Buinichi is a village in Mogilev district and region. It is situated not far from the regional center of Mogilev. The urban public transportation provides an easy way to reach the village of Buinichy. The small agrarian village is really worth seeing.

Let's start with the memorial, which is called «Buinichi field». It was opened on the 9th of May 1995 to give the opportunity to the citizens of Mogilev as well as the whole region and the Republic to fully assess the contribution of Mogilev in this bloody battle and save memories about it. The climax of the composition is the temple. The Greek style cross is situated on the domes, which are 27 meters high. The walls inside the temple are decorated with the frescoes. The names of Mogilev defenders are written on them. In the basement of the church there is a crypt that holds the bones of the six soldiers found. Four lanes go to the chapel. One of them is called «Simonov alley», named in honor of the Russian writer Konstantin Simonov. At the bottom of the lane there is a monument to Simonov. It is performed as a stone with a commemorative inscription.  It is said that Simonov will always remember the events of 1941 and wants his ashes to be dispelled in this field. The monument to the author of the immortal book «The Living and the Dead» was erected in 1980.

On the opposite side there is a zoo. The total area of it is over 80 hectares. The complex of the zoo includes multiple buildings: animal enclosures, recreation areas, a ticket office, a shop and a café. The zoo collection represents not only the domestic animals but also the wildlife. Each animal has its own signed aviary. It is stated when the creature was transported, its name and the name of its family. The collection of animals is constantly enriched.

There are footpaths along the perimeter of the aviaries. It is important to note that all animals receive proper care from the zoo staff. Giving the opportunity to explore the beauty of the zoo its managers have organized «Safari» side-show. Anyone can take a ride in a small train. Its route is plotted along the perimeter of the zoo. On their ride the visitors can see bison, elk and deer. Also they can get acquainted with the natural diversity of the territory.

«Belarusian Heritage Village» was opened in 2006 next to the zoo. It is the complex of buildings each of which carries the certain sense.

The village comprises the wooden houses, resembling those of the peasants of the 19th century. Stepping into each of them you trap into the world of craft. Here you can get acquainted with embroidery, blacksmithing, moonshining, bakery, wood carving. In every house the guests can buy souvenirs.

The guests of the complex can visit a tavern designed in accordance with the Belarusian village of the 19th century. The visitors can put up in the hotel. Not long ago, the windmill was set up on the beautiful well-kept territory of the village. It is said that if you make a wish and go around the mill three times it will for sure come true. The mill doesn’t work, but the village staff is going to run it.

The creation of the ethnographic village is a great contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage and traditions of the Belarusian people.

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