The history of the village of Zhdanovichi dates back to the 6th-8th centuries BC, when the territory of the present-day settlement was inhabited by the territory of Bantserovshchina. However, the modern history of the village begins only with the end of the XIX century, when a famous Minsk doctor and public figure Ivan Ustinovich Zdanovich bought a house with a land near Minsk. Not far from his house, Zdanovich discovered an unfreezing well with medicinal water and began to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in patients directly at home. Later the doctor built a railway platform, through which trains passed with stops. The area began to attract people who wanted to have country houses near the city.

In 1921 in the village there were many cottages, as well as 5 yards. The recreation center "Zhdanovichi" was built in 1922, where the Ivan Zdanovich case for mineral water treatment was continued. A Holiday Home for children was opened in 1935. The village of Zhdanovichi became a popular resort for people who wished to strengthen their health. The "Belorusochka" sanatorium, which is profiled in the field of respiratory, digestive, endocrine and musculoskeletal system diseases was opened here in 1961. The sanatorium "Krinitsa”, which was later united with the recreation center "Zhdanovichi" was opened in 1966. Today, the sanatoriums of the village Zhdanovichi receive visitors from all over Belarus, as well as countries of near and far abroad.

To date, Zhdanovichi is a small town with a developed infrastructure, which in future can enter the city line of Minsk. In the village at the moment live more than 8000 inhabitants, in the summer season their number increases due to the large number of summer residents coming to Zhdanovichi.

The development of the urban settlement, for the most part, is represented by private houses, but there are also multi-storey buildings. The village has about 60 streets. There are 3 kindergartens, a secondary school, a boarding school for children with hearing impairment, the House of Culture, an outpatient clinic, a children's health center, a shopping center, 7 sanatoriums in Zhdanovichi. About 640 children study at the secondary school of the village and 70 teachers work there.
In Zhdanovichi from Minsk there are city buses, as well as trains of city lines arriving at the railway station of the village.
Today Zhdanovichi is a comfortable small town for living, located not far from the  capital of Belarus. The village has a well-developed infrastructure for residents and summer residents, which makes Zhdanovichi an attractive place for living and recreation.

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