5 do’s and don’ts in Belarus – Part 2: Better not

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5 do’s and don’ts in Belarus – Part 2: Better not

In Part 1 of this article we covered the things to do in Belarus, like hunting in Belarus, discovering national cuisine and vacationing like kings. The second part will tell you about forbidden, restricted and dangerous things to do in Belarus. We hope you are prudent enough to avoid doing them (at least, we warned you). 

5 don’ts in the Republic of Belarus:

1. Public Drinking

It’s not a problem to buy alcohol in Belarus, but it could be a problem, however, if you drink alcohol in public places such as streets, stadiums, squares, parks, public transport, etc. It concerns all types of alcohol — from beer to absinthe (which is completely banned in Belarus and may be served only in cocktails in few bars), but not all types of public places. If you drink spirits in restaurants, bars, cafes and outdoor terraces of these establishments, you may worry only about your comfort and sum of cheque.

What is forbidden in Belarus

2. Drug Consuming

The public policy towards drugs is tight-fisted in Belarus: all types of drugs are forbidden and outlawed. The import and consuming are strictly punished: not only fines you can face for them. There is a list of pharmaceutical drugs which can be transported and used, but you need to inform about them and have special documents and licencies.

3. Weapons Bringing

Belarus is well-known for tolerance, peacefulness and support of anti-war movement. So it will be perfect if you leave your guns and weapons at home and visit us carrying only smile and good humour. But if you come for hunting in Belarus, you are allowed to take hunting equipment (together with special documents and certificates for it). Make sure you know all necessary information about this process to avoid troubles with law.

4. Photo Making

We are not joking. We mean it! There are places in Minsk, for example, which you are not allowed to shoot. Minsk Airport, Railway station, Government House of the Republic of Belarus, KGB building and it isn’t over yet. Some of them are considered strategic facilities, some of them not, but who cares? Be cautious while shooting, because acquaintance with Belarusian police and fines are not the goals you should achieve while visiting Belarus.

The list of banned actions in Belarus

5. Public Swearing

If you succeeded in learning Russian (most of Belarusians speak it) and especially in learning and using bad language, we recommend you not to show it in public. Please don’t swear like a trooper, don’t use B-words, and if you do it, don’t address to unfamiliar people with them — Belarusian jails are not included in out top of the sights in Belarus.

What to do in Belarus

VETLIVA, your guide to Belarus, advise you be careful and wish your remarkable vacations in Belarus without troubles and fines!