There is a small town of Zaslavl in 12 km fr om Minsk. Zaslavl, like the majority of Belarusian cities, is famous for its rich history and many ancient sites, which attracts tourists fr om around the world every year. The history of Zaslavl began in the years 1127-1128 during the reign of Prince of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavovich. According to legend, the prince settled in the land of Polotsk his rebellious wife Rogneda and son Izyaslav, after whom the town was named. The tragic fate of the proud Rogneda and brave Izyaslav captured by a bronze sculpture, which is located in the new town.


With self-tour, the bus makes it easier to get around the city. You can also book a tour "Ancient Zaslavl-Stalin Line". You will get acquainted with the mound "Zamychak" – a grandiose castle, and now, the ruins left over from the time of unruly Rogneda’s being. There you can look at the memorial cross "Rogneda’s Tomb" (established in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the baptism of Belarus). It is important to note that the most interesting historical sites are located in the central part of Zaslavl as settlement "Zamychak", and you can admire the ancient Church of the Transfiguration, declared historical and archaeological reserve, in the castle "Val". You will see the Catholic church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the city market square, worship of the Catholic community is regularly held in the church today.

Zaslavl can be called a godsend for fans of museums, as a museum and exhibition center is opened in the city. Near the train station, you can find an open-air museum "Hata zavoznika". The city's main steam mill can be viewed at the Museum "Mlyn". There is also opened such museums as "Kitchen", "Dot" and the children's museum of mythology and forest in Zaslavl – a great tour for all age groups – the museum is divided into a real forest areas with colored lighting and sound, allowing you enjoy the world of folk tales and legends. In addition to the museums, the historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line" in the open air is well worth a visit.

Lovers of boat trips can be offered an excursion by boat on the Minsk Sea (artificial lake), wh ere you can fully enjoy the scenery of the town, especially in good weather.

Culture and traditions

Zaslavl – very welcoming town with a number of interesting cultural traditions, for example, the Day of Belarusian Written Language is celebrated in Zaslavl every first Sunday of September, which is very important for the locals – the Belarusian language was included in the list of "endangered languages". Festival is folk festivals in traditional costumes and presentation of domestic books, communication with authors, readers and journalists. Local residents offer to try traditional Belarusian cuisine, admire and buy handicrafts, dolls of brownie or Baba Yaga. Souvenirs made of ceramics, porcelain, glass, and porcelain can also be bought at the museum-reserve "Zaslavl".

Where to eat and relax

We recommend having a bite tasty and dinner at the restaurant "Shynok", wh ere there is a good atmosphere, filled with Belarusian antiquity. The secrets of many ancient recipes are revealed in "Shynok", for example, only here you can enjoy a unique hot strong drink of the 16th century "Krupnik". Meals are also available at the restaurant "Gostinets" and "Avenue". "Avenue" is located in the same mini-hotel, located in the city center. A great option to stay in one of the farmsteads in the house with all the comforts for 5-10 people is for fans of eco-tourism.

Zaslavl – a small old town with a long history and many attractions, the city infrastructure is poorly developed, but the process of modernization is underway: they restore historical buildings, residential buildings, and ennobled parks. The convenient location of the satellite town of Minsk and a storehouse of attractions helped Zaslavl to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belarus, attracting travelers from all over the world.

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