5 do’s and don’ts in Belarus — Part 1: Do It

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5 do’s and don’ts in Belarus — Part 1: Do It

For the past years Belarus has become open for tourists. Visa-free entries for 5, 10 and more days, the development of tourist infrastructure and services, mild climate and original nature make it one of the most inviting destinations not only in Europe, but in the world either.

After reading dozens of articles, analyzing a raft of information and hiring a qualified English-speaking copywriter, VETLIVA has prepared the list of things to do in Belarus.

5 do’s in the Republic of Belarus:

1. Time for hunting in Belarus

260 hunting entities, near 180000 km2 of hunting area and more than 20 animal and birds species permitted for shooting — and this is only the beginning of hunting in Belarus. If you are looking for special vacation, sick of safari and are willing to see one of two extant species of bison, alongside the American bison (hint — wisent), you should visit Belarus.

Hunting in Belarus

2. Fishing like a pro

There is a great amount of water reservoirs of different types in Belarus: rivers, lakes, water storages and deep-water quarries. It is understood that such natural facilities are rare finds for fishermen. Besides fresh air and clean water you could find specialized cottages — manors and agro-farms (as it is called in Belarus), usually located near reservoirs and allowing day-long fishing, bed and breakfast and other conveniences like in hotel.

Fishing in Belarus

3. Belarusian cuisine

The country which takes the lead among the CIS in per caput cultivation of potatoes every year is obliged to know each and every recipe with potato. Draniki, kalduny, babka, zrazy and kluski are served in most restaurants and bars. But the Belarusian cuisine is not limited to potato dishes — all kinds of soups (definitely red-beet soup), dairy products (fresh white cheese, sour cream, etc.), beverages (fr om krambambula to kompot) and salads (not by potato alone, like we say) will satisfy lovers of good food.

4. Try your luck

After the casino ban in Russia the Republic of Belarus has become a major habitat of gamblers.

Most Belarusian casinos are concentrated in: 

  • Minsk (30), 
  • 6 in Brest, 
  • 5 in Gomel, 
  • 3 in Grodno and Mogilev. 

But there are casinos in other cities of Belarus. Therefore if you don’t have enough time or money (or both) for Las Vegas, take a leave and spend your money properly.

5. Rest and treatment in Sanatoriums

After hunting, fishing, gambling and eating it’s high time for relax and recharge in a sanatorium. Sanatorium is a special type of hospital, usually in the countryside, wh ere people can have treatment and rest, especially when getting better after a long illness (from the Cambridge Dictionary). Belarusian sanatoriums provide all kind of services and treatment manipulation, from spa to executive check up, so once rested here you will feel like born again.

sanatorium of Belarus

The Part 1 about the things to do in Belarus is over. Read the Second Part about forbidden things to do in Belarus and check for updates on VETLIVA.

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