Gorodets village in Vitebsk region

Gorodets is a small village, which is located in Sharkovshchina district, Vitebsk region in Belarus. The main, and we can say, the only attraction of this village is an old manor complex, the so-called Platers’ Manor, which was built in the late XVIIIth century. Up to the present day, the manor has retained its greatness, and not only the Palace, but also many outbuildings adjacent to the manor.

 Of course, over the time they had to restore the Central Palace, but all the remaining buildings have been preserved in its original form. However, the story says that in 1917, this manor house burned down and everything was restored by Ziberg – Plater the count. Tourists can easily enjoy the beauty of the architectural forms of those times. The Platers’ manor features bright scenery and interconnectedness with the environment, and it has an unforgettable layout. On the parterre there is an obelisk to soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War.

Here is another monument that cannot be ignored. It was erected on the grave of guerrilla scout A. D. Belskayaand of nine captured soldiers who were tortured by the Nazis in 1942.

It is also worth noting the Museum in Gorodets, because in our days already, after many centuries, here was found the famous violin by Antonio Stradivari with the stigma, dated 1723.

 When coming to Gorodets, it is worth to pay attention to a roadside chapel that was built in the XVIII century. This chapel is situated at a distance of the picturesque river Mniuta that by all its scenery makes you stop for a moment. The romantic element of the chapel is a mill. It has quite a complex design.

Along the road on the backyard lawn there is linear planting of lilacs, followed by narrow linden alleys. The lawn is decorated with floral ridges of amazing beauty. Entrance is fixed by four pillars of red brick with amazing decorative inserts made of rubble stone. Such a bold design solution of those times has no counterpart in Belarus. This creates the impression of spaciousness and magnificence.

The administrative center of the village of Gorodets also won’t disappoint tourists. There you can visit the magnificent Dormition church, which was constructed in 1912. Also you shouldn’t leave without attention the Holy cross Church, which was built in 1856. There are many wonderful monuments that are found in the village of Gorodets on almost every step. And each one is unique in its own way. It is a story of our region, the country, the Motherland. Here are the great temples, parks and manors.

The village of Gorodets is not the biggest in the district. But it is safe to say that here is incredibly interesting.


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