Lyuban is the southernmost town of Minsk region, located on the river Oressa. A tragic legend is associated with the city's history. According to the legend, Polesia beauty of Lyuban lived in the small village, she had a rare gift of understanding the language of animals and talking to them. Once an old pan fell in love with the girl, he wished to ring Lyubanya, but the beauty refused him. And then the old pan ordered to drown the beauty in the swamp, but Lyubanya became a bird, flew up to the sun and, cursing the pan, disappeared. And fr om that day, the old Pan could not sleep for a moment, until the day when a wise beggar told him to build a settlement on the site of the village where Lyubanya had lived. That village was named after the Polesia beauty and a church was built in the suburbs. Truth or fiction, but Belarusian town of Lyuban has been prospering for the past four centuries...

Lyuban as a part of Eremitsky region was mentioned in 1566 for the first time. The town often took on enemy attacks during its existence when the Russian-Polish and the Great Patriotic Wars took place. Then Lyuban became the center of the partisan movement in Minsk region. In memory of the war events a memorial complex "Zyslov island" was erected on the site of the base of the guerrilla movement in the village of Starosek, where there is a mass grave, a sculpture of the old partisan and six guerrilla dugouts. The Great Patriotic War dealt a terrible toll on the town: all farms were destroyed, over 27 villages were burnt.


The city recovery and prosperity required many years. Now there are some factories, a music school, the Museum of Handicrafts, the House of Culture and the Recreation Park in Lyuban. By the way, the music school is located in a former wooden synagogue today. You will learn the history of the city and culture of Polesia land in Lyuban Museum of national glory, and there you can see the unique numismatic collection, the archeological finds of early times, listen to the story of the most prominent citizens of the town.

The oldest Catholic church of Our Lady of Fatima is one of the attractions. The temple is dedicated to the so-called miracle of Fatima (Fatima apparitions of the Virgin Mary), occurring in Portugal. According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to some children in the sky, and passed various prophecies, and she also warned about the two world wars. You can see the icon Our Lady of Fatima in the temple, it creates miracles...

You can see the Transfiguration Church almost in every Belarusian town. Lyuban - is no exception! However, the church has not been preserved since ancient times, and was built through the efforts of local residents in 1994. Despite his youth, the Transfiguration Church is famous far beyond the country.

Wh ere to eat and relax

Tasty snack and lunch is served at the "Oressa" restaurant, the hall can seat 80 people. The stylish ambience and the traditional Belarusian cuisine will not leave you indifferent! The restaurant is a part of Lyuban culinary plant, which includes a pizzeria, "Sustrecha" cafe and a network of confectioneries.

The Hotel "Oressa" is far from the city center, in the village of Sorochi, a 15-minute walk from the station of Lyuban. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay, you can write a special ticket for breakfast and dinner. If no room is currently available, you can book beds in two or triple room. A price of the beds in a triple room with breakfast is around 5$.

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