In Vitebsk region of the Republic of Belarus there is a village with a beautiful name of Kamenpolie. This village is located in the outskirts of the swamp called Moss. Kamenpolie is a quiet land of lakes, forests and wetlands. However, since ancient times, the inhabitants of these territories worshipped boulders. Hence the name of the village is "Kamenpolie". The village itself has rather impressive size, it is possible to count more than a hundred yards there. Undoubtedly, this village could become a highlight for Belarusian tourists. Here is incredible beauty of nature. This place is suitable for both outdoor activities and romantic walks along the famous Mirsky Park.

Historical information

Earlier the village Kamenpolie was a part of the great possessions of Miora, which in 1640 became the property of the famous noble family of Svyatopolk - Mirsky. After the division of the family assets at the beginning of XVIII century Kamenpolie passed into the possession of the stalker of Braslav J. Mirsky. In the possession of Mirsky family the village remained until the Second World War.

What does Kamenpolie attract by?

At the entrance to the village you can see a majestic three-meter cross. No, they are not just graves, as it may seem at a glance. It's something like a chapel, or as it is called – a memorial cross. According to the legend, this cross at the entrance to the village released from enemies and misfortunes. Residents of Kamenpolie can't remember the exact date of the appearance of crosses. The old-timers say that during their birth, the cross was standing. We can only suppose about the true age of this monument.

No doubt, tourists who decide to visit this wonderful place will not remain indifferent. Because here, as in many parts of our country, there is an ancient manor of Kamenpolie, which was built in the late XIX century. The manor is surrounded by the incredible beauty of the orchard, centuries-old oak alley. These ancient and powerful trees can be admired endlessly. Originality of this garden is defined by the presence of a sufficiently large body of water, across which was laid a brick bridge preserved to this day.

It is worth noting that in the 70s after the restructuring of the XX century, in the manor building there was a school. However, this did not prevent to save many buildings of architectural monument. Among them we want to mention the stables, which were built of red brick. Many tourists approaching Kamenpolie, can easily confuse these stables with fabulous locks. Because when you look at high shields, colorful towers, mighty gates, your soul is unconsciously moved to those times. The history of this place is fascinating.

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