In the North-West of Vitebsk region there is the village called Bezdedovichi. When entering these places one can’t but notice an amazing picturesque alley, nestled in a lush canopy of century-old trees. It is easy to imagine how many centuries ago this avenue saw prancing horses.

Many years ago the estate of the great kin of Rimsky-Korsakov was located in this place. He erected the Holy Eaver Church there. Nowadays, however, a hospital is situated in the place where the estate used to be.

It should be mentioned that in those days some mansions were similar to palaces. After all, the house of Rimsky-Korsakov was adjoined with the front yard and a Park of amazing beauty. Rimsky-Korsakov’s mansion was built in the early twentieth century. The house is located on a high hill, which adds fantastic beauty to this picture.

As far as we can see the Central building of the estate has been preserved in worthy condition, with almost unaltered appearance to the present days. Only a balcony and two fountains decorating the lawn on the South side of the estate were lost from the original buildings.


In addition to the mansion there was an old park next to the house with a great number of outbuildings attached to it. And an absolutely amazing system of ponds is the highlight of this wonderful place. It is difficult to give an objective assessment of the whole landscape today, since the ponds have been overgrown with brown sludge over the years. However, this fact adds some extraordinary mystery to the place.

Besides, a small Orthodox Church is located nearby. It occupies the highest hill of the old cemetery. This temple was built in the early twentieth century. This Church was built of rubble stone and brick; it was called the family Shrine of Korsakov. The temple was renovated in the 1990-ies. The entrance was highlighted by a massive marquee locker. Nowadays it is an architectural monument of pseudo-Russian style. It should be mentioned that the height of this temple is about 30 m. Some legends speak about the underground tunnel connecting the temple and the nearest lake. However, no one managed to find this tunnel by now.

Today this village accounts as many as only 7 yards. There are also a few summer houses standing in lonely lands in this village. Residents of the village tell various mystical stories about the neighborhood of hounds and ghosts. These stories attract much attention of tourists.

It is necessary to add that the village of Bezdedovichi is hiding a huge number of puzzles, many of them remain unsolved to this day. Currently, anyone can feel the full harmony and beauty of this amazing place.

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