unfamiliar face is reflected in the mirror in the morning! For this, the online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA has prepared an excellent selection of health resorts, where they will help you quickly restore your body's tone and radiance to your skin. Call the short number 7172, and our specialists will be happy to select a suitable option for you.
5 health resorts with the best detox programs