The city of Zhodino in Belarus

Zhodino is a town in Minsk region with a total area of 19 sq.km. According to the latest information the population of the town is more than 63 thousand people. Zhodino is situated on the river Plisa 44 km from Minsk. This place is one of the most interesting Belarusian cities: it is rich in extraordinary sites, amazing legends and stories. Its modern appearance Zhodino owes the famous BelAZ plant that produces large dump trucks.

The history of Zhodino town

The year of the township foundation is considered to be 1643. It was founded by Boguslaw Radziwill and since that moment it was known as Boguslaw Field. The place was called Zhodin till 1963. The origin of the town name refers to the river Zhodin which formerly flowed in this area and means "a low-lying place". The development of the town wasn’t very rapid. Only after the construction of the railway in 1871 the territory of the area gradually began to change: industry and trade began to develop.  

The sights of Zhodino 

For fans of varied and diverse activities the town of Zhodino is the right place.

The most ancient building of the town is an Orthodox chapel that was built in 1864. The building is associated with the uprising of Kalinovsky. However the main town attraction is considered to be a place known as Boguslaw Field. On the territory of a glade there are wooden houses, a well and a small mill. All the buildings look the same as they were in old times.  And besides that on the glade there are unusual sculptures made of wood.

In the town of Zhodino there is located an arboretum. It is easy to find it; it is situated in the very center of the town. The notability of this place is that on the territory of the park you can find a lot of plants not typical for our latitude and climate, which have already been growing for more than 50 years.

Recently, four churches began to work in the town. Among them there is the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Fatima (1996) and three orthodox churches:

  • the Church of St. Peter and Paul (1991),
  • the Church of St. Michael the Archangel,
  • the Church of the Virgin Mary the Deliverer (1993).

What is more to see in Zhodino, Belarus?

The town of Zhodino is the town of many monuments. Besides the most popular monument to Lenin there is an original monument to the first dump truck

In honor of Zhodino resident A.F.Kupriyanova whose five sons had died in the war there was constructed a monument to 'Mother-patriot'. In her house museum visitors will be able to find a lot of things of these heroes of the war and learn about what was happening at the time.

In Zhodino there is one of the most unusual and original museums of Belarus, the Museum of the Automobile plant. Here you can learn not only about the technology of assembling heavy vehicles, but also see the very first models of trucks.

Visiting Zhodino, you can learn a lot from history.

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