The history of the village

Vidzy-Lovchinsky is a small village located in Braslav district, Vitebsk region. This place was first mentioned in 1586, when the village had the name of Lovyshcha and belonged to the family of the Naruszewiczes. However, since 1775, this historic estate passed into the possession of the Wawrzeckies. Currently, the population of the village is about 350 people.

We can see a series of picturesque lakes in the basin of the river Raketa located in the neighborhood of Vidzy . The Lithuanian border lies only a few kilometers away from the village, so Vidzy-Lovchinsky is considered to be a border zone. The locals call the village a natural health resort due to the curative properties of mineral waters and mud there.


 The main and the most important landmark of the village Vidzy is probably the Roman-Catholic Church of Virgin Mary’s Nativity, which was built in 1914. This Church is famous for its impressive size. It was also named the highest one in the Republic of Belarus. Its height is 76 meters. The Virgin Mary’s Church is the cultural value of the twentieth century. In addition, travelers visiting the Church of the Virgin Mary can observe some more attractions of the village, including the old believers' Assumption Church, which was built in 1907.

 The village of Vidzy has a rather impressive size. An old manor complex has survived in one of its suburbs, called Vidzy-Lovchinsky. The Central building of the complex was rebuilt in the late XVIIIth century. Currently, however, the estate in the suburbs of Vidzy-Lovchinsky is not restored, creating this way the atmosphere of ancient mystery that cannot but attract tourists. After all, its powerful beauty has been preserved to this day. The mansion is attached by the old Park with a memorial stone that honored the friendship of dogs and horses. The old-timers tell a tragic story of inseparable friendship between two animals that ended with the death of both.

Besides, we can’t help saying that there are hydrogen sulphide springs, famous for their healthy waters in the village of Vidzy-Lovchinsky .

An important fact is that there are no hotels in the village. However, tourists can stay in the manor of the Golubevs to immerse in the fascinating history of those times.

Remarkable events

The Victory Day and the Day of the Republic as well as Kupala holiday, Christmas and the New Year’s Day are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Vidzy. In addition, the Tatar community of the village celebrates the famous Eid al-Adha, which draws Muslims from many cities of Belarus and abroad every year.

It goes without saying that Vidzy-Lovchinsky is a piece of the cultural heritage of our country.  So these lands will not keep anybody cold after visiting them, because history leaves its mark in each generation.

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