Svisloch village was given its name of the same river name, where it is situated.

Village Svisloch is one of the most ancient settlements of Belarus. As historians say, here stretched the Principality of Polotsk boundary, that’s why to secure the border the necessity of the castle-like construction building appeared.

In written sources it was mentioned that the building of the castle was connected to the fact that The Grand Duke Gleb Menskiy settled down at Svisloch territory. The castle was made of wood, and it was fortified with two huge earth revetments, which added an additional safety and protection. Thereby, he wanted to protect the inhabitants of the town from war, give them the confidence and to create the conditions of full security.

From the geographical point of view, the borough was located very favorably (there were a lot of rivers around it). In those days it was very important because many goods were transported along the water trade routes and it could contribute to rapid economic growth.

In the days of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania the borough was the center of the principality.

As the time passed the castle lost its defensive significance and gradually turned into an ordinary feudal construction, which wasn’t right for town’s protection, and wasn’t intended for its defense during military battles.

During the war between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Moscow, without making a lot of effort, the Cossack seized the castle, ransacked and then completely burnt it down.   

Such a powerful fortified house was ruined and only the remains of earth revetments left there. But this fact implies a lot of historical disputes and contradictions. Historians have different views as to whether it was a castle or simple huge wooden construction.  The second ones argue that the ruins do not remind them the castle remains.

Nowadays the ruins that tourists can see in Svisloch, remind them not a huge fortified castle but usual household outbuildings. But it does not look any less picturesque. 

It is a pity that the reconstruction of the castle is not carried out. Besides, the inhabitants of the city use the remains of bricks for their household needs.

In 1975, the children's health resort "Svisloch" was opened in the village. It is located in a picturesque place just 300 meters from the river. The fresh air, the river help children to  improve their health, to relax and spend time. The health resort consists of the complex of buildings, each of which has a specific function. It includes residential and medical buildings, canteen and a game room.



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