About the city

You will find the so-called "Belorussian Switzerland" or the town of Logoysk on the river Gayna in the north-eastern part of Minsk. Perhaps you have already guessed that Logoysk is called Switzerland due to the presence in the city of a modern European ski resort with the same name "Logoysk"! The complex pleases its visitors with a lot of interesting objects all year round, including 3679 meters of lighted trails, a four-chair lift, attractions for all ages, sports grounds and the availability of cozy restaurants and hotels. The calling card of the complex is an indoor tennis court, where regional and international tournaments are held annually.

But not only the sports infrastructure attracts travelers, Logoysk has interesting past that has spawned a number of unique historical sites. Logoysk was first mentioned in the autobiographical work "Homily" written by Prince Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh in 1053-1125. The Tyshkevich family can be called one of the most famous owners of Logoysk. The city became the residence of the Tyshkevich family under their rule. Piya Felitsianovich Tyshkevich took over the reins of government at the beginning of the XIX century. He built a magnificent palace from which only ruins have been preserved, they can be viewed independently or as a part of an excursion program. Piya and his wife are considered the founders of Belarusian local lore, as they were famous for their craving for collecting paintings, rare books, documents and antiques. Their sons: Konstantin and Yevstafiy discovered the Belarusian scientific archeology. In addition, the brothers gave Logoysk a cotton and linen factory and the first Belarusian museum, numbering more than 200 paintings by world artists! Unfortunately, the palace of the Tyshkevich family was destroyed in the Great Patriotic War and you can admire only its ruins now, but the "English" park surrounding the palace is still beautiful. It is Logoysky park of culture and rest now.

Interesting places

Walking along the main city street Sovetskaya, you will see the building of the former factory of cotton and linen products (now a dwelling house) and one of the main attractions of Logoysk, the Orthodox St. Nicholas Church of 1866, in front of the factory. Seven golden domes have recently been installed on the temple. There is a healing source with fonts near the temple, where travelers make pilgrimage trips, believing that the holy water relieves all kinds of ailments and, according to the residents, even helps to become pregnant. The source, like the church, is named after St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. You should read the prayer before you drink the healing water, by the way, the taste of water seems a little sweet!

You can see the river Gayna not far from the holy spring, it looks like a swamp, but once the water was very clean and there was even trout. The Catholic Church of St. Kazimir, newly built in 1999, is clearly visible from the shore. The early church has a rather tragic history: fires, destruction, change in its purpose, and, in the end, complete annihilation.

You will be told an interesting story, both of the city and of the Tyshkevich family in the local history museum named after K. and Y. Tyshkevich. In the exhibition hall exhibitions of masters of painting, products of national craftsmen, collections from other museums are held. The main fund of the museum has more than 7605 exhibits.

Where to eat and to rest

We offer a delicious snack at the restaurant "Gastinny mayontak" - a large establishment with five rooms and traditional Belarusian cuisine. We advise you to try the dish "Belarusian frying pan" with potato cakes, kolduny and toasted blood sausages. Visitors also praise mushrooms with sauce in a clay pot.

You can book a room in a cozy hotel in the ski resort "Logoysk", there are all rooms with a panoramic view. If you truly want to feel like in Switzerland – don’t be afraid to choose a comfortable cottage, the cost of a house is from $ 50, capacity - up to 10 people. All entertainment is almost within reach: trails, courts, sports grounds, clean air and fabulous atmosphere!


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