We are talking about one of the villages called Dedino, which is located in Miory district, the Vitebsk region. In the past, this place was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but today it is a Belarusian village. The name Dedino evolved fr om the old Belarusian phrase «ancestral possession and heritage».


Dedino was first mentioned in the XVI century. And in 1550, the place was designated as a village. At the end of the XVII century, the village Dedino came into the possession of the great family of Rudomin. However, after many years it came into the possession of Jan Rudnicki, and then became their family seat.

It should be noted that in this glorious village there is a living source flowing. And according to the legend, it appeared in those days, when the mother of God came down to the Earth. The old-timers say that the source is like treatment, and the water is from the tears of the mother of God, and it helps to strive with many diseases. This Holy source attracts tourists from many cities and countries. And water from the source is called alive.

Years later the son of Rudnicki, Alexander Rudnicki got married, and built the huge Palace in the place of the ancestral home. It should be noted that the construction of this Palace started in 1810 and ended after 10 years. Further, the Palace was inherited by the sons of Alexander Rudnicki.

When, in 1939, the Second World war began, A. Rudnitsky was shot by chance. To this day, the location of his grave is unknown. However, in the opposite side to the Palace there is a grave of his mother, Maria Rudnitskaya, which was contaminated by diggers. The gravestone was thrown down, and lies there to this day.

The people of this village have been engaged in hunting and fishing for centuries. Almost every family used to have several boats. After all, in those days the boat was an indispensable transport.


There is no doubt that Rudnicki nest is a historical and cultural value of the Republican significance. The total area of it is 772 square meters. The Central entrance is adorned with four majestic columns. In facade finishing there pilasters, profiled cornices, rustication. Under the building there are cellars, which store even more secret of the past. 

Also in the village of Dedino and its close vicinity there are two burial mounds. This proves that the population here has existed since ancient times.

In this place you can safely go on a family vacation. It offers not only magnificent palaces, but also rich nature. In Dedino there is peaceful atmosphere wh ere time seems to have stopped. This is the main highlight that attracts tourists.

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