Krugloe is an urban settlement 60 km from the city of Mogilev. It attracts attention of tourists who are interested in active holiday.

Why is it called Krugloe?

There is a legend when Catherine the Great was passing by this place she could not find an exit and went in a circle.  Hence is the name of the town.

The first mention about Krugloe is referred to the XVI century when it was a small village of Orsha district.  Its first owners were the magnates Oginskys and after the first partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth the Princess Dashkova owned the lands. However neither a small size of the lands nor a lack of production saves the village from destructive wars. After the World War II it took some decades to restore the village. Only in 1967 it received the title “urban settlement”. Today the population of Krugloe is more than 7 thousand people.
During the War of 1812 in Krugloe were located the headquarters of the Russian army led by Kutuzov.

Interesting places.

  • One of the pearls of the town is the Holy Trinity Church. When the lands were passed in the possession of Catherine, she built the Church of St. Cyril and John in the township. However this Church has been lost and on its place in 2005 was built the current Holy Trinity Church, which is popular not only among tourists but also among locals.
  • A local history museum was created in Krugloe for a detailed study of the ethnography, culture and history. The Museum staff created an exhibition, which helps the residents of the town and district and tourists to learn about the history of the place, its traditions and culture.  A special place in the Museum belongs to the exhibition devoted to the Great Patriotic War. It contains not only historical facts and figures but also personal belongings of soldiers, "killed in battle" notices, photos and documents. All these exhibits were collected by not only the Museum staff, but also the residents of Krugloe. Every year on the holiday Eve veterans gather together in the Museum to tell stories about the experienced times to schoolchildren.
  • In the Park of the town there is the Alley of Heroes, laid in honor of the natives of Krugloe who defended the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. The Alley is a whole exposition.  In its central part there is a monument in honor of members of an underground organizations acted in Krugloe district. Historical facts say that Krugloe was occupied by German forces on July 8, 1941. The members of the underground who created the "Organization of fighters for the liberation of the Motherland" ("OBZOR") maintained active resistance. They introduced their people, got information and passed it to the partisans. In 1943 the organization stopped working.
  • In addition on the Alley of Heroes there are monuments of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and soldiers-internationalists, natives of Krugloe, involved in the fighting in Afghanistan. 

The territory of the urban village is surrounded by greenery, so every tourist can not only watch the beauty of the area but also enjoy fresh air. 

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