The town of Klichev is located in the west of Mogilev region with a population of a little more than 8000 people. Klichev is connected with the other cities very well – you can get there by car or by train.

There are no architectural attractions in the town, but it does not prevent it from being a picturesque place due to its beautiful woodland surroundings.

Its history dates back far to 1592. Then that place was called Klichevo and was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, later – the Russian Empire. There are almost no mentions about this town in ancient historical documents, since it was located in the impassable forests. Historians point that the land belonged to the Nezabytovsky family. You can look at the coat of arms of the city to know for sure. It shows a horseshoe with two cavalry crosses (the arms of gentry looked like that) and symbols of forests, as there are a lot of forests on the Klichev land’s territory.

The city developed very slowly; there was almost no population growth until the glass manufacturing plant was built at the beginning of the 20th century. During wars, Klichev was affected by the devastation like the other towns. Klichev was given the status of town only in 2000 because of the slow development, reconstruction and complex demographic situation.

You can learn about the historical past of the town in the museum of local lore, which holds the secrets of many interesting exhibits within its walls.

The Annunciation Church was built in the town recently and it is surrounded by a picturesque park. The trees are ancient but exotic in it and there are no rare species among them. Generally limes prevail in the park. As we know, they give a pleasant sweet flavor, and during their flowering, while you are strolling through the paths, you can fully enjoy the lime scent. The citizens and visitors are particularly fond of walking through the park in hot weather, because you can escape from the heat into the shades of branched trees. Not so long ago, some attractions were installed for the youngest residents of the city in the park, and they operate from May to October. A monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, a native of Klichev P. Krivonos, is set up in the central part of the park.

Since Klichev land is rich in forests, the most important building in the town is the forestry. The facility employs a large number of local residents. The building itself becomes the most decorated in the town on the eve of New Year celebrations.

For those who come to the town with an overnight stay, a hotel with the same name of the river "Olsa" is opened. The hotel rooms are modern and fully compliant to a comfort rest.

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