Sharkovshchina Township

Sharkovshchina Township is located near the river with the title name of Disna in Vitebsk region, the Republic of Belarus. This village has a deep history dating back more than 500 years. There are also many historical attractions that it's impossible to leave without attention for to the guests of the village. Here you can find the very fascinating, pristine nature, which urban citizens dream of in the bustle of big cities urban citizens dream.

The history of the Renaissance in Sharkovschina

This glorious place was first mentioned by historians in 1503. In those days, the u. s Sharkovschina was considered as to be the ancestral home of the family of Zenkevich family; a little later the estate belonged to the family of Dombrowskiy, then Lopatinskiy. Two centuries later, in 1767, near the old estate there raised a place, the so-called New Sharkovschina, and some time later it was reunited with the main estate. And since 1940 it became has become a settlement of the city type.

Quite a significant area of Sharkovshchina is located in Disna lowlands, where the highest place is s. Gorbachenko village, which is 172m. - 172 m. Of all the minerals, that which are rich in these lands are rich with, we can note: peat, clay, and sand and gravel material. Throughout the village there are numerous lakes, the joint total area of which is 470, 5 hectares and there are several artificial ponds. Fr om West to East, the river Disna flows with its tributaries.

It should be noted that Sharkovschina is rich not only of lakes but also of dense, rich forests. In the vast area there is the hydrological landscape reserve called "Elnya". In the area there are also 4 old parks. There live birds (osprey, merlin, black stork), which are a part of the natural heritage and have their place in the red book of the Republic of Belarus.

Tourist Sharkovshchina:

These lands have preserved many architectural monuments of the past centuries. Among them it is worth noting the white stone Church that was built in 1912 right in the heart of Sharkovshchina. It is impossible to ignore the Holy Dormition Church, which is located on the river Disna. In a similar way to the proximity of these lands we should include the Annunciation Church, which was founded in 1787 in Germanovichi.

Sharkovshchina region is full of interesting and talented people. It is impossible to ignore the visit card of Sharkovshchina. It has become a colorful annual festival, which was dedicated to the birthday of a rather famous breeder I. P. Sikora. Currently, the people called this wonderful holiday "Apple spas" and celebrate it in August in the village of Small Alashki. In the same village there was opened the Museum of the famous I. P. Sikora, wh ere the exhibition consists of more than three thousand exhibits that reveal the essence of the life and work of the famous countryman.

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