General information about Braslaw in Belarus

Braslav is a town in Belarus, situated on the Northern shore of the largest lake Drivyaty. Located on the North-West of the country, the city is almost equidistant from the regional center and the capital. So, the distance to Vitebsk is 220 km, to Minsk the way is a little longer - 240 km. Today the city population exceeds 10 thousand, but its beautiful nature and rich history attracts thousands of tourists not only from Russia but from abroad.

The history of the city Braslaw

The town was first mentioned in 1065. It is known that the name of the town owes to its founder - the Prince of Polotsk Briachislav Izyaslavich who laid here a frontier fortress. A remarkable year in the history of the town was 1500, when the town received Magdeburg rights. In 1812, during 9 days in the town there were the headquarters of the French Marshal Ney. In 1918 the city was captured by the Kaiser's troops. And since February, 1922, here was the spread of Polish power, which existed until 1939. And next, in 1940, the city became the administrative center of the district.

The sights of the Braslaw

Traces of past events can be seen in the monuments of the city, one of which is the Church of the blessed virgin Mary Nativity Church, built in neo-Romanesque style. Constructed in 1824 and enlarged in 1897, today it is included in the state list of historical and cultural values of Belarus. Next to the Church the Uspenskaya Church is located, it was built in the late XIX century. After visiting the temple, you can see the old icons of the XVII-XVIII centuries. 

The water mill of the early twentieth century has been also preserved in the town, next to it there is no less picturesque Miller's house. Another historic building of the city is the hospital of Stanislav Narbut, built in 1906. Narbut, who received his medical education in Munich, returned home and at his own expense built a modern at that time hospital, wh ere he saw his patients.

Today, in memory of this person at the site of his grave on the Castle hill there is a monument topped with a lantern and the gravestone inscription reads: "Shining to others, burns itself out". By the way, the Castle hill itself is one of the main attractions of the city. It is a settlement of IX — XV centuries, which offers the finest view of the city and its surroundings.

Nature in Braslaw

Near the town there are picturesque Braslav lakes, attractive by its clean and fresh air. They will especially appeal to fans of fishing, as well as those who are interested in water tours.

Symbols of Braslaw in Belarus

The first coat of arms of Braslav was received in the distant 1792, according to the privileges of Stanislaw August Poniatowski. In the emblem of the city there was placed an eye in the triangle surrounded by sun rays and symbolizing a divine power. The modern coat of arms was awarded to the city in 2006 and has no difference from the historical one. The symbol of the city is the historical and heraldic monument of the country.

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